Sofia Vergara Cleavetastic Beacons in Beverly Hills

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bill-swift - April 28, 2017

Sofia Vergara doesn't just have it, she owns it. And that "it" is the entirety of the male gaze locked in like a homing beacon on Sofia's sweet and sextastic body and those killer legendary funbags.

The hot Colombiana has been dazzling the ogling gentleman world for years and years now and only seems to be getting more alluring. In the very least, the healthy lady humps are ever on display, even in a simple shopping trip through the ritzy part of Beverly Hills shopping where I can't afford to even window shop. They spot me as a poser. They spot Sofia as a curvaceous Latina wonder. I bet they open doors for her. I would for sure. Especially the dressing room doors. Oh, those mammaries. Unleash! For the benefit of mankind. Unleash! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet