Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Bosom Tops the CFDA Fashion Thingee

Oh, sure, there were plenty of hotties in attendance at the big CFDA Fashion Awards last night. Legendary names in hotness like Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Karlie Kloss, just to name a few of the smoking sextastic women flashing killer cleave and legs at the event.

But our top prize has to go to optical nerve disruptor extraordinaire, Sofia Vergara, who brought the big guns out to play last night. She was definitely firing from at least both cylinders.

Sofia Vergara has a history of owning red carpets, with last night being no exception. Extremely hot Latina sultry looks, that killer cleavage and wicked curvaceous body. It was all working. And when it does, there's simply nobody better. Enjoy.

Hayden Panettiere and Sofia Vergara Lead List of Good Looking Dignitaries at White House Correspondents Dinner

Granted, all politics is boring. My opinion. And anybody who's ever been a part of the Washington D.C. circle knows that those people are perhaps the only people on this planet more full of themselves and their insular lives than Tinsel Town vapid folk. But when you merge the two together for an evening, you are certain to get at least everybody looking their finest.

And how else are you going to get the likes of Hayden Panettiere, Sofia Vergara, Katy Perry, Morena Baccarin, and Irina Shayk all together to talk politics? You can't. At least not in a forum where they'll sit mostly quietly and just look hot. So, kudos to the Washington press corps for this accomplishment. And for letting us peek in. Enjoy.

Sofia Vergara Chesty Hot Heat

I'd follow Sofia Vergara to the ends of the earth, which most definitely includes down to New Orleans where the busty hot Colombian actress and model is filming Heat, in a tight sweater, a very tight sweater.

I haven't been tracking this new Jason Statham thriller so much, but that all changes now. I can only imagine the wardrobe selections for Sofia range from the tight to very tight to skin tight, top and bottom. Not that she doesn't have thespianic skills, but that's not why people are going to pay $15 for a movie ticket these days. It's the body. It's got to be the body. Enjoy.

Maria Menounos, Morena Baccarin, and Nina Dobrev Lead List of Hotties at the 2013 SAG Awards

Okay, time to get serious with Award Season. That annual time of year when Hollywood comes together for a self-congratulatory circle jerk of mirrored affection. Not sure how many other industries pack ten to fifteen major 'give yourself a pat on the back' ceremonies in the course of six weeks time, but when you're a celebrity, how can you be loved if you first don't love yourself?

Not that we're complaining, not when the super hotties make a strong showing at last night's SAG Awards, the thespian-on-thespian accolades that is considered one of the highest honors from within. So we give out our honors, to the ladies that looked the most ridiculously hot on the red carpet, and there were several, including Maria Menounos (who really isn't an actress, but who gives a damn), Morena Baccarin who has come to control the very blood flow in our appendages, Nina Dobrev, stellar brunette, Amanada Seyfried, Nordic girl of many Asgard naughty dreams, Jennifer Lawrence, a stage stealing voluptuous young beauty, Sofia Vergara, who ever delivers veteran caliente to the red carpet, Julianne Moore, who continues to be the veteran ginger we'd most like to discipline us, Lea Michele, who can be hit or miss, but was super hit last night. and Michelle Dockery, of Downton Abbey renown, flashing serious sideboob. All of these ladies and more all decked out in expensive triumph for your viewing pleasure.

And, oh yeah, some awards were given out and people thanked Aunt Myrtle and their agents, and then a few actors cried. Enjoy.

Amy Adams, Jessica Alba, Sarah Hyland, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Lead List of Hotties on the 2013 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet

Well, the big leagues of the collective celebrity circle jerk known as Awards Season kicked off this Sunday evening with the 2013 Golden Globe Awards dishing out trophies to people who just had to thank a bunch of producers and agents and the dude who washes their Bentley.

And while we have to give a generally 'tame' rating to the sextastic level at the actual event, when you have such a massive gathering of sweet looking thespianics, you're going to find some serious lovely toy things to leer at one the red carpet, including our very favorites this year, Amy Adams, Jessica Alba, Sarah Hyland, Sofia Vergara, Halle Berry, Taylor Swift, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Heidi Klum. And a bunch others too, so check out the entire gallery of the girls whose $10K dresses we'd like to rip from their bodies and give them an award of our own. Enjoy.

