Claudia Romani

Claudia Romani Booty Beautiful in a Bikini on South Beach

Oh, that arse. My future betrothed booty that I shall be calling the Mrs. soon enough. That wonderful seat bottom on Claudia Romani that captivates my thoughts, invades my dreams, and basically turns me into a steaming pile of useless shlump. I mean, more steaming than usual.

Claudia took to the beach in Miami in a white bikini and from what I can tell, she may have crawled there with her world-class tush raised in the air like a beacon of awesome for all the gentlemen oglers to devour. It truly is an instant County Fair when Claudia shows up and shows off her ridiculously hot body. And I think you know exactly where I'd be placing the blue ribbon. Enjoy.

Claudia Romani Sashays Her Fine Bikini Body Across the Sands of South Florida

Being interviewed for Italian MTV, Claudia Romani naturally took the camera crew along the beach in Miami where she routinely provides blood flow stimulation to thousands of men daily, promenading across the sands in her little bikinis or tiny coverups that show off her world class curvy model body. I'm not sure if she disclosed to MTV Italy how a strange man in California has been trying to marry her perfectly pattycake bottomside, I'm not sure that translates so easily, but I like to think she's made some mention of my intentions to make an honest booty out of her sweet seat in  2014.

You can't live it if you can't dream it, especially when those dreams take place in locked private spaces with the music on. That's usually where I'm thinking most thoughtfully about Claudia in her tiny bikinis. Enjoy.

Claudia Romani Bikini Booty Goodness Will Shatter Your Christmas Balls

Still hoping with all hope that I wake up Wednesday morning in my footsie pajamas to the site of Claudia Romani and her sweet sweet booty beneath my aluminum replica X-mas tree. That and an Xbox One ought to just about make me the happiest boy in the world. I would play with both for hours, simultaneously as much as possible, until I pass out beneath the tree in a tired sweaty smile.

Claudia took to the beach in Miami over the weekend to flash and flaunt her bikini boobtastic and that sweltering thumper that I shall soon be taking as my lawfully wedded bottomside. You can have your fruitcakes and your mulled cider, I see precisely the cake I'd like to unwrap this Yuletide. It comes straight from Italy. Enjoy.

Claudia Romani Booty Continues to Haunt My Day and Night Dreams

Not that I'm the first guy to appreciate the fine arse of Italian model extraordinaire Claudia Romani, but I'm glad to see the professionals are now focusing on her killer tush, hiring her for photoshoots featuring her curvy bottomside in short skirts and tight dresses revealing her epic thumper.

Someday, when Claudia's sweet cheeks and I are husband and butt, I'll make it breakfast before it goes off to work on a long day's shoot. Then a bath at home followed by a thousand little booty kisses. That almost sounds good enough to be a Hallmark card. Claudia, you're killing me with that rear thang, but please, don't stop. Enjoy.

Claudia Romani Bikini Bottom Is A National Treasure from Another Nation

Just kill me now, Tantalus, I can't take much more of this. Claudia Romani and her bikini booty show along the South Florida shoreline is really ebbing and flowing the strength of my very being. I can feel my hands reflexively reaching out to give virtual squeezes over and over again, with nothing to show for it some really serious hand cramps that no amount of Bengay seems to be fixing here.

Consider me a single issue voter. Come 2016 I will be casting my ballot for the man or woman who promises to give me the right to take Claudia's beautiful tanned seat as my lawfully wedded wife. To love, honor, and hot oil massage until likely expensive and messy divorce do us part. Still, the wedding cake in the shape of Claudia's badonkadonk will be both classy and memorable. My mother can finally cry in front of somebody besides my principal or parole officer. Enjoy.

Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures Highlight Her Killer Tush and Her Friend Jessica Edstrom

If there's anything hotter in this world that my future betrothed, the perfect seat cans of Italian model Claudia Romani, it's Claudia showing off her bikini bottom to her Swedish model friend, Jessica Edstrom. Yes, one and one sextastic lady don't make two, they make one , as in a singular dream of two playful kittens helping each other remove sand delicately from their glorious nooks and crannies after a day of soaking in the sun and showing off hot bodies for the gentleman oglers.

Someday, soon, 2014 I suspect, the laws of this land will catch up to the lust in my heart, and I shall take Claudia Romani's blessed bottomside to be my lawfully wedded making of the sexy time playtoy. But until such time as we reach that level of enlightenment I shall remain, The Butt Watcher. Enjoy.

Claudia Romani Bikini Beach Bum Driving Me Quite Insane

Sometimes I look at Claudia Romani and her killer tush and I think to myself, how much longer until those hot tanned cheeks and I can be together wed in holy matrimony. More specifically, when I can I fly us away to the Waikiki Sheraton for which I hold one amazing Groupon so that we can express our newfound nuptial commitment through the act of sweaty, oily, making of the sexy.

Claudia was once more flashing her thong covered honking bottomside along the beach in Miami, creating auto accidents and turning more than three dozen boys into men right on the spot. You could almost hear the sound. Such is the power of the Romani butt. Oh, I can not wait to make it my betrothed. When will the laws of man catch up to my unnatural lust? Enjoy.