The Bella Twins Flashing Their Cleavy Twins Out in West Hollywood

The wrestling diva twins, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella decided to give Tinsel Town a little taste of their moves last night leaving a fancy restaurant where I go looking for scraps after hours to feed my dog Mr. Featherstone and occasionally he shares with me, which is nice and keeps me going for a few more days.

Nikki and Brie are known for their dramatic storylines, two-timing, gut punching moves in the well staged drama that is the WWE. If you're not sure what is real and what is not real, I'd err on the side of the former, including when describing certain indisputably eye popping elements of the twins fine lady parts. They do present a must-see package in double time. Four funbags for the price of... well, like they say, if you have to ask, you can not afford. Fair enough, I ogle thusly from afar cleavetastic twins. Enjoy.

Iris Kavka Bikinis Like A Pro And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Iris Kavka is spectacularly sexy in these bikini pics. (Hollywood Tuna)

Drya Michelle shows off some cleave and discusses sex life. (TMZ)

Jamie Lynn Sigler has a spectacular pair of paisans, if you know what I mean. (Drunken Stepfather)

Daniela Lopez Osorio is raising my heart rate in these sportswear pics. (Popoholic)

Chrissy Teigen forgets to wear a shirt and it's good. (The Superficial)

Cara Delevinge grabs her boobies to save your nuts. (COED)

Lisa Ann shows off funbags and shows off new boyfriend. (Busted Coverage)

Camille Rowe Topless From Angels By Russell James


The lovely Camille Rowe took some sexy topless pics by Russell James for his Angels photo book. They are in black and white, so you know they are all tasteful and stuff. Camille is pretty seriously hot. Like, more than your usual naked model type person. She looks like no one you see in everyday life unless you are one of the lucky bastards that gets to hang out with models all the time. Her boobies are superlative. You can tell because one of the pics is an extreme closeup of her nipple. It's one of those slightly upturned pixie nips that look playful yet down for business. She's also got an incredibly pert and tight bottom. I'd like to smack that butt, however that is how you get put in jail. So, I will have to settle for giving it a sexy slap in my mind. Alas.

I like black and white nudes. It makes me feel like I'm less of just a horndog ogling chicks and more like I'm appreciating art or something.

Genevieve Morton Bikini Outtakes Are Nipple Poking Fun Times

Genevieve Morton simply has one of the finest bikini bodies on this planet. At least the parts that we've mapped as of yet. Body mapping is my specialty, you should see my protractor. Ahem. The point is, Genevieve Morton is the current toast of the bikini modeling world, having gotten her big SI break to become a much bigger name, face, and most definitely body in the world of two piece hot swimsuit pimping.

In these outtakes from Gavin Bond's bikini pictorial, and yes, outtakes are always better than intakes, Genevieve shows that even in her photos that didn't make it to press, damn, she is one outrageously sextastic nipple poking buxom vixen. I really do envy the sun for touching her with its rays. Though maybe a tad more envy toward her boyfriend who gets to touch her with more than just UV rays. Oh, to be the man who gets to ice down those headlights for photoshoots. Dare to dream the perfect job dream. So hot. Enjoy.

Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: When ‘Dead or Alive’ Takes its Love for the Boobtastic Too Far

The notoriously norky Dead or Alive loves the tits. It loves them even more than we do, and that’s some impressive dedication right there.

The jugged-up fighter has been wobbling, jiggling and gravity-defying since 1996, and they’re damned if they’re going to stop now. The formula has been refined down to 'sweat physics,’ which make skimpy tops increasingly see-through as they fight. So, clearly, we’re nearing the pinnacle of perky perfection.

Well, not so much 'perfection.’ These bouncier-than-two-trampolines-in-a-hurricane boobs couldn’t be any less realistic. But these mad bastards know what they like, and they’re sticking with it. Which has now led to... this.

Yep. If the bounciest bounce that ever bounced isn’t already enough mothereffin’ bounce for you, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is here to help. The latest series innovation is the Yawaraka (‘softness’) Engine, which Kotaku reports is ‘...the result of attempting to up the visual realism of character skin in order to make characters look more naturally realistic on the latest platforms.’

