Courtney Stodden Bloody Boobtastic Halloween Madness

Well, we just had to trail with a little blood here hours before I go and rob my neighbors of all their fake chocolate compound candy bars. I wish we had more Belgian and Swiss families on the street to show some pride and pass out the real stuff. Nevertheless, may I never look down upon a Nestle Crunch bite in my living years.

Courtney Stodden got into the Halloween spirit with copious amounts of fangs, funbags, and fake blood. Not exactly scream queen, but squeamishly chesty queen for sure. Say what you will about Courtney, she maintains a body built for show, especially around all the holidays. She's a master of attention. It's Halloween, go on, give her some. It's just like candy! Enjoy.


Elle Alexandra and Leanna Decker Topless Devil and Angel for PlayboyTV Halloween Freebie!


Have you ever said to yourself, man, I'd love to see Playboy models dressed as Heaven and Hell getting all kinds of topless and nekkid to celebrate Halloween. I know. me too! Elle Alexandra and Leanna Decker represent the duality of man's nature. That is, we like wicked hot gingers and brunettes. What two sides were you thinking of? Seeing these girls all naughty and nice and playful reminds me that Halloween is more about just dress up, it's about undressing as well.

Watch the Wicked Trailer and Try Playboy.TV For Free for Halloween Week!

To celebrate Halloween our friends at PlayboyPlus and Playboy.TV are once more offering up their extra special 7-Day Free Trial to Playboy.TV, which if you haven't joined yet, you are completely missing out on one of the single best online experiences available in 2014. And why? To buy one more meatball sub at Subway that you know doesn't take like your moms? No, my friend, that is a waste of money. Free is the hot ticket for you. Funbags, frolicking, and another F-word I promised my grandmother I'd never use again. It's all there on Playboy.TV.  Happy Halloween. Enjoy.

Xenia Deli Turns Swimsuits into Sextastic Visual Treats

Xenia Deli remains the hottest women I've ever known from Moldova. I could expand beyond that geographically had I paid attention during my primary education years. She's just simply dark and alluring and hot bodied and all the things I dream about popping out of my cake on my birthday if I had awesome friends who were not so super broke all the time. Not that I don't love the six pack of Red White and Blue, boys, it's just not quite a supermodel with the passion inducing powers of Xenia Deli covered in nothing but streaks of frosting.

Featured in the new swimsuit look for Lemar Swimsuits 2015, yet, it's already 2015 in the fashion world, Xenia Deli is simply another world class stunner who makes every bikini and swimsuit look like it belongs only to the world of goddesses. Which is probably the case. Your wearing results may differ, as it were. As for me and Xenia, when we disappear on a desert island for the rest of the winter, please, don't come to rescue us, we'll be doing just fine. Enjoy.

Eila Adams Topless in a BBQ Food Truck Because, Well, Because It’s Naked News Time


Of the five things I love in this world, two are grubby food and hot topless women. When you combine the duo, well, it takes on a monumental feeling of tingles all its own. Such is the case with Eila Adams from Naked News exploring the food truck scene without her top on in Toronto. This Naked News video will make multiple spots on your body moist and happy. That sounds so wrong, yet feels so right.

Watch the Video and Get Your 7-Day Free Trial Membership to Naked News Right Here!

While you're at it, consider the wonderful price of FREE for a week long membership to Naked News. I'm not just their pimp, I'm a satisfied customer. Sometimes too satisfied, but then I use a little lotion and the chaffing goes mostly away. Damn the sandwich in that video looks amazing. No offense Eila, but you might be second on my personal menu of unrequited lust. I could be moved to change my mind. Double hotness! Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Gwyneth Paltrow Topless, Behati Prinsloo Wicked Hot, Scarlett Johansson Near Boob Drop, and Much Much More…


It's Halloween. It's Friday. It's time for me in my Victoria's Secret costume so secret nobody knows I'm wearing it to open up the weekly Reader Finds email bag o' plenty. It really is better than candy, because as they say, sex won't rot your teeth. Well, not if you're doing it right. Now that I think about it, hot celebrity skin really is the adult version of Halloween candy. You see the packaging, drool, rip it open, and take delight. And when you're done, there's an endless supply waiting. What a world.

