Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale Not Quite Focused, But Most Definitely Scorching Hot in Cali Style

I'm not exactly sure why the good folks at California Style magazine chose to go so soft focus on the high-def hotness of MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale, but even overworked photography can not deny the plain truth of Kate's deep deep sextastic.

You could look at Kate Beckinsale reverse ways through a peephole lens and still become aroused enough to unlock her door without using your hands. She is pure attraction (and perhaps one day my future wife for maybe one drunken weekend). Enjoy.

Kate Hudson, Kate Beckinsale, and Amy Adams Lead Our List of LACMA Gala Hotties

Ah, another day, another gala to which I'm not invited. And this one really hurts. No, not because of all the A-List celebrities that came out to support the L.A County Museum of Art Film thingamajig, but because of all the A-List celebrity hotness that was on display at the froufrou event that I missed out on personally scoping with my scope thing.

And there was some serious talent onboard at this event, including Kate Hudson, looking all kinds of showy, Kate Beckinsale, looking all kinds of MILFy, and Amy Adams looking all kinds of, well, Amy Adams, which is ever amazing. So, for one more evening, my tux stayed in the closet at the local tux rental shop. But my heart, my heart will go on. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Bikini Pictures White Hot MILFtastic Goodness on Continuing Mexican Vacation

Sometimes, I wonder what life would be like if I ever took a vacation. But then I imagine photos of myself in a swimsuit in Los Cabos and the entire world becoming simultaneously disinterested and a bit nauseous. Probably far better that supremely hot moms like Kate Beckinsale do the vacationing for the rest of us, especially in their bikinis out underneath the bright Mexican sun.

This is day two of Kate's multi-bikini vacation South of the Border, and while we've seen her in smaller bikinis before, the bright white definitely helped us train our lenses on her fine MILFtastic form, so there's that. Not to mention the complex, multi-variable dreamscape game I'm currently imagining as the cabana boy serving Kate by the pool. Let's just say that within mere steps of exiting the water, Kate would be perfectly dried and lotioned and shiny and relaxed. Perfect service, if she doesn't happen to notice the slightly distressing poking feeling in her backside. Oh, mama! Kate Beckinsale. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Bikini Pictures Deliver the Poolside MILFtastic

Oh, happy days when Kate Beckinsale, the now 40-year old uber-MIFtastic mama gets down to her two piece bikini in Cabo for her bodily tanning pleasure. Not to mention, our viewing pleasure from atop our palm tree lined photographic telescopic perch. Never quite entirely in focus, but I can fill in the resolution when it comes to anything and everything Kate Beckinsale. I believe I can draw Kate's body right down to the birthmarks completely from memory with my eyes closed. I only say this because I do it nightly after the guards order 'lights out'.

Seeing Kate in her little bikini just about has me over the edge here on the happiness chart, seeing her raise her rump into the air, well, over the edge. I should need a few minutes to compose myself now. Also, some warm soapy water. Oh, Kate, you are too ridiculously hot not to be in a bikini or less 24x7. Please come back to L.A. and forget your luggage. Daddy needs you. Enjoy.

Our Dear Belusted Kate Beckinsale Turns 40 and Hotter Than Ever

It's hard to imagine just how much lust we've felt over these past many years for the MILFtastic faptastic Britty Kate Beckinsale. If I could bottle up all that lust, well, hell, they don't make bottles in that big a size. She has defined the hot mom in stretch pants and slender sextastic for many years now, always near the top of our list for reader favorites, and just one ridiculously good looking woman who we wouldn't mind being stranded on a desert island with with no recourse but to make continuous, never ending love to keep ourselves alive.

Today, our veteran hottie mom turns 40 so we take a look at some recent photos of her that display her MILFy visual treats. Kate shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. They used to say about go-getter woman that 40 is the new 30. I say 40 is the new 'please, call me, I've been a very bad boy'. Kate, seriously, get in touch. I need some discipline. Happy Birthday.

Kate Beckinsale MILFtastic Short Shorts Highlight Her Long Long Legs

To say I love a certain part of Kate Beckinsale more than any other part, well, that's like asking a father to decide amongst his children who he loves more. And while I do fully intend to do that someday, I can not so easily divvy up perfection into lesser or greater buckets. But... those legs. Those veteran hottie mommy legs that Kate brings out each summer in shorts and short skirts.

Well, if I had to be trapped in a trunk with Kate during a staged kidnapping that was merely designed by me to get locked in a trunk with Kate, well, I wouldn't complain if we were tied up together with our bodies inverted head to toe. All I would need to do is convince Kate that we ought not making any loud noises and that I have no idea what it is in the dark trunk that keeps licking her calves. I think I could pull this off, I have imagined it many many times. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale MILFtastic Mother’s Day Prim and Proper and Passion Inducing

While yesterday was a celebration of all things maternal, I have to give a special shoutout and admission of tingly little boy feelings to Kate Beckinsale who got all decked out for a little Mother's Day outing with her daughter and her ex.

Now, there are many universal signs of motherhood, but the MILFtastic mom knows that on a day celebrating her miraculous powers of reproduction, she ought wear a little something something that gets the males in her public viewing audience thoughts of making even more babies. And a tight little skirt on Kate Beckinsale, yes, I am ready to populate a distant planet(s) of her choosing.

Like pearls before swine that Kate Beckinsale. And I am mostly just speaking for myself there. Enjoy.