January Jones is Bikini Girl.

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Echo Lawrence - May 8, 2020

With celebs at home, it is next to impossible to even document all their bikini pictures. They literally have nothing else to do, so they all seem to be acting like they are doing research for their next role as a Social Media personality. They've been left with their wifi connection, phones and a bunch of followers waiting for this, might as well give us what we want, while entertaining themselves!

Now I don't know if the Celebs will go back to acting, or if they will embrace how easy posting a bikini selfie is, I mean imagine January Jones launched and only fans instead of a low level instagram girl, the servers would blow up, her monthly income far greater than any TV show she's been on. Maybe embracing the internet like a commoner or a peasant is the answer! Plus they can get all those brand deals too. All it requires is bikini pics!!!

I don't know why she is troubled by the above photo, but I know that We aren't!!

In other news she is also a Dog Groomer Click the gallery for more!!

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