When Blonde Bikinis Attack: Angelique Morgan And Ana Braga Pink Thong Duet in Miami

I’m not exactly sure how these two bombshells actually know each other, but feathers were ruffled and flags were raised to full staff as extreme bodacious French reality start Angelique Morgan joined boobtastic forces in matching pink thongs with Brazilian blonde model Ana Braga, the two of them sinking the pink for the love of the skin all over show along the beach. It was a real stunner.

I’d like to think this was just some fortunate happenstance wherein two racktastic women in pink thongs showed up at the same place at the same time and decided, what the heck, let’s preen and bend and shake our respective cheeks in the air and see what comes knocking. But, I have to believe more likely this was a pre-arranged happy coincidence. None of which takes away from the sheer curvaceous majesty of the moment. I do believe Miami got it’s first mountain. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Lisa Haydon Sextastic Swimsuits For FHM India

It’s time the Indian girls got a little love. A lot of lust. And a whole lot of eyeballs. Bollywood star Lisa Haydon being a case in point of the sultry subcontinent girls who we are certain exist for real, but when we see them modeling swimsuits or baring their epic bodies, we sometimes wonder if this is all just a dream. If so, please don’t wake me. Though Lisa, you are more than welcome to pinch me into an aroused awake state.

Featured in the new edition of FHM India, Lisa Haydon reminds of of the exotic erotic potential of so many stars and starlets in Indian culture that often never make it to Western media markets. A shame too. There is so much allure among this gang of beauties, though we only ever become acquainted with but a few. So many girls, so little time. Organize your time wisely, starting with some long, deep leers of Lisa Haydon. She deserves nothing less. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FHM India

Kayla Lewis Shows Off Her Booty In A Bikini

Kayla Lewis went splashy splashy in a blue bikini for storied water brand and purveyors of pics of hot chicks 138 Water. Kayla is seriously hot, y’all. She’s got that classic model thing going in that she’s really tall and has long sultry legs. She’s perfectly toned all over. Not a bit of her jiggles. She’s got a nice solid rack that isn’t too big but is by no means small. They are just right. If Goldilocks were a lesbian instead of a porridge thief she would pick Kayla’s boobs. But my favorite part of these pics is her booty. That’s not just an ordinary butt like you might find just laying around town. No, that is a thing of perfection, a work of art. God or nature or whatever took their sweet time forming that thing.

What I’m saying is that her booty is sublime. We would probably all have trouble looking at it in person like staring into the sun.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Alessandra Ambriosio and Gisele Coria White Bikinis and Hot Mom Bottoms in Greece

Everything is better when you bring a friend along. Especially when your friends look nearly quite as stellar as you in a white bikini. Alessandra Ambrosio and her lady buddy Gisele Coria were frisky on the beach in Mykonos, an island better than your island, preparing for a photoshoot that I’m going to guess has something to do with hot ladies in white bikinis. Just a guess.

Alessandra Ambrosio is sought after the world over for the Brazilian charms and charming long hot body she brings to both bear and bare in her numerous bikini and lingerie photoshoots. She’s the mom every mom wants to be. I can’t confirm that. But she is the mom every dad wants to be with. I feel safer in that assessment. Put her in a bikini with her curvy friend and you have a something something in the Grecian making. I wonder how many stops it is on Southwest to get to Mykonos. Probably have to go through Kansas City twice. Totally worth it. Hold that pose, ladies, I’m on my way. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Caya Hefner Major Underboob in Hot Short Shorts In Malibu

Hugh Hefner’s sis-in-law Caya Hefner continues for another day of shooting for the water pimpers at 138 with a show of serious underboob on the beach that would make the Playboy Bunny randy. I knew Caya modeled but haven’t really seen much of her until these past few days when she’s been showing off in some very hot body revealing outfits along the Malibu beach.

Underboob is certainly one of the underrated of the funbag viewing angles of delight, but Caya works it to its logical and tingle inducing conclusion, aided by her sweet tight bottom in a pair of Daisy Dukes. I’d call it something close to preening and posing perfection. You really don’t see enough hot bodied women crawling on cars these days. It just doesn’t fit well with electric vehicles. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Solveig Mork Hansen Chesty in Spring String Bikinis

Danish hottie and fast becoming a girl I lust so deeply I might take the time to pronounce her name properly, Solveig Mork Hansen is in yet another set of wicket hot bikini pics, this time for Twin Set, showing off her twin sets of goodness and all around righteous female form. The Danes do take their super hotness rather seriously, producing a number of the world’s most alluring models just because they hate losing. All, good genes.

Solveig has the entire toolbox full of bikini modeling skills including super stellar funbags, a sultry pouty appeal, and a body that men fight over in bars until they can no longer lift their arms, onyl to watch Solveig walk out with a humorless male athlete. Such is the sad irony of life. Nevertheless, let these smoking hot bikini photos be the balm for you prurient soul. She does them so very well. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Twin Set

Joanna Krupa Bikini Booty Cheeks Paddle Boarding

This is the week of hot buttockals peeking out of thong bikini bottoms along the beach. Well, every week should be this week, but this past one in particular we’ve seen a dozen fine sextastic celebrities showing off their tush meat in shorts and bikinis. Enter the asstastic of Joanna Krupa, the hot housewife of some Bravo city or another who spends half her life in bikinis, with the body to more than cover such wardrobe responsibilities.

Joanna splits her time between Miami and Los Angeles, showing off in both towns, this time, South Florida in a tiny bikini wrapped barely around her body as she took to some showoff exercise routines courtesy of the paddle board, our new favorite device for ogling the fine female form of so many ocean goers these days. Stroke, stroke, stroke. What? Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m instructing Joanna on how to improve her paddle board speed. Oh, yes, Joanna, a little more to your left. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews