Kate Hudson Wears A Bikini In Malibu

The ever hot Kate Hudson was spotted at the beach in a teeny tiny bikini. She was hanging out with the dude from Coldplay. I never can remember his name so I just call him Mr. Coldplay. Anywho, Kate was looking fine as eff in her small bikini. She is is redonkulously good shape. Her stomach is tight and toned as hell. She’s also got a nice perky pair of ta-tas. They are the kind of boobs you could play with all day and not get tired. In a couple of the profile pics you can see a little bit of sideboob, which is always a wonderful thing. But let’s not forget Kate’s sweet caboose. It’s nice and round and I for one would like to wear it like a hat. Seriously, I don’t know what she does but that booty is more taught than a drum skin.

My wife likes to watch rom-coms starring Kate Hudson and for once I don’t whine about it because I think she’s super hot. I mean, I whine a little but not a lot.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Kat Torres Wets Her Velvet Nubs in Malibu

Sometimes, I become overwhelmed with personal feelings of warmth. The site of a litter of kittens for instance. Former enemies laying down arms and hugging in detente. Or, the vision of blonde model Kat Torres showing her lovely luscious lady form by the water in Malibu. Each endearing in their own way.

Kat may just be wearing my new favorite swimsuit of the forever, teasing her long locks and even longer amounts of ridiculous hot bodiness for the love of public exhibitionism. And maybe a few directions from the photographer. I care not for the line between reality and fantasy, just Kate Torres bathing suit lines and how we might possibly adjust them to see even more of her spectacular jewels. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Behati Prinsloo See Through Lingerie Reveals a Deeper Level of Goodies

There’s really no reason why your underwear can’t be see-through. For 99% of us, it likely matters not a whit. But if you happen to be Behati Prinsloo and pimping Victoria’s Secret sheer panties and bras, well, it means a whole lot more for the rest of the world gets to see you. That would be all of us.

Behati Prinsloo has managed to fully maintain her coquettish allure even after nuptials with that lucky bastard from Maroon 5 who has had more than a solid run among the international model set. Her nipples tell me this won’t be her first marriage, and likely our paths will cross in the future. Likely just her bodyguards bumping me out of the way, but that alone will be magical as I imagine Behati in her sheer lingerie, nothing can possibly hurt me. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria’s Secret

Sveva Alviti Wears A Tiny Bikini In Miami

Italian spicy meatball Sveva Alviti was spotted on the beach in Miami wearing a tiny bikini. Now, when I say it was tiny, I mean it was microscopic. The top looked like it was going to come off in the surf and let Sveva’s lovely pair of cannellonis out to play. Sveva has a nice perky rack. She has the kind of ta-tas that you want waking you up in the morning with a cup of OJ and some toast. But let’s not forget her booty which is almost complete view thanks to the aforementioned tininess of the bikini. I would like to wear her booty as a hat. It’s so perfectly tight and firm. Everything stays right where it needs to with Sveva’s booty.

If only I was in Miami now instead of chilly New York. The only people wearing bikinis here now are crazy homeless sunbathers and no one wants that.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Jessica Burciaga Side Boob, Ashely Tisdale Bikini Top, and Stella Hudgens Killer Booty Headline the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

The more parents warn their children not to post their pictures on social media, well, the absolutely skyrockets in flight better it’s going to get. Silly parents. Don’t you realize how uncool you are by your very job description. Young hot celebrities, don’t trust anybody over 30, save for your Uncle Bill. I will never steer you wrong. Right now, I want to steer your toward even more showy social media candids. Not that you need much prodding. This just keeps getting better and better.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes the likes of Ashley Tisdale in a bikini top, Stella Hudgens, Vanessa’s little sister, showing off her stellar late teen thumper, Katherine Heigl in a red bikini, Carmen Electra in a killer bikini, Jessica Burciaga showing so much sideboob I want to weep, and much more. You owe it to that girl who knows nothing about basketball who is still going to beat you in the office March Madness bracket pool to check out each and every one of these many social media self-published goodies. You will thank me later. Hopefully, with shiny beads. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Charlie Riina Bikini Bodacious Bottled Water Show in Malibu

If you’re not fully in lust with Charlie Riina, please consult with your doctor, then return to another set of the wicked hot young curvaceous model in a bikini in Malibu pimping the mystery bottled water. I’m not so sure the water will do you any good. I am certain ogling Charlie in that tiny bikini of hers will cure most of the things that ail you. Unless it’s a four hour erection, in which case this simply isn’t going to help.

The water campaign definitely took a turn for the sextastic when the team decided to stop showing the girls drinking the water and switched to a plan where they pout the H2O over their faptastic bikini funbags. I’m not paying several bucks for a carton of water. I will pay my entire life savings to see a girl like Charlie pour it salaciously over her sweet teats. As always, it’s not the gifts you have in life that matters, it’s how you use them. A-plus for Charlie Riina today in the high impact gift utilization category. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Kerrie McMahon Gets Wet In A Pink Bikini

Blond darling Kerrie McMahon went splashy splashy in a tiny pink bikini for everyone’s favorite purveyor of water and boobage, 138 Water. Kerrie’s ample ta-tas were on display and she looks kinda cold in that chilly Pacific water. I would be very happy to volunteer to warm her up. As if her delightful jugs weren’t enough there is also her glorious booty. Seriously, look at the pic of her on all fours on a rock. If that doesn’t get your pressure up then you my friend are dead inside. It’s always a treat to see what new and exciting beach babe action 138 Water will provide us with. I buy the stuff whenever I see it just so they stay in business and keep supplying us with photo spreads like this.

Kerrie is my type of woman. I have a thing for sexy blonds. But then again, who doesn’t?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet