Kate Beckinsale Let Us Watch Her Do Yoga

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Echo Lawrence - March 23, 2020

British actress Kate Beckinsale has been keeping to herself recently, after starting all kinds of drama around her post about Harvey Weinstein last month and how he told her to shake her ass on the red carpet back in 2001. She’s been self isolating at her home with her dogs and bunny rabbit and she decided she would let us all watch her do some of her yoga routine.

The best part about Kate showing us her Yoga moves is the outfit she put on to do the yoga in. A tight white sports bra and a super frilly pair of white shorts, complete with a pair of blue panties on underneath.

  • MrCool says:

    Her spread eagle in bed must be incredible.

  • name says:

    I’d drink her bathwater…… baby!

  • Bob James says:


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