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Sara Jean Underwood Nekkid Warrior Posing Brings Zen To Your Wicked Garden


When we brought you Sara Jean Underwood nekkid Playboy yoga workout posing in the Downward Dog position, we thought it was pretty hot, you guys thought it was crazy hot, and you've been banging our gongs ever since for more.

So, welcome to the super hot minxtress, Sara Jean, in Warrior pose and Reverse Warrior, the combination of two will surely seal your defeat, or at least your need to privately recover in the bathroom. I feel the burn already. Enjoy.

P.S.  You can see the video HERE.

Brittney Palmer Nekkid Pictures Bring Super Hotness to the Playboy RIng


UPDATE: You may notice that these photos are no longer the Brittney Palmer pictures from Playboy. The bunny magazine respectfully requested their removal. But we're not leaving you Brittney Palmer fans high and dry, as it were, so check out her recent pictorial shoot for Fitness Gurls. Just plain old ring-girl teasy hot.

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Do you love super hot sweaty hot muay thai hot UFC ring girls in no clothes? Why, of course you do. (As does EgoReader 'Ted D.' who wanted to share his lust with the rest of yous guys with these photos. Kudos to Ted.)

We are super geeked to get our first glimpse at the Brittney Palmer nekkid pictorial in this month's edition of Playboy magazine, the toned hottie giving all she's got in a battle of sextastic exhibitions. That ridiculously hot body of hers will make you tap out in a variety of highly private areas, repeatedly, and with passion. This could be the best pictorial we've seen out of The Bunny magazine in some time now.

Take one super hottie ring girl, strip off her clothes, and snap. A recipe for very happy. Enjoy.

Credit: Playboy magazine

Playboy Previews the Super Bowl (Topless Hotties Are Always Better Late Than Never)


I'll say this for Playboy, not necessarily the timeliest of Super Bowl weekend previews, on the other hand, their stable of fine fillies is pretty much unmatched in the leering business, so when they asked us if we'd like to share their pre-game locker room preview featuring Katie Carroll, Dani Mathers, Jennie Reid and Megan Medellin, well, who are we to deny our loyal readers some sweet girl-girl locker room naughty time. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out all the photos in Playboy's Road to the Big Game Preview.

Preevyet to Our Russian Faithful With Topless Playboy Babes for 2012


Now, I know some of you will say this post is a blatant, cynical attempt to kiss ass on our small, but growing number of fans in Mother Russia. And, you'd be completely right. We love our dark-haired steppes-childs, and if it takes showing some amazing boobery from this year's Playboy Russia calendar to get them to come out of the woodworks, dammit, that's just what we're going to do. And the rest of you can look away if you choose.

Step up, Russian men. Let's hear from you. We know you're out there. Наслаждайтесь.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day: Monique Evans Guides Daughter Barbara Evans Through First Playboy Shoot


When I was a little kid, my dad refused to take me to 'Take Your Kid to Work Day'. At the time he explained to me it was because he was an astronaut on a shuttle mission and that it would be highly impractical. I later learned that this was a complete falsehood and that he was mostly embarrassed of the fact that I was still wearing bangs and zippered shirts decades past other boys. Growing up is hard.

Unless you happen to be a second generation hottie like young Brazilian model Barbara Evans, whose mom, Monique Evans, is one of the more revered and legendary 70's Playboy Brazil models turned legit model turned TV celebrity, who convinced her own daughter to follow right in her footsteps, err, body steps, all nekkid like on the pages of the Bunny magazine. Not only did Monique suggest the pictorial for her daughter, she apparently supervised the shoot on the family farm and selected the photos used in the publication. Now that's a mom (and a super hot looking daughter).  Enjoy.

Micaela Breque Makes Beautiful Latina Music All Nekkid for the Argentine Bunny


The whole wide web has been agog this past week with the actually rather critically weak offering of the Lindsay Lohan Playboy pictures, leaked in some form or another, but mostly just making us wonder what became of the Bunny's ability to grab celebrity hotness and put it on full nekkid and hot display. Then up pops Micaela Breque, Argentine young hottie celebutante and new young bride of Latin Grammy winner, Andrés Calamaro; now Micaela, she makes us feel all special and tingly in her pictorial in her homeland version of Playboy. The forumla seems simple and this is how it's done. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Topless in Playboy: An Egotastic! Critical Review

Unfortunately, we can not bring you the pictures of this much anticipated Lindsay Lohan pictorial in Playboy magazine, but we can give you an absolutely pointless critical review of the photos from our own two eyes, to our hands, only stopping at a few places along the way.

They're, um, just okay. Yet another stab at the Marilyn Monroe cliche by the folks at the Bunny U.S.A. Definitely see Lilo's full frontal knockers, ripe, and busty, although air-brushy also comes to mind for much of this. There is no full-frontal, rather tame for a 'nude shoot', which apparently was re-shot after Hef got ugly wind of the first set of photos. Overall, is it worth the reported $1 million payout to Lindsay Lohan? Well, I'm sure her attorneys who are finally getting paid would say yes. As for the few bucks you'd need to have your own personal copy, I'd say, if you're still a Lindsay Lohan fan, get it. If not, meh.

For those interested, the website Gawker is running censored copies of the photos with links to the uncensored.