Sara Sampaio Sultry In Lingerie

My Portuguese hottie lingerie and swimsuit model Sara Sampaio just keeps upping the ante on the scorcher chart, flashing that sultry body and alluring looks that have made her the favorite of so many photographers and product pimpers across the seven kingdoms.

Sara is just that kind of woman that stares into your eyes, takes over your soul, then gives you an order to do something completely ridiculous to test your commitment and you follow along because you would do anything to see her in that lingerie. She’s a good dictator. It’s not all bad. She’ll probably let you off every other Sunday and the forced foot baths can be quite inspiring if you’re into that sort of thing. Trust me, you would with Sara. I would call her queen and never say the word ‘ouch’. Promise. Sara, call me. Reverse the charges. It’ll be a good kickoff to our relationship. So hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jack Waterlot For L’Officiel Singapore

Stefanie Knight Strips Out Her Pink Bikini, You Really Should Watch

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Let’s no be silly and call this a wardrobe malfunction. I’m quite certain that Stefanie Knight and or one lucky SOB production assistant untied her bikini top during the course of this water pimping shoot out in Malibu. Not exactly like Neptune conjured up a wave capable of removing her bikini top while keeping her body entirely dry. Though, if you had supernatural powers, that would be one to consider.

No, Stefanie Knight was kind enough to remove her pink bikini and bare her sweet hot funbags for the world to see. At least the world that visits here regularly because you have above average intelligence and the sex drive of a normal healthy human type person. And quite a pair indeed. I’m not saying people buy more water from topless women than non topless women, I’m just saying I totally would. Honestly, who’s going to say no to Stefanie’s sweet melons? Nobody I call friend. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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Jessica Hart Bends Over In Tiny Shorts

Jessica Hart found herself bending over in tiny shorts in Manhattan because there is a higher power and he/she too loves the sight of Australian supermodels in short shorts in the warm weather bending and preening. I have to believe. Why else create such beauty?

Jessica Hart is one of the long and illustrious lines of Australian transplants to our fair domestic metropolitan environs. You can always spot the Down Under girls as they are the only ones left among the modeling set not completely freaked out by the rays of the sun. I could watch Jessica bend over all day long in shorts. I wonder if that’s a healthy habit or an addiction. My doctor says I need to spend more thoughtful time figuring out which is which. So I fired him. Jessica, I’m right behind you. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet

Josephine Skriver Bikinis Sell Her Hotness, and Themselves

You could do worse pimping bikinis than inviting the hot Danish body of Josephine Skriver to your catalog party. H&M isn’t a leading pimper of merch to the young ladies without thinking clearly about what ridiculously hot models move two piece swimsuits. Jospehine Skriver could sell seal skin boots to a… never mind. The point is, damn, just look at her in these supposedly tame poolside photos. If this is tame, Ms. Skriver, please bring on rowdy ASAP.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but the job of bikini line marketing exec must be the easiest job in the world. Let me see, which of the world’s most amazingly sextastic women should we hire to wear our swimsuits and make everybody else in the world have to have one. That’s about the size of it. Nobody’s reading the accompanying literature. They just want to look like Jospehine and have a million ogling gentleman think the kind of thoughts were all thinking now about them. It’s quite natural to want to be wanted. It’s why I send myself chocolates in the mail. Oops. Forget you heard that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: H&M

Cruel Intentions Reunite With a Kiss And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Relive your Cruel Intentions fantasies by watching Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair kiss. (TMZ)

Kelli Garner is looking mighty fine as Marilyn Monroe. (Huffington Post)

Nikki Reed is a BILF: a bride I’d like to F. (Dlisted)

Courtney Stodden knows how to use Instagram for sexytime. (COED)

Lindsey Pelas playing golf in a bikini. That is all. (Busted Coverage)

Kendall Jenner shows off a little butt cheek. (Drunken Stepfather)

Alexandra Daddario Utterly Hot Udders and Game of Thrones Bodacious Boobtastic Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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I do believe Mr. Skin had some sort of spiritual awakening when Alexandra Daddario removed her top in True Detective and joined the pantheon of all time funbag greats through the entire lore of Hollywood. It was quite a moment for many of us busty buxom hottie oglers. Alexandra Daddario is featured once again this week in the Mr. Skin Minute, though sadly she does not remove her top in the PG-rated San Andreas, just a lot of running away from earthquakes and bouncing. Delightful.

Joining Alexandra this week in the MSM is the deliciously topless Paula Malcolmsen and Vinessa Shaw in the second season of Ray Donovan now out on Blu-Ray and another look at the epic funbag reveal of teen starlet Rosabell Laurenti Sellers peeling back her top on Game of Thrones. A more memorable moment there has rarely been in the world of boob tube reveals. Enjoy.

And, naturally, don’t kid yourself and think you can live without your own Ego discounted Mr. Skin membership. You can’t, not fully at least. Get one now before they run out. Just good times online.

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin Minute

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Kendra Wilkinson Brings Out the Big Braless Cleavage for Reality Show Craptastic

I don’t know when Kendra Wilkinson decided to turn her life over to drama both real and heavily contrived, but I suppose it’s a dance with the devil many take in order to bring home the bacon. Kendra’s latest bit of horrific artificial reality program is called Marriage Bootcamp or some such nonsense where a bunch of really good looking couples pretend to have marital troubles in need of fixing by somebody with lots of cameras and tissues and down top shots. It might just be time to stop television.

Nevertheless, you can bet Kendra was going to make a big boobtastic splash at the premiere party for the show, as she did in a rather showy braless low cut dress that made you wonder if perhaps this outfit alone wasn’t the key to happiness in her marriage to her ex-football player husband. It certainly is an honest conversation starter. No matter the trials or tribulations, Kendra does always manage to look like one million damn dollars when she gets decked out to pimp. It’s an art, not a skill. Maybe both. I’m kind of busy leering right now. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash