Ana Braga and Anais Zanotti Bikini Hot BFFs Inspire My Beach Dreams

Why ever dream small? Seeing the BFF hotties international style Ana Braga and Anais Zanotti on the beach in their little bikinis barely covering their desperately curvaceous bodies always gets me to thinking about how the three of us could have such fun times locked away in some mountain top chalet or stranded on a desert island or perhaps the first three human to colonize Mars. In any and all instances there's a bear skin rug involved and me applying lots of emollients to the girls skin to keep them moist and soft. Then a bunch of other stuff happens you won't typically read about in your space mission or stranded castaway tales and that I can't repeat here because this is a family oriented site. But, suffice it to say, many laws of civilized society are broken, with abandon.

Another day, another couple of sextastic models flashing their outrageously hot cans on the beach. Sometimes I ask myself how can I be so fortunate to live in such a time and place. Then I get myself a slice of pizza and a cold beer and make it even that much better. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Abbey Barnsley Topless Boudoir Pose Down Will Turn You Into Mush


I might just be speaking for myself, but seeing the blessedly hot and chesty perfect Abbey Barnsley slip seductively out of her lingerie makes pretty much every muscle in my body feel like I'm going through puberty all over again. In about eleven seconds. She is just so incredibly alluring I want to chew on a towel or pen a requiem in C-Minor or something that will lessen the primal urges.

On Wednesdays we celebrate arriving at the hump of the week by staring rather impolitely and longingly at some of the finest sweetest most passion inducing bodies on the planet. If Abbey Barnsley doesn't qualify for that list, well I'll be a monkey's uncle, who is still, by the way, ogling Abbey Barnsley whilst scratching my hairy bobos. Huzzah!

Sofia Vergara Nipple Slip Goodies While Being Dipped at Post Emmy Party


Since so many of you asked, well, here is the Sofia Vergara nipple slip from the HBO post Emmy's party in all of its headlight glory. Feel free to zoom in even more than I have, well past the goofy face of Derek Hough, to the suckling goodness just beneath her bust line.

Smooshed funbag and nipple from one of the hottest women on television. A true Latina siren of the small screen. And, now, you can be jealous of those who have nursed before you. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Upskirt Caused by Excessively Short Skirt in Public

Now, I'm not so naive as to believe BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee didn't know that her not-obscenely-short-enough skirt was going to provide some upskirt panties peeks for the lucky boys along the Miami Beach strip where Jennifer struts her sweet motherly visuals. But, as it turns out, I care not. I kind of like the knowingly naughty moms. By 'kind of', I mean I'm on the edge of my seat screaming at the monitor. This is probably why people keep asking me if I am taking my medications.

A hot bodied mom in a short skirt with some Mrs. Robinson like tendencies. Yes, I am very much into that. If a few teen boys have to learn where the urge to make babies comes from at a slightly premature age, that's just the price of luxurious visuals for the rest of us. I saw the neighbor couple going at it when I was but a wee child and t hat hardly affected me in any way as I'm sure you can tell. Bless you, JNL. Enjoy.

Gisele Bundchen Hot Leg Show Pimping Lingerie Down Rio Way

Gisele Bundchen may own many of our hearts and other organs here in the states, but back home in Brazil she's simply revered as a champion. So why not sell the heck out of lingerie to your beloved fans. And why not pimp the shizz out of that lingerie while wearing tiny dresses and showing off all the hard work you for on your MILFtastic legs and body. These are all rhetorical questions.

I can only imagine how many bras and panties Gisele is moving in Sudamericana. Not that she doesn't deserve every bit of success. Not simply because she's incredibly alluring, which does in and of itself deserve riches, but because she works her booty off to build her brand name around the world. If I was married to a Super Bowl winning QB, you'd find me with a mimosa by the pool 365 days a year. 366 on leap years. Gisele gets out there. Shows off. Smiles. Preens. Promotes. And, after all, we are talking silky little bras and panties. She's doing the Lord's work. Enjoy.

When Skimpy Costumes Aren’t Skimpy Enough, Just ‘Wear’ Strawberries Over Your Nipples and Be Done With It (VIDEO)

Onechanbara Strawberry Nipples
Because even this is too much clothing, apparently.

Japanese game developers have never been the type to eschew a little NSFW. The Land of the Rising Wang is the home of touchscreen boob-fondling titles, as well as a creepy insert-your-dangler-here wanking peripheral or two.

The lurid, leery likes of Senran Kagura (never has an innocent little cooking game been so chesticle-jiggly) are commonplace. But this? This is a new one, right here.

Meet Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, the latest in a series known for its liberal, pants-optional attitude towards its boobtastic young stars. As you could probably tell from the earlier Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad and Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers.

But where do go from there? As Destructoid reports, ‘...when half of your characters are only wearing weird, tiny underwear anyways, you’ve cut your upskirt potential in half and undercut their lasciviousness.’ Don’t worry, though. That wasn’t a rhetorical question.

Bananas over their cooches, that’s where you go. Take a look at what happens when video games take the fan service-y ogliness a stage too far.

Lara Bingle Topless Hot Bikini Beach Combing in Hawaii


How much do I love it when sextastic Aussie model Lara Bingle gets caught sunbathing topless? Oh, this much. You can't see, but it was pretty damn wide there with the hands. Such is the breadth of my lust for this swimming suntanning sweet hot bikini clad lady who absolutely hates the tan lines. I must say, I'm an old school fan of the tan lines, though I do thoroughly support the means by which they are prevented. Such as Lara flashing her sweet funbags bare and right there for the viewing on the beach in Hawaii. She's hanging with her new boyfriend Sam Worthington who I imagine gets to do more than just look at those spectacular peaches and all-around alluring bikini body. Lucky bastard. I wish you'd lost in Avatar.

Lara, you really are an international treasure. May you never lose your passion for topless outdoor fun time. The world needs more models like yourself. Preferably, living across from me and forgetting to draw their blinds. Enjoy.