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Anais Zanotti Blue Bikini Booty to Die For In Miami

Anais Zanotti is putting on a display this bikini season in Miami that has to put her wicked hot bottom and all over bikini body goodness right near the top of any Zagat list reviewing hot tasty thumper along South Beach.

Anais chose a turquoise blue today to tease and taunt and preen and promenade in all kinds of hot bendy positions on the beach. Blue certainly worked for me, as well as the appropriate hue descriptor for a certain part of the sensitive anatomy after ogling Anais in her bikini for too long. She really is a French transplanted treasure on our shores.We ought give her an award of some kind. Perhaps some kind of merit badge that sticks to freshly waxed areas of the body. I'll pin it on gently. Oh, Anais, you're making my quite crazy. Enjoy.

Poppy Delevingne Wet Bikini Delights in Ibiza

Poppy Delevingne traveled in the footsteps of her British brethren or sisteren and showed off her summer time body in the South of Spain for everyone to leer and gasp and delight in views of the socialite and model and older sister of Cara flashing her slender au natural goodness.

The Brits invade the South of Spain this time of year, bringing with them their fish pies and pale skin in need of some closer to the equator time in the sun to unfurl in full faptastic form. Something like that. Mostly I just like seeing Poppy pop out of the water all drippy and hot. I could see her walking the runway in my fashions, primarily consisting of sheer panties and a tiny top that says My Heart Belong to Bill. Yes, I've been sewing. Enjoy.

Amy Willerton Bikini Sextastic and Shiny for FHM

They don't just hand out those Miss Universe Great Britain titles you know. You have to be pretty damn smoking hot. Amy Willerton certainly met that complicated standard when she represented her nation at the Miss Universe pageant. Now, she's representing enticing female forms in her bikini on the pages of FHM magazine. The photos might be a bit glossified, but they are quite reflective of Amy's inherent good looks and that killer body we've seen working out around London before.

Someday, I'd like to be able to utter the phrase, 'Oh, yeah, my girlfriend was in the Miss Universe pageant, thank you for asking'. I mean, utter it and it not be a total fabrication. Any country will do really. I'm so open to international romance. It makes it much easier to use my various fake names. Like Rogers Hammercock as I do when traveling in the Southeast of Asia. Though Amy Willerton would also do quite nicely. Just look at her bikini body. I'd never forget an anniversary, darling, not the first two at least. Call me on your silly English phone. I'll be waiting. Enjoy.

Alex Gerrard Bikini Pictures Rolling Multi-Bikini Vacation Hotness in Ibiza

You know who's having one helluva time in Ibiza? Alex Gerrard and her wicked hot bikini body. I guess everybody else on the beach ogling the MILFtastic WAG are also having quite the time as the showstopper delivers yet another day and another bikin of sextastic body show.

In my next life, I'm coming back as a soccer player. A good one naturally; good enough to merit the likes of making Alex Gerrard my bride. I was thinking maybe the guy who cures cancer or the President or a single gentle rose, but, no, I'm going with soccer player. Just look at Alex Gerrard and tell me you're not pushing for the same. Enjoy.

Ashley Benson Topless Bikini Candids! Pretty Little Funbags Not So Little in Hawaii


What Spring Breakers couldn't quite deliver, well, all good things come to those who sit and wait, with a big screen TV and some homemade jerky, naturally. The righteously sextastic Ashley Benson topless and bikini top unfurled in all her wicked hot glory. It's moments like these when getting up before noon each day truly seems worthwhile.

We saw Ashley and her Pretty Little Liars co-star Shay Mitchell strutting about the 50th state in their bikinis on holiday. Apparently Ashley decided to go for a little au natural sun tanning of her stellar boobtastic and was caught by a man with a camera who deserves one of those medals important people pass out. Or at least whatever he charge me for these photos. Oh, my, just look at those funions.

Ashley Benson has been on my list of Hollywood hotties I've been dying to see topless. Consider that BIll's bucket list. Today I happily check off Ashley Benson. I think I hear the angels sing. Enjoy.

Kelly Gale Bikini Modeling for H&M Delivers Your Indian Girl Chesty Hotness

We don't see enough sextastic girls of Indian descent on these here pages. I say that more out of sadness than any regret on my part for not doing my job properly. I know I don't, I just don't have any regrets about that. Simply put, Indian girls have not made enough inroads into major modeling work as I suspect they will in the near future. In the case of sultry hot and chesty sweet Kelly Gale, her Indian roots come by way of Australia where she's a hot commodity in the bikini and lingerie modeling world and now officially a part of the Victoria's Secret stable of the sextastic.

Kelly brings her seemingly endless amount of boobtastic talents to the current H&M swimwear catalog, showing off her alluring looks and a body that could wipe out a beach full of gentleman oglers with just one sashay. Wow, Kelly Gale is most definitely a keeper. I suspect we will be seeing much more of Kelly in the near future. Hopefully that more includes even more skin. Kelly, that body needs to be unleashed! Enjoy.

Michelle Hayden Bikini Paddle Boarding In Maui

The lovely Michelle Hayden took some much needed R&R from being professionally hot with a paddle boarding adventure in Maui. Lucky for us she decided to do it while wearing a tiny white bikini. Michelle has what I call a Goldilocks rack. It's not too big or too small but is just right. Her ta-tas are perfectly displayed for our viewing pleasure. There is some lovely cleave with a splash of sideboob. The bottoms also show off her tremendous booty and thighs. I am a thigh man through and through and I appreciate a good pair. Michelle is nicely toned throughout. I'm not entirely sure what paddle boarding is. It just looks like rowing yourself around on a surfboard to me. I'm not sure I "get" it. Whatever it is it seems to be working to keep her in redonkulously good shape.

This Maui sounds like a magical place full of palm trees, hot ladies, and weird paddle sports. Maybe I can convince Egotastic to send me there on a fact finding mission. You know, for work.