Claudia Romani

Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures Take and Make the Cake in Miami

My dearly belusted killer tush bikini girl Claudia Romani opened up the New Year with a delightful view of her magical thumper and all over hot body, showing the international models just how things are done in Miami. The competition is so rough and tough for best booty and female form in bikini on the beach, it’s like watching an all-star game every single day. Only the top tier talent need apply. If you’re not working out daily and blessed with the superior genes I’ve only read about in magazines, you might as well stay home in sweats. This game separates the girls from the women.

Claudia, I intend to make virtual love to your booty throughout the coming year, hopefully in blissful matrimony, even understand that such a noteworthy oxymoron has never existed. This is a wonderful start. Enjoy.

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Merry Thong Bikini Thumper Christmas from Your Friends at Egotastic!

I truly hope you’re enjoying your holiday today. To think that even half of the sugar plum fairies dancing in your head last night turned into sextastic real angels in thong bikinis today, that is the Christmas dream. In honor of the holiday, we put together a little melange of beach booty from Miami this past year, thong exposed asstastics from some of the regular bottom side contributors in South Florida in 2014. Claudia Romani, Michelle Lewin, Coco Austin, and others. Consider it my frankincense for your libidos.

Merry Christmas from Egotastic!

Claudia Romani Is Sexy Santa And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Claudia Romani and Erika Tessarolo give me a yulelog in my pants with these sexy bikini santa pics. (COED)

Here is a sneak peek at the action in Mimi Faust‘s sex tape. (TMZ)

Edita Vilkeviciute shows off her girls in this topless spread. (Drunken Stepfather)

This is Jillian Beyor and these are her covered topless funbags. (Hollywood Tuna)

Marina Nery is young, hot, and what I want in my Christmas stocking. (Popoholic)

Jessica Simpson has some pretty fantastic legs. (The Superficial)

Britt Maren makes wearing sexy lingerie fun again. (Celebslam)

Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures Stiffen Christmas Resolve Across Miami Beach

Winter shminter. That’s what all the hot girls are saying in Miami as best bikini body competition heats up with total disregard for the winter solstice just days away. The weather outside may be frightful in your area, but in Miami, it’s bikini show off time, including the righteous rump of Claudia Romani splashing about in her blue bikini in the warm Souther state waters.

As you know, Claudia’s magical thumper and I are scheduled to be married some time in the coming year. No date certain as there are still some legal obstacles to overcome because of outdate laws. But make no mistake about it, the bridal booty to be is only temping me worse in the interim. I feel like one of those Duggar kids who has to wait for marriage for their first kiss. Only, I will kiss and tell all my tales of savage prurient passions with Claudia’s killer tush. It’s not gentlemanly to brag, but it still feels good. Enjoy.

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Claudia Romani Bikini Thumper Show on the Beach in Miami

There it is. The killer tush I can’t be away from for more than a few days without feeling a cold sweat coming over my body. This followed by a hot sweat about seeing the absolutely stellar bikini thumper on Claudia Romani, the buns of which shall someday be my lawful betrothed.

Claudia doesn’t look the least bit scared at the thought of the competition building up in Miami for best bikini body. She’s certainly a gamer with a booty built for the gladiatorial arena. Buttocks firm and ready for battle. Just the way I like to ogle them. If cheeks could talk, I’m sure Claudia’s would be shouting, ‘Bring it on, bitches!’. Maybe not that last part I added for emphasis. Claudia’s seat meat seems more polite than that. Enjoy.

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Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures for Thong Booty Lusters Everywhere

I’m not suggesting that the killer tush on Claudia Romani and I will have an open marriage post-nuptials, but I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to tell other guy’s they can’t look. Hey, why own a Ferrari and hide it in the garage? I actually can’t even begin to fathom that question. Nor why I would hold so tightly onto Claudia’s perfect thong clad asstastic that I’d cover it in burqas when out in public. Nay, art belongs to the entire world, even if I am the one polishing and oiling it each evening in the privacy of my home’s hot ass room. What, you don’t have one of those?

Winter is coming. But in Miami this means the finest bikini bodies are assembling on the beach. It will be tough for any body or booty to best the magical thumper on Claudia Romani. But I most definitely look forward to those undertaking such a mission. This is going to be most illuminating. Enjoy.

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Claudia Romani Magical Snorkeling Thumper! I May Not Survive This

I’m not sure just how much more teasing I can take from my future betrothed behind as attached to the hot Latin model Claudia Romani. Every day it seems a new bounty of asstastic thong clad beach pics. And now this. That killer tush snorkeling in the waters off of Miami. An epic derriere rising and falling with the ocean current like a heavenly Neptune’s creation.  If I were a manatee, I’d be trying to mate with that hot thing. That would be magical.

Claudia, someday, when you and I and that thumper are together in a manner recognized by the courts, by our families, and by a magazine that pays for the photos, we shall snorkel together. I will not actually require a mask or a bathing suit now that I think about it. I will not be looking at the fish, I assure you. So damn booty hot! Enjoy.