Nude Bikini Bubbles: This Week’s Hottest Bikini Celebs Ashley Graham, Courtney Stodden, and More Edited To Look Extra Nude

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brian-mcgee - November 8, 2018

It's late on a Thursday which means only one thing if you're on Egotastic! It's time for Nude Bikini Bubbles where we take the week's hottest bikini babes and put these bubbles over their bikinis and make them look naked! So who have we got this week? Let's check it out!

Courtney Stodden is up first and what is she supposed to be, like 23? Gimme a break. She does look great when she's faux nude though, so that's a plus. Ashley Graham is getting the job done and her bikini was tiny enough that it leaves very little to the imagination for the bubbles.

Melissa Riso might get my vote for hottest of the week and her bikini-less bubbling makes her even hotter than she already is, and that's REALLY saying something. Zara McDermott's candy striper bikini may not be getting the job done, so removing it is the way to go if you ask me!

Heading into the home stretch we've got social media superstar YesJulz, and we go out on one hell of a high note thanks to the always sexy Claudia Romani! It's been quite an edition this week, we'll see you back here next week, same bat time, same bat channel.

Photo Credit: Splash News / MEGA / Backgrid USA