The 5 Things Britney Spears Brings to the Beach!

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Echo Lawrence - October 19, 2020

Britney Spears is back in her weird studio that looks like it's set up in a basement somewhere with a white background. Apparently her new video was shot just 3 days after she was down at the beach with her boyfriend Sam and I guess we can believe it because she does look sort of tanned in the video, plus she makes a point to tell us that the blue snakeskin bikini is the same bikini she was in 3 days ago.

She also explains that the reason she's back in the bikini is because she's heading into her jacuzzi. The #FreeBritney crowd are loving/hating this. The point of the video is to teach us the 5 most important things you should bring to the beach, according to Britney. Number 1 is a towel, followed by oil, sunscreen, a dog and a hat.

In other FreeBritney news, Sharon Stone has expressed her support for the pop star and wrote a pretty well put comment on Britney's recent "Instagram vs Reality" post, so if Sharon Stone gets silenced soon, we'll know why...

This was a much needed break from my house cleaning ....
this took me two hours to film because I went to three different locations to find the best lighting .... but unfortunately it was a gray and hazy day ... that’s why it looks this way !!! I got home and was like CRAP !!!! Anyhow ... on a POSITIVE note ... from the car the surfers look like little ants out there .... but up close it’s like a whole new mystical universe !!!! And yes ... that’s ME standing for hours in the water just watching !!!! I didn’t even care because it was so much fun ... here’s to a day of MAGIC !!!! PS ... I know my yoga is by no means done perfectly .... because I’m not perfect nor will I ever be !!!! Before you judge go try this for two hours !!!

Updated with this amazing dance video: