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Lis Vega Does Naughty Things With A Horse In Her Playboy Pictorial



I do so appreciate how you all put up with my personal passion for south of the border telenovela hotties. Though I still urge you to grab the signal from your neighbor with the unlicensed satellite dish and tilt it toward Mexico City to catch sappy sexy soaps such as Amorcito Corazón, where you can see the likes of 30-something Latin TV star, Lis Vega, getting all overacting and hot on the boob tube. And, of course, the very best part is that so many of the telenovela sextastic have no problem baring their all for the magazine cameras, displaying their true characters, without a shred of clothing. Cuban-born seductress Lis Vega covers the November edition of Playboy Mexico, flashing her total resume, and making one horse feel like the Derby Winner. Muy sexual.

You can read more about Lis' acting career on her IMDB page.

FLASHING NEWS: Lindsay Lohan Set to Appear Nekkid in Playboy

According to our news-scooping friends at TMZ, the recently bailed out of court Lindsay Lohan, former ginger hottie, formerly sober (if you go ways back) Hollywood actress, is going to flash the full monty for an upcoming edition of Playboy magazine.

Apparently, Playboy balked at LiLo's initial demand for one billion dollars, but even with the $750K, well, heck, that's a whole lot of playground for a highly troubled addict. I hope the check comes with some mandatory Dr. Drew oversight.

Check out all the details on Lindsay nekkid for Playboy at TMZ.

The Playboy Playmate 2012 Calendar: One Dozen Topless Maidens All in a Row



'Tis the season to be purchasing your 2012 Wall Calendars and you could do a lot worse for your frat house, pre-mandated sexual harassment training office time, parent's basement, or just plain gift to the man who sired you, hired you, or just plain inspired you than the Playboy Playmate Calendar, including a bevy of topless busty beauties, including Crystal Harris, who left Hef at the altar earlier this summer. Ouch. Now there's a memorable date not to remember.

Imagine the familiar tingle on the last day of each month, turning the page ever so slowly, assuming it's unstuck, and displaying the Playboy Playmate hotness for the coming lunar cycle. Quite a way to mark your days, and nights. Enjoy.

HUMPDAY HUZZAH: Semi-Euroscandal with Amanda Krabbe Getting Topless for the Dutch Bunny

Amanda Krabbe Smoking

Update: Sorry folks, the long arm of the Intergalactic Empire Control or something like that rang the death knell for these particular photos of Amanda Krabbe. They had to be run through our shredder and burned, twice.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, it's been a fine past several days of leaked European celebrity photos, tapes, and otherwise naughty bits of media, and while these pictures of local celebrity Amanda Krabbe from the Dutch edition of Playboy magazine aren't exactly rocking the world, they've set off a nice little bit of scandal in the wooden shoe nation. Amanda Krabbe is the on again, off again, once again wife of Martijn Krabbe, who is basically the Ryan Seacrest of Holland, big time stuff (and those film wonks among you might know he's the son of veteran actor Jeroen Krabbe, who was in Oceans Twelve, the last Transporter film, and my all-time craptastic sequel favorite, Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo). Oh, and there was also a messy scandal when Amanda Krabbe admitted she was boinking other men when married to Martjin Krabbe.

But that's all background noise, because now Amanda's got her nekkid photos in Playboy and we can finally judge her on two of her more important assets, to which I give a very heart thumbs up. And, yes, that is my thumb. Enjoy.

HUMPDAY HUZZAH: A Shoutout To Our Friends in Greece by Way of Olia Kova Topless Hotness



Times are tough in the Greco world. Everything I know about what's going on in Greece can be summed up in four words: I have no idea. But I do know it's bad. And there's little we can do to help, save for our shoutout to the super hot celebrities and models from the Aegean, including Olia Kova, who graces the cover of the Bunny magazine in the home country this month, flashing a ridiculously hot body and topless wonderments that leave me hopeful for the recovery of the ancient nation. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags (TGIF): Cinthia Ferandez Unleashes Her Second Bit of Nekkid Revenge



Earlier this week, we brought you the dirty-dancing to the extreme clip from Argentinean model and TV personality, Cinthia Fernandez, who is apparently hell-bent on getting some revenge on her cheating soccer player boyfriend. Well, welcome to part two of the sweetest revenge. Cinthia Fernandez took to the pages of her homeland's Playboy magazine this month to flash the goods that soccer-boy will no longer be getting (not that he's suffering in celibacy. mind you), still, this is the kind of payback plot we can really get behind.

Topless sexy pictures of Cinthia Fernandez, I think we all win. Enjoy.

Willkommen auf dem Oktoberfest! Katharina Wyrwich Drops Her Dirndl for Playboy


If you love beer and radishes, then Octoberfest in Bavaria is where you need to be. Some of my best memories lay in the gutters of Munich after too much beer (just kidding, that's not possible) and too many unfiltered Camel cigarettes (that is most definitely possible). But, that's all in the past now as my very favorite and newly esteemed image of Octoberfest is the wunderbar model Katharina Wyrwich, who won some kind of Dirndl wearing contest to take the Ms. Octoberfest title this year and promptly removed her Alpine dress so that we might see the full Octoberfest Monty on the pages of Playboy Germany. That is exactly how the world should be, in my humble opinion.

Octoberfest in Bavaria, go, visit, drink, vomit, drink some more. It's not as amazing as the body on Katharina Wyrwich, but, it's close. Prost!