This week's Reader Finds includes the Bella Twins with pasties keeping them nipple decent (thanks to EgoReader 'John'), Julia Stegner nekkid and preggo hot in Vogue (blessings from 'David M.'), Candice Swanepoel screencapped in her hot GQ video (praise by to 'Patrick' for this find), Alyssa Milano topless in one of her classic skinematics (kudos to 'Anthony B' for contributing kindly), Scarlett Johansson near boob dress drop from the Golden Globes of yore (sweet find by detective 'Steven B.'), Michelle Williams topless in one of her many onscreen such roles (lovely lovelies provided by 'Nancy'), Michelle Lewin nekkid in Playboy Venezuela (this shout out to so many of you who have submitted this), V.S. model Alina Puscau topless (tossed into the mix by 'Wheels'), Katherine LaPrel topless modeling cheeky pics (outstanding allure donated by 'Griff'), Keri Russell super hot in Details (flashback hotness via 'Owen'), Anna Paquin udderly revealing in early True Blood (love me some Paquin, thanks 'David B.'), Gretchen Mol topless in skinematics (lovely Mols contributed by 'Peter'), Kelly Brook topless in one of her classic flicks (oh, my Brook boobs only get hotter and hotter, kudos 'Marcus'), Camilla Rutherford flashing her yams for the camera (pinch me I must be dreamings courtesy of 'Wren'), Behati Prinsloo so hot in her husband' music video (I'm jealous thanks to 'Daniel'), Joely Richardson topless in some of her early boobtastic work (throwback awesome via 'Blando'), Gwyneth Paltrow boobs in her lesser known topless work (ever so righteous contributions by 'Mario C.'), Jessica Moore topless with perfect ta-ta's (oh my oh my's dealt by 'Yuri'), Nataly Joe flashing funbags for the lenses (a new face and chest puppies per 'William S.'), Stephanie Marie Capeling quite unclothed in Kingdom Come (outstanding body shots via 'Theo'), Barbara Palvin lingerie extraordinaire for V.S. (silken lovelies tossed in by 'Stoney'), and last but not least, a recall of Eva Green full frontal goodness in The Dreamers, a never gets old kind of situation (thanks for closing us out properly, 'Stacey'). It's a ton of flesh this week. I know you, I know you can handle it. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton White Hot Leggy Duck(?) Costume for Pre-Halloween in Hollywood

When you're an heiress, Halloween stretches at least a week, if not a month, because you got costumes up the wazoo. In fact, if you're Billionaire Barbie, you've got costumes that are designed to ride you up the wazoo and get you a little extra attention. And Paris does so revel in her annual Halloween get ups. She'll go through at least five to ten costumes before the holiday is over.

Last night Paris went for something white and furry which looked kind of like feathery duck or goose trying to show off some hot long legs. Though when fowl does that, we tend to lop them off and bake them. With Paris, she more likely got nibbled by a wealthy drunken bachelor. Such is her life. I'm just glad she shares the show off parts with us. Nobody has more fun than Billionaire Barbie. Nobody. Enjoy.

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Barely Contained In Her White Dress

Who is Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, well, she's kind of a celebrity bon vivant of Jolly Old England. A Big Brother contestant turned reality star and TV hostess and fashion something or other, most of which boils down to lots of getting decked out in revealing outfits and hitting the party scene in London. Try putting that under occupation on your tax returns.

Aisleyne hit the town hard over the wee hours of the night in a white snug dress that barely held in her uncontained udders yearning to be free. No bra and that dress with that rack nearly resulted in even better photos. As for now, we'll just have to adopt a wait and see-even-more next time attitude. Those puppies are really something. Enjoy.