Claudia Romani and Daisy Jaemaking Have An, Um, Interesting Way Of Doing Yoga

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earl-jonas - June 24, 2019

Egotastic superstar Claudia Romani was recently joined by her sexy gal pal Daisy Jaemaking for some healthy beachside yoga, but we have to say, they're introducing poses that even we don't know about. And obviously we're the lifestyle and fitness experts. That's right. This is written by Julianne Hough.

Anyway as always the gorgeous and busty Claudia was simply trying to go about her business when the paps somehow caught wind of her presence on the beach. The Italian supermodel and reality tv starlet started her workout at the beginner level by posing in recognizable yoga configurations. But that was just child's play. She and Daisy kicked things up to a yoga ten by flaunting their bethonged booties while leaning seductively against a wall, and then by just rolling around in the sand next to a seaweed heart. Don't be intimated fellas. It takes years of practice to get this good at yoga. Ladies. Teach us.

Photo Credit: MEGA