Kate Beckinsale May Be Losing It in Quarantine!

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Tex Hollywood - April 6, 2020

It's been interesting to see how people are handling the self isolation that I don't think is really self isolation for a lot of these people, but it does involve a lot of staying at home time!

Some people are handling it fine, others are deep in the conspiracies, others are freaking out scared and depressed. All normal things. Then there are the people who are turning to the internet to post provocative pictures of themselves, or weird content they produce of themselves.

Then there's recently discovered comedian and longest running Babe who is now pushing 50, who turns into a cat.

Sure, this would be better if it was content for her patreon / onlyfans/ premium snap, but athletic gear in cat make-up works too. It's just diving into deep and confusing places to really appreciate it at its fullest.

The weirdest thing about this is that you know somewhere out there, this is a fetish, who knows maybe this is your fetish!