Careful You Don’t Get Stung by the Supremely Hot Monica Wasp

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Mitch Jablonski - June 11, 2019


While your natural impulse may be to avoid Monica Wasp due to her terror-inducing surname, allow me to offer up a counterpoint by saying that not looking at Monica Wasp's nude body is going hurt worse in the long run. I promise that you're not going to get stung by Monica Wasp, but the sting of not seeing her incredible nude body is going to last a whole lot longer.

I'm not entirely sure why she chose the surname Wasp, as there are virtually no good connotations to that word. You're either a horrible, vicious, stinging insect or a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, and I'm honestly not sure which is worse. Maybe she could've considered Hornet, as that's got a nicer ring to it. Holly Hornet might've been the way to go, honestly, but what do I know?

So don't go around in fear of Monica Wasp, go around in celebration of her nudity and her feminine wiles. It's a much better way to go through life anyway, and I don't think any of us need any more strife right now. Don't be afraid of Monica Wasp, she's not going to hurt you. But no looking at her naked body will definitely hurt. You don't get over pain that severe.

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus