Model Claudia Romani’s Big Round Bum In A Perfect Thong

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rusty-mattis - December 16, 2018

I've often heard the hardest thing for anyone is to draw is a perfect circle. Not a circle that is pretty good or looks pretty similar, I'm talking a circle that if you folded the paper in half it would be a perfect match. It sounds easy, but it's one of the greatest challenges any of us could ever try. Though, I'm pretty sure if you took Claudia Romani's ass, dipped it in ink, and pressed on paper it would make a perfect circle.

Claudia Romani's ass goes to show you the challenge that comes with making something perfect, it's all up to some kind of higher power. I'm pretty sure it took a lot of magic or whatever you want to call it to make Claudia Romani's rear end. Throw that masterpiece into a thong and you've got something that there isn't a word for. You can't just say Claudia Romani in a thong bikini is hot or Claudia Romani's butt in a thong is wonderful or Claudia Romani's rear end looks like two perfect circles of awesomeness. None of that truly describes Claudia Romani's ass.

So, maybe we should try. Maybe we should leave words out of this. When it comes to Claudia Romani in a thong bikini, we just need to look. Look at it, gaze upon it, stare until your eyes can't look anymore, and then keep on looking. Claudia Romani's ass in a thong is as close to perfection as any of us will ever see.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA