Claudia Romani And Her Gorgeous Friend Can Barely, And We Mean BARELY, Stay Covered

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earl-jonas - November 15, 2019

Supermodel Claudia Romani is the gift that keeps on giving. This brunette bombshell loves showing off her epic curves on the beach, and recently stripped down with her sexy blonde gal pal and fitness guru Jess Picado. The duo brave a windy day at South Beach to catch some rays, and even take off their tops so as to avoid tan lines. It's during these sweet moments that we almost, and we mean ALMOST, get to see where the sun don't shine. But this isn't Romani and Picado's first time at the topless rodeo, and they keep their amazing huge breasts just covered so as to maintain the family friendly atmosphere of South Beach. There's always a next time.

Photo Credit: MEGA