Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Jugular Fun Time in Miami

Victoria Silvstedt truly is one of those miracles of superior genes and a touch or three of modern science. This statuesque former Playmate of the Year just keeps on keeping on in the hot bodied bikini category, lending her female form talents to the very lucky gentleman oglers of Miami Beach. Now, you may have to censor your own dreams to the fact that Victoria isn’t perhaps general available for chatting up, unless you own say a steel company or at least a Ferrari made from it, however, leering at her impressive blonde and tan all over curves remains completely gratis.

The competition along the strip of sand on the shores of Miami for two-piece swimsuit dominance remains as fierce as ever. We’re only now really getting into the high season that is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, drawing ridiculously fine bodies from all four corners of the globe. Rest assured that Victoria Silvstedt knows they’re coming. Rest assured she’s ready. Okay, now stop resting. Enjoy.

Jessica Davies Topless Selfies a Sextastic Salv for a Mammarial Monday

Jessica Davies Topless Bikini Selfies
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I firmly, but tenderly believe that boobs can save the world. Funbags are designed for two explicit purposes. To engender mating and calm nerves. I don’t see what other types of medicines or cures we could ever need as a people. Sedate and calm and making many babies. That’s how I imagine Utopia, you know, provided I’m heavily involved in that reproductive process and primarily with girls as fine and as buxom bodacious as Jessica Davies, kind enough to provide peeks at her sweet blessed peaks from within arms lengths.

Selfies really have become a double edged sword. There are the constant and tired mugs of your friends on Facebook and Kris Jenner, then there are hallelujah for technology moments like Jessica flashing her own hooters. I suppose that is the nature of all inventions and innovations, they can be used for good or bad. Jessica, these are very very good. Enjoy.

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Natalie Pinkham Bikini Preggo Wet and Alluring Down Barbados Way

You know of my penchant for the hot ladies with child. Just my thing and a couple other million folks. Bear with us as we indulge in the curvaceous goodness of British sports reporter Natalie Pinkham on baby to be holiday in Barbados still in her rather showy bikini. Outside of her burgeoning lovely bulges, Natalie’s in faptastic shape for the supporting of such a tiny bit of swimwear along the Caribbean shores. The fecund nature of her female form all the more alluring in my own opinion. She’s going to need back rubs and front rubs to keep that body in shape for the work ahead. I gladly volunteer.

I used to care what people thought of my personal predilections of the opposite and much more sextastic gender. Less so now that I’ve taken to heart my own philosophy that the heart wants want the boner points to. Something like that, only I need to rephrase it probably before it makes Bartlett’s. Enjoy.

Amber Heard Sexy In GQ Russia And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Amber Heard has a bikini Marilyn Monroe thing going that’s got me going. (Drunken Stepfather)

It’s the ultimate showdown: Khloe or Kim Kardashian‘s booty. (TMZ)

Angelina Jolie looks amazing in a low cut lace dress. (Huffington Post)

Hailey Clauson gets the uncle Terry treatment. (Hollywood Tuna)

Miley Cyrus in tight tights is a good thing. (Popoholic)

This video from Wang Wong Rollin is both hot and weird. (Dlisted)

Eugenia Kuzmina in body stocking? Yes, please! (COED)

Claudia Romani Magical Snorkeling Thumper! I May Not Survive This

I’m not sure just how much more teasing I can take from my future betrothed behind as attached to the hot Latin model Claudia Romani. Every day it seems a new bounty of asstastic thong clad beach pics. And now this. That killer tush snorkeling in the waters off of Miami. An epic derriere rising and falling with the ocean current like a heavenly Neptune’s creation.  If I were a manatee, I’d be trying to mate with that hot thing. That would be magical.

Claudia, someday, when you and I and that thumper are together in a manner recognized by the courts, by our families, and by a magazine that pays for the photos, we shall snorkel together. I will not actually require a mask or a bathing suit now that I think about it. I will not be looking at the fish, I assure you. So damn booty hot! Enjoy.

Brina Chantal Bikini Natural Wet Hotness for the Pimp Water

Those folks at the creepy bottled water factory simply won’t stop. It’s almost some kind of addiction they have to taking pretty girls in bikinis or less along the Malibu shoreline and filming them hoisting their bottles of water. It can’t possibly be merely a marketing ploy. Nobody needs that many promotional photos. It has to be a great way to meet ridiculously hot women and get them splashing into the water half-nekkid. I wish they’d just admit that. I’m pretty certain I’d respect them more.

Brina Chantal is an L.A model with brunette locks, a naturally lean fine female form for those of you clamoring for such nature made goodness, and a desire to get herself as moist as possible for her smiling pimping bikini shoots. Sounds like an A-grade to me. A-plus would require just a bit more of a show. Still, better than any score I ever received K-12. Good on you, Brina. Though you will still have to stay after class to discuss your future. Enjoy.

Michelle Lewin Thong Thumper Extravaganza in the Miami Beach Frontier

The competition for best butt on Miami Beach is a rigorous, if not nearly deadly battle for thumper supremacy. So many fine women in so many tiny bikinis vying for the informal title of Miami Asstastic. The amount of hours and sweat and determination and blessed genes that goes into even being near the top, well, it’s unimaginable nearly. I say nearly because I imagine it so very often myself.

Michelle Lewin must be considered in and around the Heisman Trophy finalist category in the department of the killer tush in thong. Her bottom side, her all over sides, well, they just exude a passion inducement that is nearly impossible to resist. When she preens and poses and stretches her fitness yoked body on the beach, at least a dozen gentleman oglers require CPR immediately on the spot. Now that is power. Enjoy.