Christina Milian

Christina Milian Bikini Pictures for Old School Pimping Hotness

This is pretty cool. Christina Milian in a throwback bikini pictorial for Nicolita.

We can’t help but watch Christina in a two piece and this is a new one for us. Yeah, we can get into classy. As long as classy includes a healthy does of Christina cleavage. That really does make everything better. Enjoy.

Christina Milian Busting Out of Her Swimsuit in Miami (Curves Must Breathe!)

Sometimes, a body just needs to breathe, to break free from its constraints of man-made cloth, and when your body contains top and bottom parts in full curvaceous form such as Christina Milian, well, they’re going to bust out of most clothing joints, as happened to Christina over the weekend in Miami, wherein her inflated-til-full melons and bottomside twin sisters could barely contain themselves inside a swimsuit that really had very little chance of playing chaperone to all that body party.

We’re not exactly sure what Christina Milian saw in the mirror at the store when she tried this swimsuit on, but if she saw what we’re seeing and still went with it out on the public beach, well ,bravo! Enjoy.

Christina Milian Wears a Dress That Could Be By Egotastic! Out to Mr. Chow’s

Press: Christina, tell us what you’re wearing!
Christina: It’s an Egotastic.
Press: Did you realize it was stained?
Christina (smiling): Yes, that’s how they come.

If there’s one question we get asked more than any other, I mean, even more than ‘What makes you think you don’t have to pay taxes?’, it’s ‘Why don’t you guys have your own women’s fashion line?’. Well, it’s a natural fit, of course. And while we don’t have the overwhelming desire to see young dudes prancing about topless like most male fashion designers, we still think we could dominate with the simple fact that we know what guys like to see on women.

And if we ever did design high fashions for the wealthy ladies of Hottieville, we might start out with something like the little number Christina Milian wore out to Mr. Chow’s in Beverly Hills last night, her barely there top barely covering up her fine ‘ay, mami’ assets, as she strode among the rich and famous. If there must be clothing on hot women, it must be revealing. That I think will be our fashion house motto. Enjoy.

Christina Milian Is the Queen of Rumps for Halloween

We weren’t thinking to include our belusted curvy diva Christina Milian in our Halloween sextastic costume roundup, that is until she turned around and we saw her squeeze-worthy buttockals peeking out from behind her Queen of Hearts costume.

Here’s the lesson we’ve learned from watching hot celebrities at Halloween parties over the years — it doesn’t really matter what your costume is, if you’re a hot woman with a killer body, it’s going to be amazing. Enjoy.

Christina Milian Bikini Happy Bouncy Fun Times in the Caribbean

Christina Milian really does have one of the most underrated bodies in all of Hottieville. It kind of sneaks up on you, like a boobtastic bootylicious ninja. By the time you turn to face her, you’re already chafed and sore.

Featured in B3 Caribbean magazine, an Island zine focused on new moms and babies (of which, Christina falls into the category, on the very MILFtastic end of the spectrum), the Cuban-America songstress hottie uses some family-friendly bikini and swimsuit photos to create some rather adult feelings. Those complex feelings you never could describe, you only knew they felt really good and you probably shouldn’t tell your mom or guidance counselor about them. Yep, those. Enjoy.

The Endless Summer of Legs Continues With Curvy Christina Milian in Shorts

Cuban-American diva Christina Milian has been putting on some wondrous body shows of late, but perhaps we’ve been too focused on her booty and boobtastic (as if that were possible) and short changing her luscious legs.

In this, the Summer, now, Endless Summer of Legs of Egotastic! we should pay more below the waist attention to some girls you wouldn’t think of right away when thinking hot stems, not your conventional statuesque model types, but if you’re leering at Christina Milian in those shorts like I am and not imagining those legs wrapped around… well, nevermind. We both know what we’re imagining. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus and Maria Menounous Our Favorite Desert Hotties at iHeart Radio Music Festival in Vegas

Still not really sure who programs the iHeart Radio Music Festival every September out in Vegas, but the theme seems to be just get the most popular music acts out there and heap them together in one big pile of rock, pop, rap, MTV style making of the most consumer friendly sausage ever. It’s shameless, but ever so popular, natch, and on the upside, the annual monster music show in Sin City brings out hella hotties for both performances and to walk the celebrity red carpet.

Two of our favorites this year were the newly blonde-spiked Miley Cyrus, wearing a see-through top, but sadly and unusually covered for her and Maria Menounos, who needs no reason to show up wherever she wants in hot tight leather pants. Joining this dynamic duo were Nina Dobrev, Taylor Swift, Christina Milian, and Miranda Lambert in a nice fleshy, but not nearly showy enough, pile of desert strip sextastic. Enjoy.