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Devin Brugman Looking Sexy In A Black Bikini

Model and "A Bikini A Day" creator Devin Brugman was looking 'smack yo mama hot' in Miami Beach. She wore a small black bikini that showed off her ginormous ta-tas magnificently. Devin has a pretty spectacular pair of funbags and it's my job to know these things. The bikini is so low cut that the cleavage it creates is un-effing-believable. You don't just see Devin's breasts you "behold" them for they are spectacular. As if that wasn't enough you also get a low cut bikini bottom that gives an almost full view of her redonkulous booty. What I like about Devin is that she's curvy in all the right places. My grandfather always told me that you can never trust a woman with a flat butt. These are words to live by, my friends.

Devin is a big promoter of the bikini as an emblem of a certain fun, relaxed, jet set life that makes the world a better place for everyone. I didn't know that the bikini needed advocacy work. If that's the case then we here at Egotastic deserve a humanitarian medal.

Natasha Oakley Bikini Hot Body and Overbite Madness Continues in Miami

Yes, I'm aware that Natasha Oakley has a boyfriend. I took precious time cutting him out of all these photos so I didn't have to see his stupid lucky bastard face. But boyfriends are just friends who are boys until the next better one comes along. Might I recommend a guy who sits on his ass and drinks beer eight to twelve hours a day? I am currently 'it's complicated' in my own relationship.

Natasha Oakley and her killer body and that devious overbite which haunts me in my NC-17 dreams swished and swayed and created tidal waves of passion along the South Florida shoreline once more. Even the manatees were getting boners. That's saying something. Those slippery bastards are pretty picky. Someday, I know, Natasha and I will be bikini shopping together and laughing at the fact we never got together before. She'll be laughing, I'll be crying for all the wasted seconds of my life not in her tender but firm clutches. Enjoy.

Ann-Kathrin Brommel Bikini Hotness Is the Real World Cup Victor’s Trophy

I keep kicking myself reminding myself that I had intended to become a world class soccer player when I was a child. Or, you know, football player since I was born in the U.S..  Still, just look at the golden riches you receive for being a World Cup hero like Mario Gotze of Germany. A luscious delicious and all-around crazy hot bikini girlfriend like Ann-Kathrin Brommel.

Ann-Kathrin gained instant notoriety when she ran onto the field to kiss Martin right after Germany had secured World Cup victory. I presume she'll gain even more notoriety as we ogle her crazy hot body over the coming weeks and months. Oh, to be young and a famous athlete. Or just a famous athlete. Or just own a sports team I suppose. Nobody runs onto the field to kiss a pale blogger. Insert sad face. Enjoy.

Lena Headey Bikinis At The Beach In Ischia

Cersei mean Lena Headey took some time off from scheming and banging her TV brother to bikini at the beach of the Regina Hotel in Ischia. Lena chose a tiny black bikini that shows off the crown jewels. There is some great cleavage shots of her glorious ta-tas as well as her amazing booty. She's got a pretty tight stomach and a nice cut at her hips. Lena is the definition of keeping it tight. She's one of the hottest forty year old actresses in Hollywood. Lena has a pretty redonkulous body which is sadly too often covered in medieval gowns on Game of Thrones. With all the nudity on that show, it's never her that gets nekkid. It's a damn shame.

That's why I liked her as Sarah Conner in Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. She was often scantily clad on that show. Plus she got to shoot Terminators.

Lindsay Lohan Bikini Boat Makeout Photos

Well, Lindsay Lohan certainly did her best to avoid the long arm of the paparazzi lens, but she wasn't quite out to sea at her Italian resort far enough to escape the clutches our of visual monitors who snapped her as best they could looking mighty fine in her white bikini and making out with some dude. The last part being less unusual than the first.

Anyhow, keep yourself LiLo informed and check out Lindsay Lohan Bikini Makeout Pictures on a watercraft on WWTDD. It's sort of like seeing Lindsay through beer goggles, which is kind of sweet. Enjoy.

Devin Brugman Bikini Pictures For Your White Hot and Tanned Boobtastic Body Needs

This morning we saw Natasha Oakley, now her partner in sextastic bikini crimes Devin Brugman prancing about Miami in a hot white bikini. The two girls are besties and run their bikini business together, which only makes me want to be their not so silent partner in the company. I could certainly assess which bikinis make the most sense for which girls based upon a visual inspection as well as the scratch and sniff testing I'm famous for.

For instance, I'd say Devin Brugman's white bikini is just about perfect on her. Not as perfect as it would be off of her, but we're not selling the Emperor's New Clothes here. We're selling bikinis. And Devin's body with that amazing boobtasic and hand-holding booty is made for selling. I am so so ready to buy. These girls just kill me. Enjoy.

Lea Michele Bikinis Poolside In Santa Barbara

Glee star and hot person Lea Michele took some time off from singing Journey songs on the show to display her amazing bikini body. Lea wore a small white bikini that showed off all of the goodies. Her ample ta-tas were barely covered by the top which gave us a nice view of her cleavage and just a hint of sideboob. Lea is in really amazing shape and you can tell by the redonkulous cut of her hips as they head down to her hoo-ha. This is an unappreciated bit of the female anatomy which is particularly appealing if it is as toned and muscular as Lea's is. It's a shame that on Glee they put her in these frumpy outfits that don't show off her amazing body. I guess that's what happens when you set a show in Ohio and then New York. It's hard to justify people running around in bikinis.

That's why any show with hot people needs to be set somewhere hot or at least mild like California or Miami. That is one of Jack's rules of TV production: whenever possible, put 'em in a bikini.