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Joanna Krupa Bikini Pimping Bikiniworld Hotness, That’s A Lot of Bikini

I've not heard of Bikiniworld, but it sounds like a place I'd like to live. I can have all of my stuff in a U-Haul in under 45 minutes at this point, gassed up, and ready to go. Joanna Krupa who is sort of my girlfriend though she doesn't know it yet stars in the latest catalog pics for Bikiniworld and she will probably move many units. If I were a woman (oh, dare to dream) I'd probably purchase into anything that I thought might make me look anything as alluring as Joanna Krupa in these two pieces numbers.

I consider myself fortunate that the baggy swimsuit I've been sporting since the last millenium still fits and only gets modest jeers and put downs by the pool. I can't imagine having to upgrade the swimwear every year, let alone every season. But as a service to our readers, I will naturally keep my peeps to the bikini promotional circuit, it's a thankless job, but I'm not good with 'you're welcomes'. Enjoy.


Abby Cubey Bikini Hot Filipina Lust Inducement Time in Malibu

Whoa, baby. If you happen to love petite minxy hot Filipina girls like your Uncle Bill does, then you are in for a real treat. The weird birds at 138 Water have brought out model and singer Abby Cubey to show off her bikini hot bodily wares in Malibu to pimp their water. Another day, another blessedly hot girl in a bikini who probably won't move any units of water, but she will stir many other units if you know what I'm saying. I'm not even sure I know what I'm saying half the time.

Abby Cubey reminds me that this entire globe is a hot spot for hot women. I love this planet for all of its natural resources. If I wasn't born here, I'd have to invade. I bet Jupiter doesn't have nearly this insane amount of sextastic women on their beaches. They don't even have beaches. Or women. Thank your lucky stars, earthling. Enjoy.

Rachel Hilbert Candidly Flashes Her Bikini Body Behind the Scenes of a Victoria’s Secret Shoot

Wow, when Victoria's Secret sets about to reload its stable of sextastic young ladies in swimsuits and lingerie, it does so rather seriously and voluminously. Add to the clipboard of seemingly never-ending hotties the name of Rachel Hilbert, blonde, young, crazy hot bodied and pulling her thong out of her perfect tush on Miami Beach in an attempt to sell more bikinis for the industry leader.

Rachel reminds us once again that the sextastic is a nonstop river of goodness that flows continuously with new and fresh talent galore. She also reminds me that it's probably time to do a few crunches so she doesn't have to control her disappointed looks when I remove my tank top and ask her if she'd like to play pickle ball at my place. Rachel, you are welcome at my door any hour of the day, though I would prefer a time when all my neighbors can see you coming over. I need the gossip bump. Enjoy.

Nadine Leopold Splish Splash Lip Slipping Bikini Hot Body Shoot in Maui (Hide the Children!)

Oh, that my full time job were to take photos of hot Austrian models splashing in bikinis in the shorelines of Hawaii. I mean, an actual paid job as opposed to just doing it as an unlicensed and trespassing amateur typically chased down by 5-0.  It would be easier. Plus I could actually pay my Netflix bill.

Nadine Leopold of hot European bikini bodily fame was in our 50th state practicing her preening and posing and leaping into the water moves to pimp some bikini line, whilst her outstanding female form, and intimate parts therein, yearned to be free of her two piece swimwear. Have lip will slip. It's going to happen. And when it happens to hot girls, all the better. I mean, shame on me for looking, but, yay on the down low. Nadine, you are a water nymph indeed. Enjoy.

Michelle Lewin Bikinis On The Beach in Miami

Famous hot person Michelle Lewin strutted her considerable stuff in a tiny blue bikini on Miami Beach. Michelle has some big ol' boobieballs. Like, the kind that might give you carpal tunnel syndrome if you handle them too much. The poor bikini top is stretched to its limits trying to manage those behemoths. But to no avail. They are popping out all over. The bottoms also are having a hard time keeping her wonderfully large and shapely booty in. Lucky for us, her butt is almost all out for our viewing pleasure. She's in incredible shape, as you can see from her tight stomach. Her abs are ridiculous. But my favorite part of Michelle is the sea of freckles that adorn her chest.

I have a thing for freckly girls. It probably has to do with my first lady sex partner who was covered in them. I try not to reflect too much on it.

Rachel Hilbert Bikinis For Victoria’s Secret In Miami

Professional hot person Rachel Hilbert bikinied her little heart out for Victoria's Secret in Miami Beach. She wore a variety of spicy numbers that showed off what her mama gave her. My personal favorite is the one with the leopard top and pink bottoms. They go a long way in showing off that amazing booty and boobie combo. Rachel is one of those hot girl next door types, if you live next door to an obscenely good-looking family. My neighbors don't look like that. They look more like Abe Vigoda. But I digress. Rachel's got that coquettish vibe going that's oh so naughty. I look forward to ogling her when this Victoria's Secret catalog comes to the house. Luckily, I am home for a few hours by myself with the mail before my wife gets home.

That's Jack's me time.

Andreea Diaconu Shows Off Her Bikini Body In Maui

Romanian model and girl of my dreams Andreea Diaconu was sexy as F in a black bikini in Maui. The bikini looked like some kind of hybrid between a bathing suit and black bondage gear. While normally this wouldn't do anything for me, it really works well to get the old juices flowing. Andreea has got herself a perfect pair of ta-tas. The kind you want to frame and put on the wall of your office so you can admire them all day. I don't know much about Romania, other than their problems with Draculas, but I do know that every time I see a model from there they are always extraordinarily beautiful. Andreea has got some dead sexy eyes that only enhance the fact that she has a butt that does not quit.

It must be nice to live in Maui where women dress in bikinis year round. Boobs, nice weather, and coconuts? That's why it's paradise.