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Natasha Oakley In A Black Bikini On Miami Beach

Model and fellow blogger Natasha Oakley was looking hot as F in a tiny black bikini in Miami Beach. Natasha's ample funbags were on display in a top that left little to the imagination. Natasha has got a pretty spectacular rack and, humanitarian that she is, she likes to share it with the world. The cleavage alone is enough to get your pressure up but there is also some lovely sideboob action. But that's just half the story. There is also her bottom which allows us an almost complete view of her amazing booty. It's pert, toned, and perfect. I know that the word "perfect" gets tossed around a lot but in this case I mean it. Her booty looks like it was designed in a lab somewhere by mad butt scientists working on creating the ultimate derriere. They succeeded.

Natasha doesn't look like most bloggers I know. Mostly they me. I guess really hot people have better things to do than write articles online. You know, like be hot.

Michelle Lewin Bikini Epic Fitness Gurls Magazine Madness!

If you happen to like crazy hot Latinas with stellar bikini bodies showing off their hours and years of hard bodied workouts, not to mention Mother Nature's bounty, you're going to fall in deep lust with Michelle Lewin and her body faptastic in the new edition of Fitness Gurls magazine.

Fitness Gurls combines two things I truly love. Sextastic girls and tiny little outfits. I bet you thought I was going to say fitness, and I suppose I do love that, for others naturally. But the pure majesty of Michelle Lewin and her sweet perfect tight thumper and all over hotness in little two piece swimsuits, well, it makes one happy to have a working heart. All the better to feel pounding inside your chest as your imagine Michelle in an ever so seductive accent asking you if you wouldn't mind sunscreening her backside. Oh, no, I wouldn't. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fitness Gurls

Sabia Boulahrouz Bikini Pictures Deliver Drop Dead Boobtastic WAG Views in St. Tropez

Poor Rafael van der Vaart. After recently divorcing his hot lingerie model wife, Sylvia van der Vaart, he's been forced to take up coitus relations with model Sabia Boulahrouz on vacation in the South of France. How these guys manage to get over all the emotional heartache so quickly really is a tribute to their championship mentalities. Damn, I want a hot chesty bikini goddess as my next rebound girlfriend!

I can't help but feel I'm just one FA cup victory of a 7-figure job away from securing a crazy hot model with an arousing accent like Sabia. I really need to start putting my mind to it if this is really going to happen. Someday I'll be too old and I'll need an 8-figure salary to make this happen. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a finger in my Whopper. Enjoy.

Hilary Duff Bikini Candids From the Set of Her New Music Video

Now, here's something you don't see every day. At least not for a good long while. Hilary Duff in a little bikini on the beach in Malibu filming a video for her new music single, something something something I don't know the name. I didn't even realize Hilary was singing again, or, you know, recording songs. I thought that went away with mommyhood. Apparently not. Nor did her ogle-worthy bikini body, which we really haven't seen for some time now.

Hilary was in and out of towels on the beaches of Malibu filming what I'm sure is quite the deep and profound music video. We mostly shot her out of her towels, sending Hilary Duff lust flashbacks ricocheting through my cranium. That's more pleasant than it sounds. Hilary may not have the tall sleek model body in a bikini, but she has a whole lot of that intangible quality I like to call, Me Want Very Badly. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Soccer Playing Tributes the World Cup Finale

Everybody got into World Cup fever this past month, including BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee who was kicking around the soccer ball on the beach during the finals of the World Cup. Naturally, Jennifer had to shower off in public after working up a soccer sweat.

Jennifer does not do anything half-assed, though often bare-assed. She prefers the colorful bikinis, occasionally falling off, for as much attention as possible along the South Florida shoreline. Some may call this being obvious and exhibitionist, I say, what's wrong with that. As long as I get my ogle eyeful, I never question motives. One time a buddy of mine was getting actively picked up at a party by an attractive woman and he asked me what I thought was her real motivation. So I had to punch him in the neck just to remind him that wasn't an appropriate question. Enjoy.

Anna Safroncik Bikini Crotchtastic on Suntanning Vacation in Naples

Anna Safroncik is quite the famous Italian thespianic, though she'll probably be known now by all of you for her bikini crotch which was on display at a resort in the South of the Boot where Anna was taking in some sun because European celebrities seem far less frightened of the sun than their American counterparts in floppy hats and sun protective wardrobes.

Anna has a plenty fine all over bikini body, but it truly is the knocked knee divide that is burning an indelible impression upon my libido at the moment. Should I ever have the wonderful opportunity to meet Anna, I'll surely look down impolitely toward her nether regions and tell her that I remember meeting her before. Then she'll slap me and probably kick me in the bobos. Honestly is not always the best policy. Enjoy.

Fanny Neguesha Bikini Tanned Jet-Skiing and Sun-Soaking Sextastic

If you happen to be Mario Balotelli, you're blessed in a variety of ways. Naturally, the only one that really matters is your ability to romance, as it were, crazy hot world class models with ridiculously fine bodies the likes of Fanny Neguesha who was showing off her stellar boobtastic and bikini tanned body in Miami over the weekend. Fanny was partaking in various water sports in the local waters, being that that whatever uniform she wore would not cover up her award winning racktastic.

Fanny reminds me that I meant to be a world-class soccer player at one time. I can't remember what happened to that dream though I do sort of remember an earnest talk from my AYSO coach asking me if perhaps I might be interested in a sport other than soccer. I'm pretty sure this was one of those Mozart and Salieri feuds where he was just intently jealous of my potential. Or it could be because I sucked so horrible. I'll prefer to keep the former fantasy alive. As I shall of taking nightly loofah baths with Fanny. Oh, man, that body is just a lethal weapon. If used properly. Enjoy.