And why the hell not? We all know why we bought our PS4s and Xbox Ones: for the ‘softer’ tits. Of course we did. As game producer Yosuke Hayashi says, "The reason that fans would think the game must be on the latest generation is that 'the girls look cuter [on the latest consoles]... Once you see it on the new consoles, you won't be able to go back."

We don’t know how customizable characters will be here, or just what we'll be able to adjust with this. All we know is that it’s just the latest step in Dead or Alive’s chesticle domination.

Via Kotaku.

Diana Falzone, Brooke Baldwin, and Lara Logan Highlight My List of TV News Must-See Hotties

You have your list. I have my list. The lovely ladies of television news, ranging from the front line reporters in the field to the sextastic entertainment news reporters to the women covering sports and politics. I searched my deepest prurient feelings to think about some of the names, faces, and most definitely bodies that get my channel clicking finger to rest awhile when I see them on my boob tube. I may not care much for what they're covering, but I always watch, drool bucket handy.

I know it's a double edged sword for attractive women working in television. But I lay the  blame for any unnecessarily jagged hurdles at Mother Nature's doorstep for making us who we are. As for me, I close the door so Mother Nature can't see what happens to me when I flip the channels to find my hot ladies of television news. Check out my picks. I'm sure we have much to discuss on Egotastic Facebook. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Maria Conchita Alonso Nekkid, AnnaLynne McCord Topless, Ali Larter Crazy Hot, and Much Much More…


I wait for Fridays like parents of teenagers wait for them to check in when out with their cool friends at high school parties. Sometimes, I think Friday will never come, but then it does, and I thank the Good Lord and lie to myself that my child is the only one at the party not drinking or having unprotected sex. It puts a smile on my face always when I get the opportunity to open up the reader email bag and smell the fresh scent of vanilla mixed with hot celebrity flesh. That's an aroma I really should bottle and sell at car washes.

This week's Reader Finds includes previously unbeknownst to us bodacious model Carlotta Champagne (we can't confirm that as her given Christian name, but we do still thank EgoReader 'Jonathan' for his pledge), Maria Conchita Alonso buck as in nekkid in her early film work (many kudos to 'Stanner'), busty Mindy Robinson topless in Alpha House (lovely funions provided by 'Derek'), Natasha Henstridge topless in her own thespianic turn (lovely lusties via 'Bella'), British racktastic hottie Roxanne Pallett quite topless (the most pleasant of melons provided by 'Patrick'), Hailey Clauson model wunderkind topless in shots (oh, me oh my oh's brought to you by 'Allan F.') AnnaLynne McCord topless in one of her genius cinematic fares (McCord mams donated by 'Classy'), Rose McGowan topless in the tub (always been a funbag faptastic, proven by 'David R.'), Madeleine Stowe classically big screen topless (lovely lovelier and loveliests bequeathed by 'Earl'), Astrid Berges-Frisbey and her Spanish tetas putting on an act (blessed Iberians via 'Stu'), Clemence Poesy getting racy on TV (love me some Clemence, thanks 'Donn'), Kate Winslet and Rachel Griffith topless in the 90's (for your pre-millennium lust crushing, kudos 'Ellen W.'), Brazilian model Gracie Hans long and lean and lovely and topless (surprised pleasantly by 'David M.'), Amanda Peet topless in her bestest topless moment ever (digs me some Peet peaches, thanks 'Owen'), Ali Larter crazy sextastic from Allure (Ali and I go way back, she just doesn't know it, much obliged 'Terence'), Karlie Kloss a tad bit slender but quite topless in black and white (lean reveals courtesy of 'Franks'), Emily Ratajkowski busty behind the scenes of her new Cosmo shoot (Emily can do no wrong, shown by 'Dell'), and last, but not least, Beach Bunny modeling Yara Khmidan showing you how the girls of Europe like to flash their bikinis. It's almost too much, but I could never give you enough. Or vice versa. Enjoy.