Marvel at the Sight of Diana Lark Stark Naked

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Mitch Jablonski - June 19, 2019


Hailing from Ukraine, Diana Lark claims to have very little experience in front of the cameras, but you'd never know it from this gorgeous new photo spread the beauty did for Playboy Plus. Diana is a downright natural in front of the camera, showing off a sultry side it would have taken a lesser model years to perfect.

Dressed in red lace lingerie, Diana is alone in her living room, ready to give the camera all her best poses. Fairly new to the modeling world, Diana is a natural in front of the camera. “I have just two years experience,” she says, “but [I’ve done] a lot of work in Ukraine, South Korea, Italy, and Germany,” she adds. Undressing slowly and seductively, Diana is absolutely exquisite as she reveals her petite, all natural figure. “I love my body,” she says. “I do not consider it ideal, but it is completely natural!”

Well, Diana, I think a lot of dudes out there, myself included, would consider your body ideal. The hell with the standards society has set, but even using those as a benchmark, I'd be hard pressed to say Diana Lark's naked body is anything but ideal.

Photos and video courtesy of Playboy Plus