Bikinis Posts:

Anais Zanotti Bikini Body Curves Galore on Miami Beach

Anais Zanotti has a lot of lady body to work with, and she doesn't seem content on anything that might cover it up. Just the tiniest of bikini tops and thongs for the French stunt woman and model who routinely now provides some of the best curves on the beach in the most competitive Miami landscape.

Sure, anyone can strap on a tiny two pice, but how many girls can confidently pose and preen every single part of their body knowing the cameras are on them without so much as a visual misstep. Anais has some serious exhibitionist skills. I sure would like to be her SPF-boy, rubbing in the salve every couple of hours to ensure protection then completely eschewing protection later in the evening. That's the inherent irony of being the SPF-boy that I dig so much. Enjoy.

Constance Nunes Bikinis Up Against One Lucky Rock in Malibu For Continued Water Pimping

Look, somebody's got to be pimping this pricey glamorous water. Why not a bevy of bikini clad beauties like Constance Nunes flashing all kinds of sextastic appeal on the beach in Malibu. The more she preens, the thirstier I get. Though that desire is hardly for water, that's a useless substance in the face of tanned hot skin, of which Constance appears to have more than plenty to go around.

I'm not exactly sure why you need dozens and dozens of half-nekkid photoshoots to promote your bottled water. I'm quite sure even the big boys only do a couple of those a year. But if seeing ridiculously hot women like Constance Nunes flaunting their bodies is what it takes to sell a four pack, who am I to argue? Enjoy.

Alessia Tedeschi In An Animal Print Bikini In Miami

Alesia Tedeschi is looking fine as F in a very small animal print bikini. The beauty was vacationing in Mexico when she chose the tiniest most animalistic bikini she could find. Allesia's breasties look fantastic surrounded by animal print. It's almost like we are living in caveman days and she's got her love jugs swathed in a fur her hunter man killed for her. I'm pretty sure, however, that cavewomen never had thong bikini bottoms like she does. They accentuate her perfectly tanned and firm behind. In a couple of the pictures you can see wet sand clinging ever so tenderly to her pants meat. Oh, to be a grain of sand on that derriere...

I just thought of how I'm going to make a lot of money. I'm going to go to Miami and open a bikini store. It's all anyone seems to wear down there. I'm like one of five Cubans who isn't in Miami anyway so it works out.

Heidi Klum Goes Topless Again in Mexico


Legendary supermodel Heidi Klum decided to go topless in Mexico for the second day in a row. I told you yesterday about the Germanic beauty letting it all hang out while on vacation with her boyfriend Vito Schnabel. Well, she didn't let the press commenting on it deter her one bit from unleashing her flesh puppies again. Heidi seems totally at ease just hanging out with her breasteses flopping around in full view of all of her fellow beach goers. You have to respect that kind of self confidence. Then again I would probably feel that comfortable with my body if I had been acclaimed as one of the most beautiful people of the last twenty years. The best I ever got was a, "You look alright" from my mom when I went to the prom.

Hopefully Heidi will extend her vacation so we'll get a few more days of topless Mexican fun. Rest assured, if her naked chesticles hit the air we'll report back to you.

Rachel Bilson Bikinis Poolside In Cancun

Actress and sexy person Rachel Bilson took a break from her busy schedule to lounge poolside in a tiny bikini. Rachel was in Cancun on vacation when these pics were snapped. Her bikini leaves little to the imagination, which is good because my imagination isn't that great anyway. Her luscious lady mounds are just barely covered by a thin strip of cloth. What's also nice is that her bikini bottoms show us just the right amount of cheek on both sides without resorting to full on butt flossing. Her booty is like a pint of ice cream, firm and fully packed but creamy and silky smooth. Seeing Rachel must have been a welcome surprise for all of the cheapskates vacationing in Cancun at the discount off-season rate. That's getting your money's worth.

Rachel is a beautiful girl and she almost made that Jumper movie with Hayden Christensen worth watching. Almost.

Serena Williams Shows Off Bikini Body In Miami

Tennis star Serena Williams took some time off the court to relax on the beach in a very small bikini. Not only is Serena one of the best tennis players around, she's also one of the hottest. I've often wondered how she can run up and down the court the way she does with those ample funbags on her chest. Looking at these pictures that was the first thing I thought of. Serena's famous booty was also in full view. All of that running around she does has toned it to perfection without diminishing its ample size. Let that be an important fitness tip for all the ladies: you want the butt to be firmer not disappear.

I don't really like watching tennis in general but I do like to tune in when Serena or Venus is playing. Something about a hot girl in a skimpy tennis outfit just does it for me.

Lina Posada Smoking Hot Bikini Shoot for Babalu Swimwear

Colombian model and professional sexy person Lina Posada is on (figurative) fire in this bikini shoot. She feels at home in these teeny weeny bikinis made by Colombian brand Babalu swimwear. I'd like to call your particular attention to the pic of her on all fours on the shore. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this one is worth about a bajilion. Her skin in the perfect combination of tan and creamy. It's like these dulce de leche and vanilla swirl treats I used to get at the Mexican supermarket back in Texas when I was a kid. Her chest is, for lack of a better word, spectacular. They should be bronzed and put in a museum.

I'm not sure what it is they put in the water down there in Colombia that makes women like Lina and Sofia Vergara possible. Maybe it's just a good genetic pool or perhaps it's the diet. Either way, I think I'm planning a fact finding mission down to Bogota to investigate.