Ashley Salazar Topless in Playboy Mexico; Playboy.TV Es Gratis Para la Celebración! (That Means Free!)

Ashley Salazar Topless in Playboy Mexico
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I’m a big Ashley Salazar fan. Whenever Ashley alerts us to her new photos in any publication around the seven seas, I get excited to see her new body of work. And what a body it is. Ashley’s outrageously fine female form is on topless display currently in Playboy Mexico, the South of the Border online bunny domination journal. And, man, what a muy bueno visual experience it is.

Playboy TV. Es Gratis, Free, Five Finger Discount, Compliments of the House!

To celebrate Ashley’s sextastic rise, and the rise she gives all of us, Playboy.TV is extending its offer of One Week Free Trial to see girls as hot as Ashley getting silly sexy with each other for the love of hot girl bodies intertwined. You will never find a better price than free, or perhaps a better way to unwind after work or school or your community service detail along the freeway than about fifteen minutes watching Playboy.TV Trust me, it works wonders. As does Ashley. I just feel happy now. Enjoy.

Elizabeth Laini Topless for the Love of Greek Soccer and the Return of the One Week Free on Playboy.TV!

Elizabeth Laini Topless Soccer Photoshoot for Playboy
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Okay, I’m shilling Team Greece, Free Playboy.TV, and hot nekkid girls with soccer balls all in one or two paragraphs. I’m so good with all of that you wouldn’t believe. As of the time of this writing, Greece is about to kick off with Japan in a second, pretty must win match in the World Cup. And to celebrate, I’m sharing pictures of the beautiful Elizabeth Laini, Playboy girl madly in love with Greek soccer and just about the best looking promoter you could ever desire.


And, naturally, a gift for you. It’s going to be a long hot summer. Make it sweaty with a purpose with One Week Free Trial of Playboy.TV.  I’ve asked them to do this for our readers because it really is quality sextastic nekkid fun content that I want you to test out at least. You may not want it, but don’t say it’s not for you. It is. I know you better than your own mom, well, except for those rash issues. Enjoy.

Dad Loves Cars and Hot Topless Girls, Get Him Some; Playboy.TV 80% Off for Father’s Day Last Minute Gift Buying

Elizabeth Marxs and Ali Rose Topless Playboy Photoshoot
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Are you like me, a pretty horrible self-involved child who never did anything for the parents who claim on legal notices that they raised him? Well, hopefully you thanked mom rightfully so, and, now, your chance to payback dad. Do you realize how many times your old man wanted to tell you how embarrassed he was of you out there in the mix, but he just said, ‘Way to go, champ’ instead? That’s what dad’s do. They lie. And you owe them for that. So how about one last late Father’s Day gift of Playboy.TV at 80% off the normal price for dear old dad.

Playboy.TV 80% Off Special for Father’s Day

Here to help celebrate are Playboy hotties Elizabeth Marxs and Ali Rose. Now, you can’t get them in person for dad, unless you’re the most bitchin’ son or daughter ever. But you can get him girls just like this doing naughty things with each other and with cars, just because that is what makes this world so awesome to spin around on. Or, forget about dad and let the Karmic winds take you away to some hell hole filled with Kardashians. I’d not take my chances on that one. Playboy.TV, 80% off, for dad, for yourself, for America (and other awesome nations).

Danielle Lloyd Topless Crazy Hot — The Playboy Scandal That Started It All

Danielle Lloyd Topless Playboy Photoshoot
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It’s the return of my favorite game, seeing a wicked hot celebrity in a bikini in the morning, to wait a few long hours to see her without her clothes on in Playboy Magazine in the afternoon. Danielle Lloyd was Miss Great Britain a few years back before she was stripped of her title because she had the audacity to reveal her sextastic goodness in Playboy. The whole thing seems kind of silly. The pageant people have a good thing, Playboy has an even better thing, maybe it’s just jealousy. It can’t be some stupid ‘virtue’ test. As if flashing your wicked hot funbags somehow disqualifies you to be an awesome human being bringing peace to our planet.


Regardless, any chance to see a smoking hot woman nekkid, that’s kind of my motto. I’d get it tattooed on my forearm if it was so complicated and I wasn’t scared of needles. While you’re at it, be sure to check out our ongoing One Week Free Playboy.TV deal with our friends at Playboy Plus. You can take a social stand and see tons of hot unclothed women for free at the same time. I can’t possibly thing of anything better. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers Is Going to Be One Hot Doctor

Kennedy Summers Topless Playboy Photoshoot
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There’s a lot of buzz around the wicked hot blonde new Playmate of the Year, the deliciously amazing Kennedy Summers. She’s in medical school, on her way to becoming a doctor, and some people just can’t let go of old-fashioned ideas that you can’t be a women who bares her crazy sextastic body for Playboy and still be a smart, professional woman. I don’t know why people feel a need to hold on to such long-ago small minded notions. If the Egotastic! man knows anything, it’s that when it comes time to pick out the doc who’s going to be asking you to bend over and cough, Kennedy Summers is now at the very top of your list.


On this particular Friday, we’re celebrating TGIF with a peek at Kennedy and an offer of one free week of Playboy.TV for those of you who’ve yet to sign up. I keep telling the good folks at Playboy Plus to extend this offer, and they seem to keep doing it for now, though at some point my Hefner impression on the telephone might be discovered. Get it now, while the girls are bouncing and hot and the previews are udderly free. Thank God It’s Funbags!

Co-Ed Stacy Aaron Nekkid Sunbathing to Celebrate Playboy.TV’s Free Week Trial!

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Playboy.TV keeps asking me what price I think would be great for EgoReaders who happen to be interested in watching tons of hot young models strip off their clothes and play around. I keep saying, well, while I’d give my left foot for such a viewing pleasure, but all my readers test it out for themselves for free. If they like it, they keep it, if they say, eww, icky hot nekkid girls making out again, I’d rather buy a copy of Good Housekeeping, then no skin off their wallet backs. It’s a great deal.


Helping us to celebrate is San Diego college student Stacy Aaron, sunbathing because it’s basically summer now and it’s time for hot, tanned, topless glistening girls on chaise lounge chairs to fuel our summer time poolside sexual fantasies. Not that I require much fuel in that regard. In fact, wicked hot Stacy Aaron might just overfuel me. But that’s my cross to carry. Enjoy.

Teri Polo Broke But Not Busted and Very Nekkid To Celebrate PlayboyTV’s Memorial Day Weekend Free Trial Offer

Teri Polo Super Hot Topless Playboy Photoshoot
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Poor Teri Polo. How we loved her in Meet the Fockers. How we will be lusting over these wicked hot nekkid photos of her from her Playboy celebrity pictorial. According to news reports, Teri is deep in celebrity debt doo-doo. Almost unfathomably to imagine any attractive woman struggling, especially with so much talent, not to mention who looks this good nekkid.

Playboy.TV is Free For One Week for the Memorial Day Holiday!

Well, one way not to find yourself in Chapter something or other is to get yourself a super great deal on all your entertainment and recreational outlets. Such as the Free 7-Day Playboy.TV trial to celebrate the holiday weekend.  It’s just a few shekels a month after that if you continue. Now, that’s frugal. Stay away from the condos in Aspen and the Mercedes and the designer clothes. Hot nekkid girls running across your screen giggling is pretty much all you need to be happy in life. And I guarantee it won’t bankrupt you. Enjoy.