READER FINDS: Kari Byron Busty Goodbyes, Kristen Stewart Topless, Olivia Wilde Wicked Hot


We've made it to the last Reader Finds of August. I'm not sure if that's monumental or not, but I am the kind of guy who gets emotional at particularly large morning movements. I'm sensitive. Everything is big to me. And this week's Reader Finds, oh, yes, it's big and bare and beautiful. I'm sure you have more important things to do today, but you do not have more eye-opening things to do today. Treat yourself to a little celebrity nekkdiness.

This weeks Reader Finds includes Ashley Benson and Trojan Bellisario bare booties (thanks to EgoReader 'Daniel A.'), naughty modeling pictures of SyFy's Susan Slaughter (kudos to 'Sander C.'), Carmen Ortega rear thumper homaging J-Lo (a general blessing to tons of you who sent this in), Sara Malakul Lane desperately hot and topless modeling (whoa baby provided by 'Glenn'), classic skinematics from Shannon Whirry (ooh la la via 'Dylan F.'), Alana De La Garza topless on the silver screen (wonderful ta-ta's contributed by 'Wilson'), Kate Winslet in yet another topless movie moment (Kate's funbags by way of 'Stephie'), Kari Byron and her chest of Mythic proportions (sad goodbyes to Kari on TV from 'Lyle'), Candice Swanepoel topless from a W Magazine shoot (Our Lady of Swanepoel dropped off by 'David R.'), Allison Miller bikini shots from Devil's Due (found footage found by 'Ellery'), Tanya Roberts classic jungle ta's (donated to the cause by 'William F.'), Tashie Jackson sex tape stills (Big Brother alum gets very naughty, courtesy of 'Den'), Maria Lapiedra super sultry hottie topless (lovely lungs shown off by 'Tony C.'), Lindsay Lohan deep cleavage in film short (oh, Lindsay how I miss those yams, thanks 'Douglas'), Jessica Alba crazy hot behind the scenes of her Campari shoot (uber-sextastics via 'Y.T.'), Olivia Wilde desperately alluring in her GQ shoot (Wilde-ons handed off by 'Anon'), Jessica Alba once more cleavy sweaty hot modeling (blown away by 'Lise'), Alina Puscau topless in a sweet Randal Slavin photoshoot (bare lovelies promoted by 'Plow'), Cara Delevingne wicked covered nekkid for Mario Sorrenti (eagle-eyed by the ever vigilant 'Owen'), and, last but not least, Kristen Stewart topless in her best film ever, because she's topless (thank you kindly to 'Dennis'). It's a lot. But you can do this. I have faith in you. Enjoy.

Halle Berry Almost Flashed Her Lady Nest In Maui

Hall of fame hottie Halle Berry almost showed the world her Catwoman, if you get my meaning. She was vacationing in Maui and wearing a pair of cut off shorts and no underwear. When she awkwardly spread her legs to sit, you could see all around her lady nest. It's important when picking out your short shorts that you find some with proper crotch coverage. Or not if you want to show off your lady bits and pieces, which is fine by me. Halle is still super hot after all these years. I remember back when I was in high school and I saw her in that Boomerang movie with Eddie Murphy and thinking that she was the hottest girl I'd seen in a movie in a long time. This was back in the early 90's when there were lots of sexy ladies on screen. But she stood out due to the magnitude of her hotness.

I also enjoyed that crappy Catwoman movie. Well, not the movie itself but Halle in a skin tight suit.

Nadine Leopold Is Sexy In Urban Outfitters Lingerie

Austrian model Nadine Leopold looks unbelievably hot in this spread for Urban Outfitters' lingerie collection. She wears a variety of tasty bits of underwear that range from a pair of cotton panties and bra to a naughty black lacey thing that maybe you could get your girlfriend to wear on your birthday. Chances are your girlfriend doesn't look as hot as Nadine though. If she does, then kudos to you, my friend. Nadine has one of those slender builds that still have a little bit of curve to it. She's got nice hips and booty and a slender waist. Her ta-tas are also nice and pert. They are perky and mischievous, like they are always up to something naughty. You didn't know boobies could be naughty, did you? Well, now you know. I also am a big fan of her freckles. I don't know what it is but freckles get my motor running. Maybe it's that I always had a thing for redheads?

I never knew that Urban Outfitters had lingerie. I thought it was all over priced ironic hipster t-shirts and kitschy housewares. That place is designed to make you feel uncool.

Yua Aida Gets Topless and Nekkid And Does Things to Fruit and Bears


I'm not exactly sure what Yua Aida is munching on seductively, or if what she's doing to her stuffed animals is PETA approved. I don't really care. I only knows she the wicked hot latest stop in our tour of all things alluring and Asian and absolutely must see if you happen to like those traits in a lovely lady. I personally can't take my eyes off of her. At least not until they're convinced there time would be better spent elsehwere.

My mini-fascination with naughty Asian glamorous models could easily turn tidal wave. I feel like I'm right at the tipping point. I try not to let my passions become full fledged obsessions, though I have had little luck in this regard in the past. Yua Aida, expect a letter from me shortly. I don't do Japanese characters well, but look for the not so stick figure man with the bobos I'll color in blue. Enjoy.

Michea Crawford’s Lingerie Spread and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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Nina Dobrev Bikini Fun Hot Body Times On a Motherf***ing Yacht

Why not start to cap the summer vacation season off with even more super hotties in bikinis on luxury vessels parked for play time in the Mediterranean. As you know, one of my few pet peeves in life is my inability to yet afford a sea worthy vessel that would induce and or trick various sextastic models and actresses onto my yackt for bikini play time. I feel like I'm getting closer, but progress is measured in cents rather than dollars, so my time horizon might be longer than I think.

Nina Dobrev took her last few days of summer break off off the coast of Spain, showing off her fine female lady vampire form in a little black bikini that complemented her curvy body in a manner that I would compliment it if I were wooing her on my own ship. Nina really is one of those consistently amazing looking Tinsel Town residents who doesn't get enough praise for all the smiles she brings to men and boys. So, today, Nina, I salute you all over. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Leggy Model Walk in the Big Apple

Now that's she's a grown woman in her own way, and a professional model, and apparently now just calling herself, Kendall, Kendall Jenner can be expected to start making the summery long lovely leg walk of her fellow female models in Manhattan in the warm weather months. I don't know if Kendall has officially moved to New York yet, but that is clearly the epicenter of fashion modeling and I'm sure it won't be long before she and her long stems are a fixture in the walking mannequin world of haute couture.

We've been watching Kendall for a while now, predicting her superficial greatness. It's finally coming to pass in professional and more mature form. I'm not sure if I should shed a tear or keep staring at her in those tiny shorts. I think I shall do both. Enjoy.