Lina Posada Smoking Hot Bikini Shoot for Babalu Swimwear

Colombian model and professional sexy person Lina Posada is on (figurative) fire in this bikini shoot. She feels at home in these teeny weeny bikinis made by Colombian brand Babalu swimwear. I'd like to call your particular attention to the pic of her on all fours on the shore. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this one is worth about a bajilion. Her skin in the perfect combination of tan and creamy. It's like these dulce de leche and vanilla swirl treats I used to get at the Mexican supermarket back in Texas when I was a kid. Her chest is, for lack of a better word, spectacular. They should be bronzed and put in a museum.

I'm not sure what it is they put in the water down there in Colombia that makes women like Lina and Sofia Vergara possible. Maybe it's just a good genetic pool or perhaps it's the diet. Either way, I think I'm planning a fact finding mission down to Bogota to investigate.

Nikki Leigh Topless Photoshoot for Playboy


Nikki Leigh is on full display in her latest spread for Playboy. The blond vixen Playmate showed off her perfectly round breasts in a series of provocative pics. Her breasts are a thing of beauty, so much so that if I wrote poetry I'd dedicate a friggin' sonnet to them "Ode To Nikki's Knockers" (tentative title). In one of the galleries below you can see Nikki working out with fashion designer Nikki Lund. This is the pay-off for all that hard work and exercise. There is not a molecule of unsightly material on Nikki's toned body. The nice thing about Nikki is that she always looks like she's having fun in her photo shoots. Maybe it's just a perception but it adds to the sexiness. No one wants a gloomy model.

The other thing I like about Nikki, besides the obvious, is her sexy stare. It's not easy to stare sexily and not look like a creeper.

Lily Aldridge Hot Photoshoot on Miami Beach

Lily Aldridge is all smiles and cleavage in her latest photo shoot in Miami Beach. The Victoria's Secret alum looks incredible in the shorts and bikini top combination. Lily's shapely thighs are amazingly toned and tanned in these pics. It's definitely one of her best features. Lily's bosoms are perfectly pert and perky in these suits. People talk about having "bikini bodies". Lily has a bikini body if I've ever seen one. This is probably why she has been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She's one of the hardest working models out there because she is one of the most versatile. I've seen Lilly look like an angel, a sexpot, and a girl next door in the same photo shoot. She's a talented girl, that Lily.

If only there were some way to bottle whatever it is that makes Lily so sexy, I'd be friggin' rich. I'd call it Eau de Aldridge and I'd sell it at your local drugstore for $29.99.


Georgia May Jagger Shows Of Midriff In Rimmel London Ad

Georgia May Jagger revealed her perfectly muscled stomach in a shoot for Rimmel London. Mick Jagger's little girl is all grown up and looking smoking hot in these pics. We talk a lot about breasteses and booties abut we don't discuss the wonders of the bare midriff enough. Especially if it is as perfect as Georgia's washboard stomach. Add to that the fact that she has both a lovely bosom and a gorgeous face and you've got yourself a magical combination. Bare midriff, however isn't all about the stomach. It goes all the way around and, with her low slung jeans, you get the hint of the top of booty. This is also an under appreciated patch of skin. Why do you think people find a lower back tattoo so damn hot?

She certainly got her model mother Jerry Hall's looks but she got her dad's swagger.

Miley Cyrus in a Thong Bodysuit for Her Bangerz Tour

Miley Cyrus is known for her provocative stage shows and these outfits are a big part of that. Miley is a pretty hot girl and it is hard to choose which one of her many attributes is the best. I've got to say I'm all about her bodacious booty. It's no coincidence that she's famous for twerking. These thong bodysuits were specially designed to show off her lovely posterior. They reveal just the right amount of cheek to crack ratio to make it sexy but not indecent. Miley's butt is firm with just enough wiggle to keep it interesting. I am a big fan and I think seeing that beautiful booty in person is more than worth the price of a ticket to her Bangerz tour.

It's a shame that for all those years when she was a squeaky clean teen star we didn't get to see her behind. Luckily, she's making up for lost time.

Sofia Vergara Sexy in Women’s Health Magazine May 2014

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara looks as amazing as she always in the May issue of Women's Health Magazine. The Colombian superstar is wearing teeny tiny shorts and a t-shirt that she seems desperate to take off. In the cover photo, she has tied the shirt up to show some of her muscled stomach. And, of course, her famous ladies look like they are going to leap off the page and give you the motorboating of your lifetime. I've been in love with Sofia since I was a young lad and she appeared on my mom's telenovelas. The amazing thing about Sofia is that she is as hot now as she was when she was in her twenties. That's a rare feat. I forget sometimes that she's in her forties.

As far as I'm concerned, Sofia may be the perfect woman. Like, the Platonic form of womanhood I learned about in my useless college philosophy classes.

Mimi Faust Sex Tape ‘Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta’ (VIDEO)


Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta stars Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith got down and dirty in their new sex tape Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta. Mimi looks amazing in these stills. Her perky funbags are fantastic, something that isn't always properly conveyed through video stills. These shots from the video also give you a pretty good idea about the shenanigans that they get up to. There is some fun in the shower, some more fun in the bed, and several different positions are apparently tried. No boring Wednesday night missionary here, folks. The tape will be distributed by Vivid and the couple signed off on it though they claim that it was initially leaked without their knowledge. The circumstances surrounding the release of this video will also play a part in the upcoming season of the show. I wonder what drama will come out?

VH1 released a statement discussing the leaking of the tape and that it will be featured on the upcoming season of the show. Remember, VH1: there is no such thing as bad publicity.

You can soon check out the Mimi Faust sex tapes all other Vivid celebrity sex tapes at the Vivid Celebrities online portal, as it were.