Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale My Hot Virgin in White

Well, maybe not technically a virgin, being that she's an uber-sextastic MILF and all. Still, I like to imagine Kate Beckinsale whispers in my ear to be gentle as I lay her back down on my Ikea futon and promise to make her feel like a woman for the next three minutes.

Kate was donning the pure white last night at the Macbeth premiere in New York. I had thought this show actually premiered like 400 years ago, but apparently it's fresh and who cares so long as my beloved Kate was in attendance. Oh, how I'd love to help her pick out what to wear before such classy events. Yes, Kate, that dress looks perfect too. Wait, why don't you try on that thing you were wearing just before this? You were in just your panties? Perfect. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale MILFtastic Legs Revealed To Kick Off the Summer Shorts Season

Oh, Kate Beckinsale, how you do move to white shorts and skirts so quickly after Memorial Day. We have until Labor day to appreciate the fine stems on this uber-sextastic mom, yet another summer of Kate Beckinsale strutting, typically in stretch pants, now in leg revealing wardrobe for the expanded summer months.

Every time I see Kate Beckinsale I'm reminded why I vote for her as the world's hottest mom in the informal balloting I often do in my home alone on a Saturday evening while most people are out socializing. The voting is always close and comes down to the wire and if I close my eyes real tightly and turn on some Spandau Ballet, I can almost imagine Kate asking me if there's anything she can do for me to help put her into the winners circle. See, I'm not lonely at all. Kate, I want those legs to walk all over me! Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Is Me Lady In White

We haven't see much of Kate Beckinsale lately. I think I was having withdrawals. At least the symptoms of the shakes, cold sweats, and about one-hundred fifty handwritten letters to Kate soaked through with bodily fluids that aren't polite to mention in public, though often carried in jars by people riding the city bus.

Kate was out rather casually over the weekend, leaving a spa in Brentwood, just looking like one hot casual mom. We've seen Kate revealing more even just on her weekend jaunts about town, but with the way we've been missing her, it was just time for a little of the hottest brunette MILF this side of my nightly fantasies. Hopefully with Spring arriving we'll see the sextastic mom back in her tanks and blessed yoga pants soon enough, if not less when she hits Mexico for her family vacations. She really is quite the alluring maternal figure. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Attends the Post-Grammy Party of My Dreams

Actually, I think the one she attended was for Warner, but I'm still imagining my belusted MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale in a little short minidress and her sweet cleavage coming to my home for the post-Grammys spread of leftover Pizza Hut and three Mickey's Big Mouth bottles I left just for her. That is the dream.

Kate looked like a million and a half dollars as she made her way through Hollywood post-Grammy night, proving that you don't need a single ounce of musical talent to win on Grammy night, either during or after the show. With the Oscars just around the corner, I am already drooling in anticipation of Kate trying on various outfits to perfectly suit her veteran hot body. I hope she goes with something backless and frontless as well. That would be ideal for our particular pursuits. Anything really from the House of Egotastic! fine ladies apparel will do. Plus pearls. Have to keep some modestly. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Dressed to the Nines, Super Fine, and Messing with My Mind

Oh, MILFtastic super hot mom Kate Beckinsale, when you get all decked out for parties during Awards season, how my heart does flutter and my loins do, well, also flutter.

Kate was out at a fancy shmancy dinner party for the cool and connected and she was looking might hot and discombobulating in some gown that I'm sure cost more than my rent for last year, but well worthwhile as it flattered her wicked veteran hot body that I've been fantasizing about it seems like forever now. The mere thought of unzipping Kate and helping her wiggle out of that frock at the end of a fake laughter cocktail party, it's almost too much to imagine. Yet, here I am imagining it this very second, and it's not enough. The irony of a Kate Beckinsale lust affair. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Not Quite Focused, But Most Definitely Scorching Hot in Cali Style

I'm not exactly sure why the good folks at California Style magazine chose to go so soft focus on the high-def hotness of MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale, but even overworked photography can not deny the plain truth of Kate's deep deep sextastic.

You could look at Kate Beckinsale reverse ways through a peephole lens and still become aroused enough to unlock her door without using your hands. She is pure attraction (and perhaps one day my future wife for maybe one drunken weekend). Enjoy.

Kate Hudson, Kate Beckinsale, and Amy Adams Lead Our List of LACMA Gala Hotties

Ah, another day, another gala to which I'm not invited. And this one really hurts. No, not because of all the A-List celebrities that came out to support the L.A County Museum of Art Film thingamajig, but because of all the A-List celebrity hotness that was on display at the froufrou event that I missed out on personally scoping with my scope thing.

And there was some serious talent onboard at this event, including Kate Hudson, looking all kinds of showy, Kate Beckinsale, looking all kinds of MILFy, and Amy Adams looking all kinds of, well, Amy Adams, which is ever amazing. So, for one more evening, my tux stayed in the closet at the local tux rental shop. But my heart, my heart will go on. Enjoy.