Phoebe Price Captain of the Bikini Dog Walkers Club

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bill-swift - July 6, 2017

There are three certainties with a Phoebe Price sighting in Hollywood. First, her dog. Second, a hat. And third, somebody will be taking photos of the now 40-something fame thirsty exhibitionist in something entirely inappropriate for public display. A bikini not so bad on the Phoebe Price scale. Albeit there's no a body of water within four miles. 

The ginger topped occasional reality show participant and near daily participant in the paparazzi shoot my booty game, took herself out in a tiny bikini that surely requires some work on her part to deserve wearing. Phoebe is no spring chicken, but the Alabama belle still keeps the motors running in the essential areas of ogle worthiness.

Phoebe never earns less than an "A" for effort, followed by some D cups for her full routine. It's easy to make fun of a woman who spend her days, years really, looking for attention half-dressed at best on the streets of Beverly Hills. I prefer to honor her with my sense of sight. The world could use a few million more Phoebe Price's hitting the pavement daily. We'd all be better off. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News