Bikinis Posts:

Fabiana Semprebom Goes Sempreboom! For Despi Swimwear

Oh, Brazil, the cradle of all things bikini hot. Another bestowed gift in the form of ten year veteran model hottie Fabiana Semprebom showing off in one pieces and two pieces for Despi Swimwear.

If Fabiana doesn't have the perfect female form for modeling bikinis, than I need to go back to my drawing board. Literally, I have a board where I sketch ladies bodies in swimsuits, or less, trying to sketch out my ideal. Not that there is one single ideal. There are a thousand. And Fabiana definitely fits more than one of them. Just so hot. I think I broke my pencil. Enjoy.

Constance Nunes Bikini Hotness Smolders in Red

Constance Nunes is rising big times on the charts of girls I would allow to sexually use me over the course of what will come to be known as the best weekend of my life. This 138 Water nonsense is bringing to light a whole bunch of supremely hot bikini models that we might otherwise miss were it not for this completely unjustifiable marketing campaign. Hey, it's not our money. Or mine, which I don't have in the first place. If somebody wants to bring out hottie after super hottie to flash their ridiculously fine and tanned female form in a bikini or less for commercial pimpitude, pimp on, my friends.

Constance, you are something really special. I can only hope the next gig you book requires just a little more indiscretion. What lies beneath that bikini is far more precious than any bottled H20. It's actually the secret to a happy and content life. If only it too could be bottled. Enjoy.

Kelly Bensimon Bikini Pictures Bring Out Her Inner Kitty

The former Real Housewives of New York or some other state star sure does bring a lot of bikinis with her on vacation. That's not a bad thing. In her mid-40's Kelly Bensimon still manages to work herself into the MILFs I'd love to friendly neighborhood boy roleplay with by bringing in her groceries and tasting her milk and cookies. Oh, yes, those cookies in particular look awfully sweet.

Kelly continues her extended beach vacation in Miami, racking up racktastic points with all the young men in the area learning to lust older ladies thanks to the likes of Kelly's boobtastic in her various colored two piece swimsuits. Think of her as an educator. Or just a naughty teacher as I am right now. She does make my imagination run a bit wild. Enjoy.

Kimberley Garner Bikini Top and Short Shorts Hotness on the Blades in Santa Monica

Whoa, Britty hottie Kimberley Garner with her naturally petite boobtastic and her sweet little booty is now on our own left coast on a pair of roller blades looking all kinds os passion inducing. For those of you who love the ladies lovely and pretty and as Mother Nature made them, you'd be hard pressed to find a better example of sextastic princess than Kimberley Garner. You start putting her in her little pink bikini tops and short shorts on wheels, and she suddenly turns into a vision of classic faptastic.

I'm all for incredibly hot looking ladies from around the world coming to a beach near me in their little exhibitionist get-ups and smiling and laughing and pretending I'm not staring directly at them like they're on fire. For, in my mind, they are burning hot. And I do stare. Because I'm a concerned citizen and somebody needs to check for safety hazards. Enjoy.

Camila Morais da Paz Bikini Perfection Candidly from All Sides in Miami

Oh, my, oh, my. What do we have here. Another Brazilian bikini model hottie strutting the shores of South Florida showing off her sextastic wares. Camila Morais da Paz isn't just another Brazilian bit of visual wonderment. She has talent galore in the good looking department. Not to mention just about perfect bikini body as far as I can tell from my candid perusing up and down her body these past thirty minutes. Damn you, Brazil, please don't make it stop.

Camila's whale tail belongs in the dictionary of epic bikini asstastic along with so many of her fine fellow country women. Must be something in the water that is making them all so wet, as it were. Enjoy.

Booty! LeAnn Rimes Flashes Her Cans in a Bikini Bottom on the Beach in Malibu

For all the gossip and rumors and innuendo about LeAnn Rimes these days, I like to focus on just the positive, namely, her shapely bottom in a bikini. Life can be super simple if you just narrow your perspective to what really matters, like nice rumps on the sextastic celebrities of your choosing. And LeAnn has added a few lbs. since her leaner days and her bottomside is much richer for it.

While LeAnn kept her top on at the beach, she did flash some sweet cheeks in her bikini bottom getting in and out of her various vehicles, showing off the asstastic of a woman I'd love to have ask me to check her thumper for sand after a day on the beach. She might be kind of crazy, but I might be kind of crazy in lust with her seat bottom. There's always a way to find a happy connection. Enjoy.

Lauren Stoner Bikinis in Green for The Holiday Named After Stoners

Now that everybody and their mother are legally smoking pot, it's not nearly as cool as it used to be. In fact, people aren't even smoking any more, they're vaporizing in their suits at their corporate jobs. How un-rebel is that? Let's be honest, making stuffing normal and legal makes it kind of boring. I still love a beer, but it never tasted better than when you had to convince somebody's older brother or the guy in the alley way to buy it for you. There's pleasure in the effort.  And speaking of pleasure in the effort, hot bikini bodied Lauren Stoner did whip out her green bikini for the annual April 20th herbalists day of celebration, When you're name is Stoner, you can't exactly escape this particular holiday, even in Florida which will probably be the single last state in the nation to make the dank lawful.

I'd invite Lauren Stoner to every beach party I ever hosted. Also, I'd invite nobody else. When she shows up I'll pretend everybody else is just really late. I'll also pretend I'm not staring directly at her hot booty and bikini body. I will fail on both fronts, but for five minutes, it'll be the best party I ever threw. Enjoy