SITE NEWS: Calling All Original Video Producers

Somebody once said you can't always get what you want, you get what you need. I think it was the Rolling Stones. It might've been my mom explaining why I was getting the painful shoes from Payless again. I always got the part about not getting everything you want, but nobody really ever explained to me how you get what you need. I'm interested in an original video production partner for the bigger brighter obviously far more dangerous future of Egotastic! If nothing else, I need to start faking production better because the last girl I had running around here nekkid soon figured out my camera was fake and that whirring sound was just me making noises in the back of my throat. I do not like being beat up by girls.

If you happen to be L.A. local and particularly proud of your digital video producing chops and or shop, I'd love to see your relevant work. No male nudes please, I just had a big crab salad.

Hit me up on the Contact Us page under the Video Production topic. And, thank you.

Laura Haddock Bikini Pictures For a Candid Peep at a Boob Tube Favorite

Well, hello there Laura Haddock all candid and wet and bikini'd up in Hawaii. You may remember Laura from her sweet topless scenes in DaVinci's Demons, or you may just know her now as the sextastic thespianic strolling the beaches of our 50th state all wet and hot and alluring. She's not even trying, trust me, not a bit.

I quite delight in seeing girls from TV and movies candidly exposed for the first time and seeing they are just as hot offscreen as on. Not all are, but many, and it only makes my celluloid dreams that much more powerful. Powerful enough to impress Laura Haddock I suppose. She's given me a few demons of my own that need exorcising. Enjoy.

Kacy Anne Hill Topless Ginger Lust Crush Madness Begins


It's probably not widely known, but I happen to have a lose-your-shit kind of thing for redheads. I don't mean the temporary dyed reddish girls. I mean the true blue, err, ginger girls with the freckles and the green eyes who look like they stepped right out of my Irish Springs fantasy shower scene.

Enter Kacy Anne Hill. Oh, that I might. Featured doing unspeakably kind things to one lucky car in this memorable Ward Robinson photoshoot, Kacy immediately rockets from relatively unknown to me, to a ginger lust crush for whom I would conquer all of Europe and parts of the Subcontinent just to impress. Or, you know, maybe show her my Skeet Ball prowess or something simpler. Kacy Anne, we have a date with destiny. Enjoy.

Lauren Stoner Bikini Pictures Continue to Flash the Stoneriffic Body Views

If we were picking teams, I'd probably pick Lauren Stoner for my side pretty early on. Especially if we were skins instead of shirts. Her bikini body continues to dazzle me as it does all who gaze upon it on the beaches of Miami where Lauren routinely takes her fine female form for walks. She maybe doesn't get as much attention as some of the magazine cover girls and international models who grace those same sands with their feet I desperately want to pedicure, but Lauren is definitely on the same ridiculously hot body levels.

Someday I'm going to head to Miami with nothing but my camera, and, naturally, my French designed X-Small Speedo. Maybe not the Speedo so much. I really do need start capturing some of these images for myself. Get those angles that maybe the paparazzi on the beach feel a little ashamed to be taking. I have no shame so I'd be perfect for the task. Enjoy.

Becca Goebel Nekkid Hot and In the Rain for VOLO Magazine


Let's just call VOLO magazine my favorite periodical at this point. I can't imagine that there'd actually be a magazine dedicated to the highest art form of hot nekkid women in a natural state, but there is, and I am quite bemused. Tickled really. Or, in the least, quite preoccupied.

Becca Goebel is one of those alt brunette models that makes me realize I'd give up my entirely worldly possessions to go nude bowling with. If only she'd ask. She is quite nekkid and wet out in the rain in this quite mesmerizing shoot for VOLO. Full frontal and furry and just utterly passion inducing in her simple posing with an umbrella. Oh, to be that lucky lucky metal fence. A man without dreams is hardly a man. Enjoy.

P.S. Be sure to say hello to Becca on Facebook, let her know Egotastic! sent you and that you'd like to lick her toes. Maybe not that last part.

Nicole Meyer’s Lingerie Hotness and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Nina Agdal's Sexy Bod
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Lisa Opie’s Bikini Asstastic Hypnotizes Me Like a Shiny Watch

I used to watch those instant hypnotists who wave their hand and their mustaches at folks on stage and in a second turn them into walking zombies. I always thought it was kind of bullshit stage craft, until I came across the perky fine cheeky asstastic of Lisa Opie. I look at those twin cans of lust inducement and within a couple or three nanoseconds I am whisked away to some distant subconscious strata where all my defenses are stripped away.

Lisa could ask me to cluck like a chicken or pretend my hair was on fire and I'd probably oblige. Naturally, I'd hope she'd use her dark magic to turn me into her sexual slave doing all sorts of degrading intimate tasks upon her ridiculously hot body. Please, let this dream come true. Enjoy.