Sofia Vergara Cleavetastic Swimsuit Photos Leave Us Feeling Tingly in Our Miami Regions

Oh, Sofia Vergara, how do I lust thee, let me count the ways. Hmm, only got to two before it was time to lay down the plastic mats lest we have a complicated explanation for the carpet cleaning crew, and those first two reasons, among others, were very much on display as the wicked hot Modern Family star showed off her fine 40-year old Colombian form on the beach in Miami.

Amid reports of a tumultuous spat-filled New Year's Eve with her new fiance and long time boyfriend, Some Rich Dude in Florida, Sofia appears to be handling the domestic disturbance by doing what hot girls do best in times of trouble, strapping on something form fitting and low cut and hitting the beach. It's a solution for every problem, including our problem of never getting to see enough Sofia Vergara.

You may recall that one of my 2013 New Year's resolutions is to bed this amazingly hot Latina thespianic. While the high street bookmakers have those odds currently pegged at a thousand to none, the very inspiration of Sofia flashing her sweet body cleave so early in the year simply triples my resolve to know well the territories of Vergara land and thusly plant the Egotastic! flag. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Emily Ratajkowski Topless, Heather Graham Nekkid, Kesha Nipple Slip, and Much Much More…


Why not go out with a bang? What's the opposite? A whimper. While we've been known to make that sound in front of a lady, generally right after uttering statements such as 'Okay, how about just your bra?', well no way we're not having one whiz bang episode of Reader Finds for the final such celebrity skin-filled hodgepodge of 2012. It's been a good year, thanks to all of you.

This 52nd week of the year's Reader Finds includes Vulcan hottie Jolene Blalock in see-through wet-tshirt by Randall Slavin (kudos times infinity to EgoReader 'Rob'), cleavy Jordan Carver eating ice-cream in the pool (thanks to 'Paul'), Swedish model Mona Johannesson quite topless and Alice Eve topless in Crossing Over (double blessings to 'David M.'), some early see-through hot Aida Yespica swimsuit photos (courtesy of EMac and, Sofia Vergara nekkid with a gorilla (odd, but hot contribution from 'Norman C.'), Maureen McCormick swimsuited up for classic Fantasy Island episode (old schooled up by 'Roger W.'), Georgie Darby quite shiny nekkid and playful (contributed by 'Torbe'), Kesha nip slip stills from her Die Young music video (package delivered by 'Adam'), Anne Hathaway teasy hot for Glamour January 2013 (discovered by explorer 'Joey G'), Lady Gaga covered nekkid in a Nick Knight photoshoot (among us thanks to 'Dan'), Anna Friel cleavy in Pushing Daisies promoshoot (served up by 'Raymund'), Ali Landry in classic bikini hot shoot from Barry Hollywood (we bow down to 'Almanz' for this glorious find), Emily Ratajkowski topless for Olivia Malone photoshoot (thousand Internet points to 'Davey'), Swedish hottie Elsa Hosk topless for Tobias Lundkvist photoshoot (tusen takk to 'Benny'), more Swedish model toplessness from Emma Clare Gabrielsen (thank you kindly to 'Richard B.'), Sam Cooke topless in jeans by Frank White (ogle-worthy delight from 'Cohn'), Daria Werbowy nekkid supermodel hotness in Industrie magazine (good on you 'Stephen'), Heather Graham nekkid in Boogie Nights (kudos to 'AnaMarie'), Staci Noblett topless in 2010 Ketchup photoshoot (muchos thanks to 'Evan G.'), Latin TV hottie Gaia Bermani Amaral covered topless in Capital magazine (OMFG level hotness thanks to 'SayHey'), Belen Rodriguez nipple slip on Italian TV (gratitude up the wazoo to 'Jackson'), and Jodie Gasson and Melissa Debling playing topless for Christmas (ho ho ho to 'Devon').

Now that's a true smorgasbord of the sextastic! Enjoy.