Christina Milian Packing Boobtastic at Netflix Kids Show Premiere

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bill-swift - August 12, 2017

Netflix kids show or not, there's no way Christina Milian is bringing her passion inducing sultry body out for a dress up occasion and not bringing her boobtastic out for show. It would be against her ethos. It would also make me cry for at least an hour.

Thankfully, the lovely lust producing singer and reality show star shared some deep cleavage for the ogling gentleman fan base as she arrived at the True and the Rainbow Kingdom kids animated series sneak peek. She was sneaking some animation peek, we got to sneak some leers at her curvaceous goodness and imagine being cartooned right into her health rack for a warm night's sleep. Oh, to be nestled into those sweet mams.

Christina is a mom and by the powers of her MILFtastic, must also attend kids events in Hollywood. There's no reason to make those inherently boring. When you're packing, you're never off the job. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid / Splash News