Christina Milian Curves and Bikini In Miami

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aldo-vallon - July 21, 2017

Christina Milian does not look a day over thirty-four which makes it hard to believe she is actually thirty-five. The wonders of modern medicine surprise me more and more every day. Only twenty years ago this beauty would already be on her way down in a death spiral of botched plastic surgery and alternative medicine until she reached the inevitable fate of human catface lady. It was exactly like how settlers on the frontier would lose half of their children to disease, only we lost our eye candy to time. But not anymore. Now we can look upon the sultry curves of Christina "One in a" Milian for at least a decade longer than previous sexpectancies would have allowed.

That gap between her boobs is deep enough to unseat the Grand Canyon as a national landmark. I am actually kind of surprised there has not already been a petition created to make the swap. Evel Knievel does not even have the balls to try and make that jump, regardless of how cushioned that breast would be to land on. It is like a pillow made out of all things good.   


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News