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Anais Zanotti Bikinis On The Beach In Miami

French model and sexy person Anais Zanotti looked incredibly hot in a teeny tiny bikini on Miami Beach. Her massive jugs could barely be contained by the paltry fabric of the bikini top. The result is a massive amount of sideboob and underboob. You get a real preview of the whole show. Her French pastries sure look delicious, if you get my meaning. What I'm saying is that her boobies are extraordinary. The bikini bottoms also show off almost the entirety of her perfect curvy booty. I like her butt quite a bit. Unlike a lot of models with flat derrieres, Anais has just the right amount of junk in her trunk. As the great philosopher Sir-Mix-A-Lot once said, "My anaconda don't want none unless she's got buns, hun." Words to live by.

The unfortunate thing is that because she is French you just know she wants to whip that top off at the beach but isn't allowed to because of our prudish topless laws. Thanks a lot, government.

Ana Braga Bikini Body to Remember Returns to the Beach

I've come to take a strong liking to Ana Braga in her revealing bikinis. I'd like to think she looks upon me kindly as well. That might be wishful thinking on my part since she's rejected my last seventeen invitations for coffee. Maybe because I keep tagging with 'I percolate best in the bedroom'. You don't know until you try.

Ana and her unusually blond Brazilian bombshell body has become something of a preening fixture this past year in Miami. Every time I see her poking that thong clad booty skyward, I feel a smile coming on. At least, I shall refer to it as a smile when the police question me about the concerned parents seeing my reaction on the beach. There's nothing wrong with a healthy boner. It's really more personal than a Hallmark card and won't cost you $2.95. Ana, we must get together some time and do some bikini shopping. I'll wear my muzzle. Enjoy.

Rihanna Bikinis on a Yacht in Italy

Rihanna spent some time scantily clad in a black bikini on a yacht in Italy. The amazing thing about Rihanna is that she really doesn't like wearing clothes, which I appreciate. Her music I could take or leave but I do enjoy looking at her toned, thin, but curvaceous body. She's got a lovely perky set of ta-tas. And her booty is a treat. I wish that she would stop dating d-bags. You deserve better, Rih-Rih.

But that aside she is seriously hot. Of all the girl pop singers out there I think she's the sexiest. She can share my umbrella ella ella anytime.

Coco’s Ginormous Cans Are About To Make Landfall, Orange Thongs Stand No Chance

I know Coco and her big and bigger booty is not for everybody, though make no mistake, there certainly is enough for everybody. But if you happen to be a 'lots more cushion, for lots more pushin' kind of guy, then Coco's dramatic curves and shape probably get you into some kind of lather. I'm not sure her thong bottom isn't crying for help in some manner. Only there's no way we could hear it being smothered by her round mounds of reckless abounds. This is some pretty monumental territory.

Coco was flashing her front side boobside as well in Barbados, just to ensure that everybody within a couple degrees latitude got a peek at her sea-worthy vessels. I'm sure satellites in orbit didn't miss them either. It really is quite the show. Coco, I'll say this for you, you definitely leave your mark. Enjoy.

Lara Bingle Bikini Boobtastic Adjustment Time Is Always Fun Time

Oh, I don't know why I get so excited seeing a wicked hot model on the beach adjusting her perfect funbags in her bikini top. I just do. I used to ask my almost licensed psychiatrist, the esteemed almost Dr. LeMichael Refuttier, what my long list of fetishes, obsessions, and personal kinks meant. He told me it meant I was a pervert and then asked me for a $100 iTunes gift card so the IRS wouldn't find him. He meant well.

Lara Bingle truly is one fetching young Aussie lass. Seeing her on the beach in Hawaii touching and moving around her delicious chesty delights, well, it's just inspiring. I wish I were the bikini seller so when she brings it back after vacation and tells me it didn't fit right, I'd insist that she show me. Then, after two hours of staring, I'd agree with her and offer her a refund. In kisses. Enjoy.

Nina Dobrev Bikini Fun Hot Body Times On a Motherf***ing Yacht

Why not start to cap the summer vacation season off with even more super hotties in bikinis on luxury vessels parked for play time in the Mediterranean. As you know, one of my few pet peeves in life is my inability to yet afford a sea worthy vessel that would induce and or trick various sextastic models and actresses onto my yackt for bikini play time. I feel like I'm getting closer, but progress is measured in cents rather than dollars, so my time horizon might be longer than I think.

Nina Dobrev took her last few days of summer break off off the coast of Spain, showing off her fine female lady vampire form in a little black bikini that complemented her curvy body in a manner that I would compliment it if I were wooing her on my own ship. Nina really is one of those consistently amazing looking Tinsel Town residents who doesn't get enough praise for all the smiles she brings to men and boys. So, today, Nina, I salute you all over. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Models Bikinis for Mambo, I Feel Snake Bit In My Sensitive Areas

Go figure. Danish Delight Nina Agdal looks outright amazing in yet another bikini line pimping catalog shoot. Almost as if she was born to look stellar in tiny two pieces and convince millions of women they can achieve the same look for a cool fifty bucks or so.

The theme of this shoot seems to be totally darn happy. And why wouldn't you be super happy if you looked like Nina Agdal in a bikini, or got the chance to leer at her in a bikini. She's like walking sunshine. If you really wanted to give sunshine a tongue bath. Enjoy.