Caylee Cowan’s Christmas Cookie Fiasco!

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Echo Lawrence - December 10, 2020

Caylee Cowan is getting into the Holiday spirit with a little cookie baking session at her house in LA this week. But in 2020, did you really bake cookies if you didn't take photos of it and post them to Instagram?

I don't know what went wrong with Caylee's recent cookie baking experience but she captioned the photos "Christmas Cookie Fiasco" and had flour, or icing all over her face and arms.

The cookies actually don't look too bad, aside from the fact that she's using Betty Crocker icing to decorate them and not homemade, ew. What looks even better than the cookies though is Caylee's backyard booty shot where she bares almost all while posing with her guitar - cause she's a musician, DUH. See those in the gallery!

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