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Maria Kozhevnikova Raises the Hotness Level in Russian Parliament by a Bazillion Percent

Maria Kozhevnikova is, make that, was, a teen TV star on some Russian teen drama that I'm sure is as craptastic as the troubled teen high school dramas here, who has turned her stardom into a successful run for a parliament seat in Moscow, all of which is quite noteworthy and groundbreaking, but not nearly as important as the fact that she's in this month's Playboy Russia, not quite, but almost, baring it all.

Now, we're not suggesting it's time to see Michelle Bachmann stripping down for a magazine (albeit, I think we have some nudes of her somewhere in one of our closets), and for 99.9% of politicians, clothing definitely not ought be option. But for the likes of the hot blonde Maria Kozhevnikova, we can make an exception under the overriding rules of sextastic. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Magazine Cover Leaked

Or, so they would have you believe.

The orchestrations surrounding Playboy these days and their 'early leaked' pictorials around the globe is either a massive coincidence of unfortunate timing, or a cleverly designed marketing strategy to drive media attention. Being the cynical bastard that I am, I'm going with the latter.

In any event, here's a look at the upcoming cover of Playboy magazine wherein Lindsay Lohan will bare her wares, officially, and for money, this time come next month (when LiLo might very well be sitting in a jail cell once more). Enjoy.

Daiana Guzman Gets Nekkid for Playboy Mexico In Her Sixteenth Minute of Fame

Mexican Bunny Hotness
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For all the talk of the downfall of U.S. celebrity into one might mass of reality show tarts and news story d' jour girls turning their fifteen minutes of fame into an entire career, let us take comfort in the fact that we are really not alone in this regard throughout the world. Take for instance Mexico, where a then seventeen year old Daiana Guzman rocketed to infamy at the beginning of this year when she accused Latin pop star, Kalimba, of unwanted and forcible attention in a motel room after one of his concerts in Mexico City. Kalimba was later arrested and spent a short time in the slammer before charges were later dropped for lack of evidence. But Daiana Guzman became quite the household name, and, don't you know, by summer and her 18th birthday, it was announced that the modern age celebutante had agreed to pose nekkid in Playboy Mexico. Full circle.

Now, we have two choices here at Egotastic!, we can take a stand on principle and refuse to show you the pictorial of this rather attractive young Latina on the pages of The Bunny, or, we can, you know, be a little flexible in our morals for the sake of sharing sexy nekkid pictures of this budding reality starlet. 

To thy own self be true. Enjoy.

Bruna N’Diaye Breaking Barriers and Flashing Her Hot Topless Body for The Bunny



Okay, so apparently we offended some from The Boot with our comments this morning about recently stepped-side Silvio Berlusconi being a bit of a wandering cocksman with his unfaithful eye. Well, we know all about vendetta traditions and we're too lazy to be looking over our shoulders for very long, so, as amends, please accept this uniquely exotic look at Italian model Bruna N'Diaye, a striking beauty with Senegalese roots. Bruna is the first ever black female to win the prestigious Miss Muretto Beauty Pageant in Italy and now quickly turned to Playboy magazine in her pursuit of revealing body excellence.

Oh, how we love how beauty queens in more enlightened nations take ever so quickly to nekkid pictorials. It's quite a delightful custom. Enjoy (and forgive).

Oh, Happy Days: Leeann Tweeden Finally Takes Her Top Off for the Bunny



Ten years ago I met up and coming sports reporting babe from The Best Damn Sports Show, Leeann Tweeden in person, and all I could think at the time was (oh, okay, yes, smart girl, great personality, etc. etc.) how badly I waned to see her topless. Certainly not an original male dream, but this one I remember quite profoundly. Since that time, Leeann has continued to cover sports for FSN and modeled in Maxim and FHM (she was the last covergirl before FHM stop publishing in the U.S.), and tons of sexy poses from this Virginia Is For Lovers native girl, but never got to see the fabulous funbags. Now, it's game on thanks to our friends at Playboy magazine and their Christmas month edition.

Just like JFK called for a lunar landing before the decade was out, my call to see Leeann Tweeden super hot and without a top within ten years was a bold, but now fulfilled prediction. Today, I share Leeann's bare moons with you. Enjoy.

Maria Paz Delgado Nekkid Pictorial Exhibits Perhaps History’s Hottest Runner-Up Ever



When your dreams of being the next Miss Universe are dashed, what exactly do you do with yourself? Well, I can tell you what I did? About 4 x Four Lokos a day plus $2 Meatball subs at Subway. That's how I handle my disappointment. Thankfully, the sexy-as-hell Maria Paz Delgado, the Miss Argentina Buenos Aires candidate to represent her country in the next Miss Universe pageant took defeat at her hottie girl competition in a much more productive stride. She agreed to appear in her homeland's Playboy. That's all kinds of positive thinking if you ask me. And positive mental images for the rest of us of this gorgeous 19-year old beauty pageant runner up type hotness.

That is one gorgeous bit of young lady right there and, I suspect, we've not heard (or seen) the last of Maria Paz Delgado. Disfruta.

Are the Britt Dekker Leaked Playboy Pictures A Publicity Stunt from the Dutch Bunny?


Editor's Note: some or all of the media previously associated with this post has been removed.

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For those not up on the recent scandals in the land of Van Gogh involving leaked photos of Playboy Netherlands shoots of celebrities quite nekkid showing up on other websites, well, the latest and greatest seems to be reality star and dumb-blonde of the moment Britt Dekker, and there is speculation including on her prominent eponymous site,, that perhaps this is a planned publicity stunt from the Dutch edition of the bunny to build up a buzz for their pictorials prior to public release. Having spent many hours before sitting in rooms of media companies concocting underground promotional ideas, I would not immediately dismiss this proposition.

Somebody on the Playboy team is leaking like a sieve. We're putting inquiries into the magazine house ourselves to see if we can get an honest answer. Enjoy.