Sofia Vergara Booty In Tights Leaving The Gym In Beverly Hills

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bill-swift - October 9, 2014

The muy caliente Sofia Vergara was seen leaving the gym in Beverly Hills in a pair of very snug tights. By snug I mean it looks like someone tattooed her lower half with leopard print because surely no tights this constrictive should exist. But they do. Her incredible curvy figure was on full display. Sofia's booty is the kind of sexy that if I were a poet, I would compose a sonnet about it. I'd call it Ode to Sofia's Badonk. But, of course, it isn't all about her butt. With Sofia there is always those incredible funbags she has. They are maybe the best ta-tas on TV. Who can compare? I'm fairly certain that Sofia's ginormous piƱatas are the main reason that Modern Family is so popular. Add Sarah Hyland and Julie Bowen and you've got one sexy show. Plus it has Al Bundy.

I've often wondered how Sofia can even get around without falling over. She walks around with those sweater hams in defiance of all of the laws of gravity and physics.