Kate Beckinsale Showing Off her Abs!

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Echo Lawrence - May 11, 2020

Kate Backinsale really remains an enigma that makes zero to no sense to me. She is as hot, I guess that is debatable, but she is basically as hot as she has always been and that just doesn't make biological sense.

I realize that there is all kinds of witchcraft out there to keep people young. The tech dudes that diabetes medication despite not being diabetic to protect their pancreases better than Steve Jobs (RIP), the action star male celebs are jacked up on HGH to maximize their workout gains. Others are eating stem cells, while doing those vampire facials or whatever other trend. Then the whole botox thing that is making most of these girls look like muppets, as Kate Bekinsale just looks great!

Maybe she's a vampire, she must be a vampire, I've never seen Underworld, but I know it is about vampires and can only assume it opened her up to that world, because how else does she have a 20 year old's body? It makes no sense!