Lottie Moss Little Blue Bikini for Blonde Beach Hotness

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bill-swift - July 12, 2017

Lottie Moss is the underrated blonde hottie much younger half-sister of Kate Moss and as far as I can tell, her life is a beach. Almost literally. She seems to vacation often on the shores of various European resorts, which could either make you super jealous, or like myself, super thankful to constantly spy this British sweetheart in her teeny tiny bikinis. I'm more the appreciative type.

With her au naturally sextastic body, Lottie took a turn in a blue bikini with her friends at the beach to celebrate summer and the fact that tons of men on the beach were currently kinking their necks to see her alluring female form. I mostly go into catatonic state as Lottie dips her toes in the water. Something about that turf and surf connection that makes me want to cry and beg at the same time.

Lottie, it's time to come out from under big sis' shadow. Enter your own world of topless risque modeling. I'm speaking now as an objective observer, not a man who intends to ogle those future photos for days on end while feeling high as a kite. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News