Christina Milian

Christina Milian Shows Cleavage at ‘Baggage Claim’ Premiere in LA

Christina Milian Drop Dead Cleavetastic for An Early Birthday Dinner

We’re usually late on birthdays, today I believe we’re a bit early. But Christina Milian started going big early for her birthday tomorrow by going out last night and flashing some of her killer cleave in a wicked tight dress.

I can’t think of many girls that wear a tight low cut dress better than Christina these days. But I’d sure like to make a list and then invite them all to my super special private prom at my place. Corsages optional. Drinking way more than they can handle not so optional. Oh, the thought of dancing close with Christina just about drives me nuts. Don’t even need the music. Enjoy.

Christina Milian Sweaty See-Through Dance Outfit Outside DWTS Rehearsals

People like to say things like ‘Aren’t you man enough to watch dance shows on television?’. And I like to say things like ‘why don’t you go ask your mother’ and then kick them hard in the knee and run. The point is, watching dudes in sequins dancing to prove your manhood is like proving you’re not allergic to bee stings by sticking your arms deep into a hive. You don’t need to suffer to disprove a negative. You’re smarter than that. So, like me, you stand outside the Dancing With the Stars studios waiting for the more prudent ogling opportunity of curvaceous girls such as Christina Milian in a sheer dance outfit, all sweaty and bra revealing and the like.

There are two ways to find buried treasure. A map and  kicking the sand up and down the beach for twenty years. I’m going with map, which currently is pointing me in the direction of a giant X on the bum-side of Christina Milian. Enjoy.

Christina Milian Has a Nipple Thing Going On

Who needs bras? Not I. I mean, not yet at least. But super sextastic diva Christina Milian and her full sized abalones. Christina was looking more than fine in warm Los Angeles yesterday without aid of any over the shoulder support for her luscious tubes.

I know Christina’s funbags were happy in the uncovered position as her pokies were just bursting with delight. In my mind, they actually sing too, but sometimes I do let my imagination get the best of me. Enjoy.

Christina Milian Bikini Pictures Exhibit Epic South Beach Curves

Why do I love the pregnant girls so much? Because someday they become super hot moms, with often even more righteous bodies. Such was the case with Christina Milian who we always paid attention to, but since entering MILFhood, well, her soft curves have become downright mandatory for gentleman oglers along the strip of Miami Beach she so sextastically haunts.

Someday soon Christina will allow me the honor of applying between two and twenty seven coats of sunscreen to her body, the actual number of coats dependent mostly on how long it takes her to wriggle out of the silk tie restraints.On that day, my hands shall finally know their first day of missionary work. It is my purpose. Yours too? Let’s see who gets there first. Enjoy.

Christina Milian Hotter Than All the Miss USA Contestants

There, I said it. Sorry, America. But Christina Milian showed up to the pageant this past weekend and made me think how much better of a show that would’ve been had Christina been strutting about the stage for a couple hours in hardly any clothing.

Not that the contestants were the kinds of girls you’d throw out of bed for eating crackers (an expression I’ve never understood, I think it’s hot when girls eat in bed). But Christina and her MILFy curvy all-grown up and ready for naughty playtime body? Well, it may not be as pretend wholesome and pageant like as the Miss USA contestants, but that’s what makes it ever so nice.

I’d like to crown Christina my queen and cover her sash in…yeah, I’ve had enough. Enjoy.

Christina Milian Swimsuit Hotness for Cosmo Latina

This whole Cosmo for Latinas periodical could prove to be quite the visual boon in our hottie Hispanic repertoire.  While the magazine is for the ladies, well, the Latin ladies, it most surely is for the Egotastic! audience when it includes the likes of bubbly boobtastic Christina Milian in a cheeky swimsuit.

We’ve been digging on Christina Milian for some time now, with her even curvier body post MILFhood. Such a fine specimen of the sextastic, especially for the curvy lady lovers who walk with a smile among us. She’s all woman. And I’m all in lust. Keep it up, Christina. Enjoy.