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Colleen Shannon’s Smoldering Topless Playboy Photoshoot


Unbelievably hot model and DJ Colleen Shannon took some time off from spinning records to show off her twin subwoofers. In case my speaker metaphor was confusing, I'm saying that Colleen is topless in this photoshoot for Playboy. Colleen has some of the best funbags in the business, as you can well see. They are simply perfect. If there is a Platonic form of a boob, Colleen's ta-tas are it. She's also bottomless in some of these pics and you see that...ahem...the drapes match the carpet. These pictures are seriously hot.


I like Colleen's facial expressions because she looks like a fun tease. She strikes me as the kind of girl that is fun but frustrating to pursue. But it makes the victory of finally getting to swing off them big 'ol boobies that much sweeter. Hell, I'd even listen to her DJ if it meant I might get to touch those puppies. You hear that? I'd voluntarily listen to house music and that stuff kinda sucks.

Jayde Nicole Leads a Bunny Stampede for Playboy’s 60th

I've had a dream eerily similar to this before. Where I'm lying in bed minding my own business when a bus full of Playboy models and Playmates pull up to my front door and pile in like an invasion force to rob me of my chastity, one by one, at first, then two by two to expedite the line. I beg for mercy, but am only reminded that I exist to be the sex tool for dozens and dozens of horny hot models. Then I try really hard not to pinch myself lest I wake up.

An invasion of bunnies really did take place in Los Angeles as Playboy celebrated their 60th anniversary by riding a double decker bus around town with girls galore, including Jayde Nicole, who looked like 1.2 million bucks in her iconic bunny outfit. Sadly, as in most major cities, Luddite thinking laws prevent women from appearing topless in public lest the children see boobs and feel warm and comforted and normal. Still, there was plenty of hot tease and furry tail to go around. Enjoy.

Jessica-Jane Clement Nekkid For Playboy Honors Classic Au Natural Hotness


See Tons of Celebrity Hotties Nekkid on PlayboyPlusSometimes our readers contribute content, and sometimes, like EgoReader 'T.H.', they just remind us of super hot shit we forgot about because we drink too much, sleep too little, and, let's be honest, our baseline IQs weren't all that strong to begin wtih.

Our lust for Jessica-Jane Clement runs as strong and deep and molten lava hot as any active geological disturbance on this planet, but as T.H reminded us, and in tribute to the au natural hotness of the day, Jessica-Jane was perhaps, nay, indeed, even hotter a few years ago before her boobtastic augmentation, when she was slender smaller cupped super sextastic model.

To prove our point, our friends at PlayboyPlus, who continue to offer our readers a 50% discount on annual memberships, have ponied up this blessedly hot nekkid pictorial of Jessica-Jane Clement pre-90210 work, and it is just spectacular. Enjoy.

Tierra Lee, Our Gamer Girl ‘Schoolteacher’, Makes Nekkid Good on the Virtual Pages of Playboy


We've had many fun days at Egotastic!, hey, it still is the best sub-minimum wage job in the business, but one of them had to be the day we filmed the Gamer Girl Diaries for our Hot Coffee channel, featuring among other wicked hotties, Tierra Lee, 'The Schoolteacher' who stripped down for her gamer thrills.

See Tons More Tierra Lee on PlayboyPlusNow, we get to thrill double time, or, triple time, depending on how you count sextastic body parts, with Tierra Lee in but one of her many nekkid and ridiculously hot pictorials and videos for our friends at PlayboyPlus. Just one divine looking girl who we can tell you was personally a pleasure to work with (and, by work with, we mean hang out with for three hours mostly nekkid).

Get yourself one of them fancy but affordable PlayboyPlus memberships and check out Tierra Lee in a ton of pictorials and some of the most giggly good videos you may ever see.

Sara Jean Underwood Nekkid Yoga Guaranteed to Raise Your Plank


My doctor says I need to start taking my health seriously, and considering he only knows maybe a third of the bad shizz I do to myself on a daily basis (who tells their doctor the truth?) I figured adding a little exercise routine to kick off the work week made a great deal of sense. Of course, I'm not going to exert myself, that just seems so old-fashioned, living in the digital age of Egotastic! when we can get supremely hot celebrities to raise our heart rates for us. Win-win if you ask me.

This morning why not get straight into the yoga way courtesy of so desperately hot Sara Jean Underwood performing the Upward Plank yoga pose in her Playboy exercise video. Now, the thing about yoga is that every single pose sounds kind of boring, until you add "as demonstrated by Sara Jean Underwood nekkid' then it becomes a thing. A hot body exposing stretchy wonderful thing.

Can you feel the burn? Enjoy.

Sara Jean Underwood Camel Pose Will Amaze As Nekkid Yoga Continues


Our poor mailman, Not So Speedy Delivery, has been inundated with sacks and sacks of letters from EgoReaders demanding more Sara Jean Underwood nekkid yoga poses from her Playboy venture. For some reason, there's been a sudden uptick in interest in yoga among men. It must be the cute little roll-up mats.

Well, today, feast your athletically inclined peepers upon the 'Camel Pose' as the minxy hot and entirely without clothing Sara Jean Underwood shows you that not all camels on Egotastic! require stretch pants to be awesome. Enjoy.

Sara Jean Underwood Nekkid Yoga Tidal Waves Rolls on With ‘Plow Pose’


I feel like Santa hitting the mailbox around Yuletide, and, no not just because my belly rolls when I laugh and I smell of mulled wine 24x7, but because of our overflowing mailbox with present-related requests, granted, the presents requested are more nekkid picture of Sara Jean Underwood from her amazing Playboy yoga series, and, let's also be real, all these letters are from the 'naughty boy' section.

But who are we to deny the spirit of giving with only eight months until Christmas, hence, feast your peepers upon the hot nekkid minx, Sara Jean Underwood, demonstrating the 'Shoulder Stand with Plow Pose'. I guarantee it'll have you feeling fertile. Enjoy.