Rochelle Humes Sextastic Plunging Poolside Bikini For the Happy Suffering of Men Everywhere

Formerly Rochelle Wiseman of the Saturdays, now Rochelle Humes since she went and got stupid married, but the same fine female form, captured this time in a ripe blue bikini poolside in Vegas. Actually, the bikini is just blue, it’s Rochelle who is quite ripe and cleavy in her blessed blue bikini top.

It’s times like these men are glad the water runs a little cold in hotel pools. You need a place to seek shelter when the likes of Rochelle are flashing their tanning tubes and strutting about the pool area. It’s one reason resort pools make me particularly nervous. If you happen to spin around and see fifty guys looking sheepish, probably best to pick another pool. Oh, sweet hot racktastic ladies in brightly colored bikinis. What you do to men is so unfair. But, obviously, don’t stop. Enjoy.

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Alexandra Park Bikini, Nina Dobrev In A Towel, Billie Piper Brought Back To Topless Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Something old and something new, something hot to turn your bobos blue. I kind of changed that saying a bit I suppose to fit our particular Boob Tube Roundup needs this week. Alexandra Park and Merritt Patterson showing off bikini boobtastic in The Royals, Billie Piper re-animated in topless form in Penny Dreadful, Lotte Verbeek in Outlander flashing her Funions, and the deliciously delightful Nina Dobrev never quite nekkid enough in Vampire Diaries, but still so damn hot.

If you had any wondering as to whether the small screen or the big screen is showing more hot lady skin these days, it’s not even close really. The cineplexes are relegated to keeping the flaunting flesh away from the kids lest they turn into sociopathic beasts at the sight of nipples. Meanwhile, the multiple viewing options at home are proving you can have quality television and quality racks all in one show. A couple steps forward, a couple steps back. You’re only breaking even if you’re not sure where to look. Enjoy.

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Nikki Lund and Cassie Scerbo Bikini Busting Out Selfies for Malibu Heat

Selfie time for Nikki Lund and Cassie Scerbo in their teeny tiny bikinis. And why not shoot yourself repeatedly when you look so damn good. Nikki is never short of showing off her sextacular female form in tiny little outfits and bikinis, and bringing along Sharknado bouncy fun time hottie Cassie Scerbo, well, heck, why not work through a couple or a thousand selfies of those stellar bodies.

Naturally, had I been at the beach I would have offered to take the photos for the girls, and or appeared in them, or just helped them wipe the sand from their blessedly hot bodies before clicking shoot. Heck, I’d be go get me my water boy. I’m a combination of mumbling and defenseless in front of such stupendous amounts of skin. The shame is really all part of the glorious process. Nikki, Cassie, give me a call the next time you bikini up. I’ll make personalized totes. I promise not to peek, much. Enjoy.

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Lauren Stoner Bikini Booty Tight and White for a 4-20 Sextastic Inhale

Lauren Stoner does not have one of those modern day bulbous booties like many of the girls who occasionally disappear behind the snack shot and comes out several hundred dollars lighter. She’s a traditional backside bikini hotter. A tiny tight little bit of worked out buttocks that she shares with the gentleman oglers along the shoreline out of the benevolence of her heart, and ego, though deservedly so on the latter. If you build it, why not make them come? Sorry school aged kids who sneak on here.

Lauren seems more than at east in her various revealing bikinis as she parades her beat through the sand flashing her long lean sun-drenched body, just to remind the working stiffs in northern climates of the posters on their walls of teen years. She is the Miami dream that keeps our nation’s U-Hauls on a heavy southern sunshine trend. Must have bikini booty 24x7x365. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Katie Cassidy Takes A Dip In A Yellow Bikini

Sexy Arrow actress Katie Cassidy went for a swim in a day-glow yellow bikini. The brightness of the color in only outshone by the boobs that they are trying to conceal. Fortunately, her boobage sticks out in various places. There is some sideboob, my friends, oh yes. Not to mention the great cleavage action going on. Katie is in really great shape having to play superheros and whatnot so her mid section is nice and toned and she’s really cut on her hip as it leads to the garden of Earthly delights. Her booty is also a wonder of nature. It’s firm and fully packed and I for one wouldn’t mind spending some time with it. It looks really friendly.

I have to start watching that Arrow show if this girl is on it. Maybe her hero costume includes spandex. If there is one thing you can count on in superhero/comic movies and TV shows it’s that the women will be scantily clad.

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Renata Moesia Wears A Bikini In Malibu

Brazilian hottie Renata Moesia went splashy splashy in the ocean in a tiny bikini for everyone’s favorite expensive water/purveyor of pictures of hot chicks with plastic bottles 138 Water. Renata wore a series of bikinis each one smaller than the last. She’s got a nice pair of perky boobies that are just the perfect size. They aren’t so big that they would give you carpal tunnel syndrome from handling them but not so small that you need to grope around to find them in the dark. If Goldilocks was a lesbian instead of a poridge thief, she would pick Renata’s boobs because they are just right. But let’s not forget Renata’s perfectly toned booty. It’s the kind of butt that is accompanied by its own sound effect like, “wah-pow!” or perhaps a whip cracking noise.

What is it about Brazilian women? They most have something in the water down there that makes such beautiful women that all cause a samba party in my pants.

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Selena Gomez Bikini Splishy Splash Sextastic Girl Vacation Time Down Mexico Way

Oh, my belusted Selena Gomez. Now in her bikini body pink form down Mexico way. How do I lust thee? Let me caress all the ways.

The pop diva petite bit of sextastic took a vacation down south of the border with some of her girlfriends who all got into bikinis to giggle and splash and check out each other’s bodies as I’m pretty sure all girls do when they get together on bikini vacations. Just the ladies, maybe a little lesbionics, but mostly just a chance to show off Selena’s sweet soft body in a brightly tantalizing two piece. Selena has just a little chub on her fine female form. I know most of you understand that’s a compliment. It’s also kind of driving me to madness at the moment. Selena in a bikini! Happy days. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI