Skye Blue Demonstrates Absolute Nude Perfection

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Mitch Jablonski - June 21, 2019


It's definitely not her real name, but Skye Blue is the only fake thing about this absolute all-time beauty. She's poetry in motion, but in case you want to know more about her personality, it seems like she's got a lot to say...

“What makes me, me is definitely where I grew up,” she tells us. “I grew up in a small town in Florida and everyone was super nice — I would say I’m a little too sweet for my own good because of it. But I think everybody deserves to be treated with kindness.”

With a smile on her face and a sultry gaze to accompany it, the stunning Skye is dressed in an orange bodysuit and boots as she steps out of her RV at a campground in sunny California. “I actually lived in an RV for a small amount of time,” she says. “So I felt very at home — I think you guys are really going to see that in the photos,” she says to all her fans.

In no time at all the lovely Skye find a place to sit as she takes down her straps to reveal her all natural breasts. “What I love most about my body are definitely my breasts. Any outfit I put on they’ll fill it out perfectly,” she shares. When it comes to men, Skye is all about a guy's eyes. “What I find sexiest in a man are eyes — seeing someone’s eyes locked on you is so arousing!”

Honestly, if those aren't the best breasts you've seen today, you're a luckier man than I.

Photos and video courtesy of Playboy Plus