Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale MILFtastic Mother’s Day Prim and Proper and Passion Inducing

While yesterday was a celebration of all things maternal, I have to give a special shoutout and admission of tingly little boy feelings to Kate Beckinsale who got all decked out for a little Mother's Day outing with her daughter and her ex.

Now, there are many universal signs of motherhood, but the MILFtastic mom knows that on a day celebrating her miraculous powers of reproduction, she ought wear a little something something that gets the males in her public viewing audience thoughts of making even more babies. And a tight little skirt on Kate Beckinsale, yes, I am ready to populate a distant planet(s) of her choosing.

Like pearls before swine that Kate Beckinsale. And I am mostly just speaking for myself there. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Legs? Oh, Yes, We Have Liftoff

It amazes me how little Kate Beckinsale has to do to make us feel so much. A tight bit of yoga pants here, a bend over there, it's really takes so very little to shoot thrills of happiness through millions of ogling gentlemen's coronary systems.

And the blood is flowing today with sight of Kate Beckinsale in a minidress, showing off her legs on the way to a girly birthday party in Studio City. I can't remember the last time we got to see Kate's legs, but I know I shall not forget this time. It's really so little, that dress, but with thoughts of hands caressing legs slowly up toward MILFtastic manna, well, it inspires a whole lot. Bless you, Kate. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Goes for a Workout, We Delve Into Her Yoga Pants

Tragically, Kate Beckinsale did not outfit herself in those recalled Lululemon too-sheer yoga pants that show off all the goods, but with Kate Beckinsale, just the chance to see her in tight stretchy things, well, we will never not say thank you to that.

Like all celebrities, Kate's trip to the gym involves an expensive workout get up along with a designer handbag and oversized sunglasses. Not quite your ratty gym shorts and greasy hair look. But this is Kate Beckinsale, one of the world's hottest moms, she needs to look good anywhere and everywhere and in every fantasy we have of her. With us being her overly touchy feely personal trainer being at the top of the list. Stretch pants need not be super sheer when they're on the ground, if you know what I'm saying.

Oh, Kate, you make me think such dirty thoughts. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Bikini Pictures Are Back in Black; We Scream Mas Mas Mas!

Just when we've barely recovered from the sight of our the epically hot Kate Beckinsale in her white bikini down Cabo way last week, enter black. Bikini black the heart attack, when on the warm, tender, passion inducing body of the MILFtastic Kate.

I've been trying to think what I've been doing lately to deserve such goodness from above, but I can't think of anything. I'm still drinking, smoking, cursing, and coveting every man's girl. I'll just assume these views of Kate Beckinsale in a bikini are meant for you then. But you're going to have to share. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Bikini Candids! I’ve Died and Gone to Mexico

Honestly, I always dream of ending the week at Egotastic! on the highest of high notes and I like to think it comes close to happening most weeks. But on late Fridays when Kate Beckinsale bikini pictures get dropped into my lap, I know those other weeks didn't quite end on the same note.

How hot is the MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale? Hot enough that shortly after these bikini pictures of Kate on vacation down Mexico way got dropped in my lap, I had to cover said lap with the grandmotherly shawl I keep nearby for potentially office embarrassing occasions. And, then I cried. As I always do when I feast my eyes upon such glorious veteran hotness. Like a man who's been in the desert for twenty years coming upon an oasis, slaking his tremendous thirst on the purest of waters.

Or, in this case, the naughtiest of thoughts of our heavily belusted Kate Beckinsale. Bless you, Fate. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale, Won’t You Be My Hot Mommy?

God, I've missed Kate Beckinsale.

One of the world's hottest moms disappears far too often these days. So much so that we're swimming in a puddle of our own love muck just from the chance to see Kate out in public in her sweats walking the family to a local party.

Oh, man, to spend just five minutes with my hand on that tush of hers... but, I digress. Or, maybe not, since my main point is that we spend all day imagining making Kate Beckinsale feel extra relaxed by rubbing hot lava rocks up and down her bare body. Only, those aren't lava rocks. Kate, you do this naughty talk to us, don't you know? If she removed those sunglasses, we'd get heated, if she dropped those sweats, we'd collapse, and if she did both, we'd probably die on the spot. But with a big grin on our face. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Tighty Whiteys Put Her Bum in MILFtastic Perspective

I'm not sure when or how this happened, but super hot mommy Kate Beckinsale dropped off our radars the past several month as the sextastic thespianic who was so busy pimping and promoting her films in 2012 seemed to drop off the Hottieville map for an extended duration of late, and that simply is not good for our hearts.

Thankfully, Kiss Me Everywhere Kate felt obliged to make a good showing off it for the Burberry event in her home country for London Fashion Week, appearing in a form fitting white skirt that while quite innocent, left us quite breathless every time she took a stride that revealed her MILFtastic glutes.

Oh, Kate, please come back to us in stretch pants and tiny tops and the like very soon. We need you as a child needs its mother, really exactly like that, only a tad bit raunchier in execution. Enjoy