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Ana Braga Bikini Body Sextastic Pinks Out Along the Shore in Miami

When Ana Braga slips into her various sherbet colored bikinis for an extensive round of hot bodied Brazilian blonde goodness on the beach in Miami, I slip into something resembling a catatonic leering state. I really do admire her for so many reasons, most especially those reasons I would grope uncontrollably with my two hands and various other attachments if Ana were simply to give her permission. A simple yes, a node, or something in Brazlian that translates roughly to, fine, I feel so sorry for you, you have three minutes, but no more. I'd take it all.

Ana, whatever your formula for preening posing bikini allure, it's working. I wouldn't change a thing. Well, you could lose the bikinis altogether, though I do fear for the children of American who will be forever damaged were they to see a human female breast before eighteen. The horror! Ana Braga, the hotness! Enjoy.

Yara Khmidan’s Hot Bikini Bod And Other Fine Things TO Ogle

Yara Khmidan in a bikini will make your day. (Hollywood Tuna)

Kim Kardashian wears a cutout dress and shows off her funbags. (Huffington Post)

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Coco's booty looks amazing in a red leather bustier. (The Superficial)

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The Texans' cheerleaders combat cancer with boobies. (Busted Coverage)

Melissa Rummells Bikini Pimping That Hard Water in Malibu

I'll say this for this non-existent mysterious bottled water company, they surely have introduced a solid dose of bikini hotness to the shores of Malibu, including today's entry, Melissa Rummells, who is posing, preening, and purposefully teasing you with her sweet bikini body for the purposes of getting you all hot and bothered and in need of expensive bottled water. Fair enough.

I officially give Melissa the Bill Swift stamp of approval, which unlike traditional stamps I actually lick after applying to the intended destination. Melissa, if you see a creepy looking man in a postal uniform who doesn't quite fit those quaint shorts, please, don't run. I just want to say hello and invite you to spend the rest of your life modeling bikinis and lingerie for me in my kingdom slash walk-up studio apartment. I'd even buy your overpriced water keep everything kosher. Let's discuss. Enjoy.

Caitlin O’Connor Bikinis at Midnight in Santa Monica

Hot model Caitlin O'Connor is the latest to get the midnight L.A. beach shoot treatment from Caitlin showed her tremendous day and night talents in a bikini in front of the Santa Monica pier with the Ferris Wheel turning like my lust strings in the background.

I've been to the Santa Monica pier a few times and never quite seen anything as memorable as Caitlin O'Connor showing off her twins luck of the Irish in a bikini. I must have been looking in the wrong places. Also, I was pretty high on cotton candy. Caitlin, if you can let me know the next time you'll be hanging out seaside at midnight, I'll be sure to take an afternoon nap so I can stay up to join you. Unlike yourself, I do need my beauty sleep. Enjoy.

Abigail Ratchford Bikini Pictures at Midnight, What a Way To Turn The Clock

Thanks to Ego friend Garry from who somehow convinced hot girls to hit the beach at midnight in Malibu for some outrageously hot dark evening visual wonderments of their stupendous bikini bodies. Case in point, in points, dark and bodacious and amazingly hot bodied Abigail Ratchford who took to the sandy shores of Baywatch as the clock struck twelve to show off her stellar female form.

You may recall that Abigail Ratchford has been dubbed the hottest girl from Pennsylvania since Deborah Read, yeah, Ben Franklin kind of scored, though Abigail can lay claim to a much greater range of exhibition tools and the bikinis enabling such shows of boobtastic. Oh, to be living in the 21st century on the Internet. These are blessed times indeed. Though thanks for the electricity and such, Ben. Enjoy.

Michelle Lewin Bikini Boobtastic Booty Beach Everything Time.

Well, I think it's official. I like every single thing about Michelle Lewin. The visible parts at least which I think I have almost entirely covered off in the model I'm building in my libido. She really is a golden top mountain that every man should wish to climb simply because she's there. Though that sounds kind of objectifying. I would most definitely like to get to know Michelle better as a person, I mean, once we're completely physically and emotionally exhausted from sensual activities from dawn til dusk for two weeks straight.

The competition on Miami Beach for visual stare time is rough. But Michelle Lewin with that bodacious racktastic and that nut-cracking power thumper, she's going to strain many a neck. A happy strained neck indeed. Michelle, please, whatever it is you're doing, just do it more. Don't change a thing. Enjoy.

Jessica Biel Bikini Pictures Strutting in Hawaii, A Rare Biel Bikini Appearance!

Depending on which gossip rag you read, hopefully mine, Jessica Biel is either pregnant, on the rocks with Justin Timberlake, both, or neither. I do know that she's certainly one of my all-time hottie favorites. And I would say based on how traditionally fit Jessica is, the extra bit of curves does seem to indicate somebody to to her womb with their reproductive intentions. But I can't say anything for sure. And I'd hate to start a panic.

So I'd suggest we all just take a breath and collectively ogle the rarely seen bikini body of Jessica Biel, a little slice of seventh heaven hot lady goodness, and imagine how nice it'd be to spend an afternoon healing her sunburns on the lanai while she softly purrs. At least, that's how it goes in my mind. I can actually hear the purrs. Oh, Jessica, stop, I'm just getting to your straps. Enjoy.