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Elizabeth Gillies Bikini Top Sweetens the Set of ‘Vacation’

Apparently New Line is rebooting the National Lampoon Vacation movie from the 80's as part of the mandate from Hollywood to never make an original movie ever again. On the flip side of aspirations of mediocrity, is Nickelodeon starlet Elizabeth Gillies on the set of the film showing off in a red bikini top. Kudos to whoever in wardrobe came up with that idea.

You rarely hear Elizabeth Gillies name mentioned along with some of her more prominently famous and lusted after Nick stable starlets, but she certainly deserves the attention. You need only see her fresh set of funbags in a bikini top to realize you might actually go see this retreaded film. It's going to be a big time inner argument for me as well. Though rest assured, any hot photos from the set will be coming your way right here. Excellent acting work, Elizabeth. I can't wait to see the climax. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini MILFy Pose Down On the Sandy Shores of Miami

Consider me fascinated with the BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee. Admittedly, that fascination lies heavily with the hot worked and yoked body she's perfected post-babies to give her one of the tautest lady bodies on that very heavenly sextastic lady filled beach in Miami. This mom not only holds her own, she often literally holds her own. That's called spice.

Thank you kindly to Jennifer for sharing these hot of the presses poses of her stellar body on the beach posing down like a woman half her age but with twice the naughty knowledge. It's a dangerous combination that likely proves very lucky for her romantic mate. If JNL can crack a walnut between her cheeks, imagine what she could do to... yeah, forgot. This is a family show. But go on and contemplate the delicious pain. Enjoy.

Lisa Opie Bikini Yoga Stretching All Limber and Sensuous on the Beach in Miami

Just strutting around the beach in Miami isn't enough for petite hottie Lisa Opie. No, she needs to go and do some dramatic yoga posing putting her lean, taut, and sweetly bottomed bottom in all sorts of dramatically fantasy inducing positions. I'm not saying it would be awesome to be her boyfriend with a menu of such inclined, declined, and bowed position, but I'm guessing it would be something super close to awesome. Okay, now I'm losing my train of thought.

Yoga has been very very good to the gentleman oglers, most especially PDYs, public displays of yoga by the lithesome and limber among our fairer sex. I could watch Lisa Opie upward bow all day long and never grow tired. I suppose she might tire at some point, but sacrifices must be made for the good of the salacious leers. Keep it up, Lisa, the scores are not yet in. Enjoy.

Watching Men Watch Her Breasts And Other Fine Things To Ogle

A busty woman wore a low cut top and a secret camera and recorded all the leers in one single day. (TheMighty)

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Jennifer Love Hewitt in glorious bouncing gif form. (COED)

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Vicky Pattison’s White Hot Bikini Body Poolside In Ibiza

"Geordie Shore" star and seriously hot person Vicky Pattison was spotted bikining at a pool in Ibiza. Vicky has a nice pair of naturals that were busting out all over from her tiny white bikini. There was some intense cleav, my friends. She also had quite a bit of sideboob action as well. Vicki has a nice hourglass shape with a tiny waist and some nice round hips and good sized boobage. She's my kind of gal. I don't know what a Geordie is but I guess it's the equivalent of our guidoes? Apparently, she lost a ton of weight and went from a 16 to a 4. That's pretty impressive. It's called the Snooki effect and it causes members of the "Shore" franchise worldwide to drop a ton of poundage.

I'm going to see if I can find some "Geordie Shore" episodes online so I can see more of Vicky and her Geordie friends.

Anais Zanotti Bikini Body Perfection on the Shores of Miami

When Anais Zanotti comes out to bikini play, she comes to win. There's not an single angle of her where you don't see a taunt to the potential competition, bring it on other bikini clad hotties, because my body will kick your body's ass. Or, maybe smooch it softly to candlelight if this were a perfect world.

Anais has simply perfected the fine art of fine bikini booties on the beach in Miami. That's no easy field to dominate. The hot thumpers along that piece of shoreline originating from all parts of the world is tremendous. But Anais more than holds her own. Oh, that I could hold her own as well. That is so high on my bucket list. Anais, just a squeeze for a gentleman ogler who needs a happy checkmark? Dare to dream when your fantasy girl struts right by in a tiny bikini. Enjoy.

Candice Swanepoel Bikini Photoshoot For Victoria’s Secret

The redonkulously hot Candice Swanepoel brings her talents to the page in this photoshoot for Victoria's Secret. By talents I am referring to her magnificent funbags. They are seriously exemplary. All ta-tas should aspire to be more like Candice Swanepoel's chichis. She wears a variety of different bikinis and swimsuits and she looks super sexy in all of them. Some people were born with the ability to really maximize a bikini's hotness quotient and Candice is one of those people. A particular favorite is the leopard striped one that shows off a lot of skin. Leopard print is just plain sexy. Maybe it's the jungle animal that lives somewhere deep inside us or maybe it's that leopard print stuff tends to be lowcut. Either way, it's a good thing.

I remember I used to sit in wait for the Victoria's Secret catalog to come to our house back in high school. Then I would hide it from my mom. Today I can just look at the pics online and don't have to hide them from anyone. We really are living in a magical time.