Claudia Romani

Claudia Romani Sextastic Cut Out Dress Reveals the Killer Tush in Miami

I must admit, I don't understand the idea of cut-out fashion. Why not just start with less and not cut stuff out at all? You see how I'm logical and posing strong questions there? Ah, fashion. Claudia Romani strutted around Miami Beach showing off her sweet booty and hot body in a cut-out swimsuit that kind of resembled a bikini when everything was all done being cut out, which makes me wonder why she just didn't don one of her many thumper fine revealing two pieces. Alas, I shall never understand women's wardrobes, but I will continue to ogle and admire what lies beneath, especially when the midday sun is shining down upon it like so many touchy-feely rays.

As you know, I have vowed to marry Claudia Romani's bottomside just as soon as it legal in the U.S. or a contiguous country. I like to take buses when I travel. Until such time, it's just courting and drooling from a distance. And, no, I can't cut that out. Enjoy.

Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures Bring Back the Killer Tush In All Its Lust Inducing Glory

I don't follow the news and politics all that closely I must admit, but based on headline scanning I do believe I'm getting a couple steps closer to being able to legally marry the hot thong bikini booty of Italian model Claudia Romani. It will be a simple ceremony. I'll break the glass, I wouldn't want her perfect thumper to be injured in any manner. I mean, a slight bit of spanking later in the evening, but mostly just because her bottomside has been very naughty.

Once married, I'll whisk her sweet cheeks away for a honeymoon in either Hawaii or to my summer residence at the Red Roof Inn down the street here for one to seven nights of semi-conscious coupling. It will be grand. I can already picture a game show host on the Newlywed Game asking her sweet seat what kind of cereal I like best. We will be so happy until the inevitable messy celebrity butt divorce. Oh, Claudia, your killer tush is killing me! Enjoy.

Claudia Romani Killer Tush and One Lucky Bastard Swan Raft

Most people want to come back as a king or some pro athlete or some big shot, I want to come back as the inflatable pool raft that Claudia Romani and her shiny thumper was molesting with her bikini body over the weekend in Miami. That lucky bit of Made in China blow up toy got super blown up by Claudia in multiple bikinis rubbing to and fro atop it from beak to tail. Yes, I am jealous of a piece of plastic.

Someday, when the laws are more progressive and righteous, Claudia's killer tush and I will be wedded in holy matrimony for up to eighteen months. At some point on our honeymoon, I will request that Claudia give me the 'swan treatment'. She'll smile because she'll know exactly what I mean. I'll cry because I'm about to be so happy. Enjoy.

Claudia Romani Bikini Killer Tush Will Put a Smiley Face on any Balloon’s Face

Oh, hello there, Claudia Romani killer tush. We haven't seen that delicious rump that as soon as America becomes enlightened enough to recognize marriages between man and hot lady humps, I intend to make my fourth future ex-wife.

I'm not sure what Claudia is doing on the beach with the smiley face balloon. Back in the day, I believe this meant she was a recreational happy pills connect, though I'm guessing this is more likely related to some kind of party that I was not invited to for some inexplicable reason. But that sweet thumper in a thong most definitely was. Oh, to massage and oil up the glutes on Claudia. I really have missed those twin beacons of visual and visceral delight. I can't wait to carry them over the threshold some day for one night of pure wedded bliss, you know, before the acrimony sets in and we aren't talking for weeks at a time. Enjoy.

Guess Whose Booty is Back in a Bikini? Claudia Romani, and She’s Brought a Friend

I must admit I've been a little worried not seeing the finely shaped apple of my eye for almost a month now. As you know, I intend to marry the sweet and tender funside of Claudia Romani just as soon as it's allowable by law. I will take her arse unto me and it will take me unto it's twin cans and we shall live happily ever after. Or approximately six weeks.

Claudia and her bikini buddy Cecelia black were back on the beach in Miami showing off their finely sculpted lady forms and some paddleboard pimping all simultaneous like. Oh, the epic thumpers my peeps have peeped. If only I could now use my other four senses. Enjoy.

Claudia Romani Struts Her Lady Thumper About Miami Beach

This is about the most clothes we've seen Claudia Romani wear on her regular beach struts, her beautiful rump even slightly veiled, though you know it's going to make some sneaky appearances. Someday, I'm going to be married to that beautifully formed thumper, and the veils will come off completely, maybe just a little whale tail to highlight those killer cheeks.

I'm not sure exactly how much sextastic models like Claudia Romani was supporting Florida tourism, specifically from the Northeast being hit with its 85th major storm of the winter, but I'm guessing it's a big part of what's driving people to purchase tickets. Not that snowplows aren't sexy, but they're nothing compared to the melting hot machinery on the backside of Claudia Romani. That tush is your ticket to no more cold. Enjoy.

Logan Fazio Shoots Claudia Romani and My Two Bikini Worlds Collide in Ectoplasmic Explosion

Who saw this coming? We've been tracking the beach comings and goings of Miami's hottest paparazzo, Logan Fazio and her slender body and big camera on her bike and her bikini capturing the local talents. Now who shows up in Logan's sights but our very own hot-bottomed bikini princess, Claudia Romani, looking all kinds of perky and preening in black on the sandy shores. It's like experiencing the collision of two fantasies into one.

I must admit I hadn't even contemplated seeing Logan shooting Claudia and the two naturally becoming friends, maybe sharing a glass of wine and realize they're not so different, then, off to the hot tub to unwind and call me on their cellphones giggling to let me know they're up to no good. I honestly believe this is about to happen. It's why I'm only answering calls from the Miami area code today. Please, ring, ring! Enjoy.