Claudia Romani

Claudia Romani Thong Shower vs Lisa Opie Booty Stretching , Miami Is Full Of Squeezable Gifts

Talk about life’s little pleasures coming in pairs, how about four cheeks of goodness on the beach in Miami, hotties competing for hot bodied attention and making us their happy victims.

First up, Claudia Romani, whose sweet cheeks I am set to marry one day, but for now becoming quite wet and happy beneath an outdoor shower in Miami. My, oh, my how the killer tush inspires, close up, far away, or right down the middle.

Teeing up right behind Claudia is the incredibly hot bodied pageant girl Lisa Opie stretching and working out her top, bottom, and every bit of goodness in betwixt in various forms of revealing Spandex, lest anybody think she’s hiding anything. Nope, all the sextastic parts are showing and they are faptastic.

Naturally, I could never choose between two asstastic sweetheart brunettes with a penchant for exhibition. I am far too weak to make sure inexorably tough decisions. I just sit happily on the park bench with my binoculars watching the birds. They do have some fine bottoms these days. Enjoy.

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Claudia Romani Celebrates Her Birthday In A Thong

Italian hottie Claudia Romani is one of our favorites here at Egotastic and it’s easy to see why. She celebrated her birthday the way she celebrates every day: by being scantily clad. She wore a tiny white thong bikini that showed off her goodies. Her boobage is the first thing we notice because, you know, you can see it from space. Her melones are molto delicioso. I think I just mixed Spanish with Italian but that’s how excited this woman makes me. Then she turns around and bends over and mama mia, what a thumper! One of the many things I like about Claudia is how curvy she is. She’s definitely got a nice round butt and what my grandmother would call “baby making hips” but she’s still thin.

Claudia may be the perfect woman, no joke. I would put her body in a Pepsi challenge and she’d win against pretty much everyone.

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Claudia Romani Asstastic Bikini Pictures Showcase the Killer Tush

People laughed at me when I first announced I was going to marry the blessedly hot bottomside of Italian model Claudia Romani. Oh, how they had their chuckle. But who’s laughing now as my expressed affection for Claudia’s killer tush makes it’s way through the social progress that will ultimately allow me to raise the veil on those chicks and kiss them as my new bride.

Just to keep the engagement spicy, Claudia was flashing the shnozz out of her magical thumper in a tiny pink bikini in Miami. It’s hard to imagine the thrills galore felt by the simple act of my belusted raising her precious moon toward mother sun. A match formed in booty heaven. I really can’t stand this much longer. Claudia Romani derriere, we need to honeymoon but quick. Daddy’s getting idle hands. Enjoy.

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Claudia Romani Booty In Tiny Polka Dot Thong Bikini

Oh, Claudia Romani, will I ever tire of looking at you in a tiny bikini? No. The answer is no. It’s easy to see why. Claudia is one of the hottest models out there right now. Besides her pretty face she’s also in amazing shape. Just look at those abs for the love of Pete! But it is her ginormous ta-tas that I like. They are big and round and oh so perky. If Claudia were to do jumping jacks, I’m pretty sure her boobage would bounce like one of those high bounce balls you would get out of a gumball machine as a kid. But let’s not forget Claudia’s thumper, which is a true thing of beauty. What I like most about Claudia is that she has nice wide hips and an ample butt. No stick figure body for her, no sir.

Claudia lives in a world where hot chicks wear bikinis year round. It’s a magical place where boobs and butts are free to roam. I think it’s called Miami.

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Asstastic Claudia Romani Wants To Be Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and hot as F Claudia Romani wants to be your Valentine. In this shoot she posed in some lingerie and a big stuffed bear. The bra gave us some cleavage for the ages. Claudia has a spectacular pair of funbags of which I am a big fan. I always look forward to seeing those bouncing beauties on any bikini or lingerie spread. But it is her asstastic thumper that most excites me. She’s got a nice curvy bottom but her cheeks are firm and fully packed. She has the kind of booty that you want to marry and buy a house with so that you can see it every day. Seriously, I would sell my soul to Beelzebub just to touch that booty. And my touch I mean smack.

But lovingly, not rough. I’m not one of those Fifty Shades of Grey dudes that likes to whip chicks. Why would you do that to a hot girl?

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Claudia Romani Thong Selfie, Taylor Swift Bikini Sapphics, Lady Gaga Deep Yoga Bends Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Oh, my oh my. How the social media hot pics do fly. Around the digisphere and the interweb, with stops at my heart and my lower heart, being sure to say howdy and drop off some happy feelings. It really continues to amaze me how prolific the hottest ladies are with they and their buddy’s cameras with the subsequent desire to share their sextastic poses. It’s truly wonderful. Let us never forsake this gift.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Taylor Swift in a bikini with her bikini girlfriends, Lady Gaga going deep asstastic up yoga bends, Claudia Romani thong stylings, Kylie Jenner showing off her cleavage, Miley Cyrus in a bikini, Jessica Hinton in one damn fine bikini, and much much more. You owe it to however much you’re about to lose on the Super Bowl this weekend to check out each and every one of these amazingly candid skin filled photos. Enjoy.

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Claudia Romani Magical Thumper In See-Through Booty Shorts, Now That’s a Park!

As if going to the beaches in Miami wasn’t strain on the crotchal region enough, now just visiting the seaside parks can be something of a pleasant torture. Take for example Claudia Romani whose blessed killer tush will someday be my lawfully wedded booty. Oh, that bottomside on Claudia Romani, not the least bit hidden in this wonderful invention of see-through short shorts. I wouldn’t believe it if I weren’t seeing it for myself as we speak. err, leer.

There’s really nothing finer in this world than the perfectly alluring asstastic of a sextastic woman. Maybe the laughter and merriment of children. Naw, that’s kind of overrated now that I think about it. It’s definitely the asstastic. And with Claudia Romani, it’s so damn beautiful I feel tears welling up from deep down below. You’re no less a man for weeping at the sight of the magical thumper. Enjoy.

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