Sofia Vergara Takes Her Big Puppies Out on the Town

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bill-swift - April 21, 2017

Nobody knows allure of the Latina sultry hottie quite like veteran thespianic and model, Sofia Vergara. Sofia's rise to the top of the highest paid actress list in Hollywood is a tale of ambition, hard work, and one drop dead gorgeous body with curves in all the right places. There's also that part about knowing exactly how to use them.

Even in her Forties and Faptastic stage, Sofia hasn't pulled off the passion inducing reigns one bit. Out for a simple dinner but knowing the cameras are about, Sofia indulges her fans and faptastic ogling gentleman with a keen leer of her luscious melons for the love of all things round and uniquely feminine. If Sofia doesn't get your blood boiling, you need to check your pilot light. She's a walking and hot accented talking weapon of pure lust.

Oh, Sofia, take me to your secret dungeon and do horrible things to me. I have semi-decent credit and I've kept horrible secrets for decades. Please see if I have limits. Bring extra thongs. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet