Christina Milian Wet Black Bikini in St Tropez

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bill-swift - August 26, 2017

Hot damn. I believe that's the appropriate scientific expression whilst witnessing Christina Milian and her sultry body in a little black bikini on the coast of Southern France. St. Tropez is the place to be if you can afford a luxury yacht rental and you happen to have a ridiculously hot body like Christina Milian.

Milian has ever managed to keep her mommy persona, whilst still baring tons of skin and a curvy Latina body that makes men want to make more babies with her. That's kind of the happy perfect middle ground of 30-something MILFtastic seduction. Aided in this case by the element of water, turning Christina into a Siren of the deep, a nymph calling out to sailors and non-sailors alike that this may be your doom, but you're coming regardless, because men can't help themselves. Speaking for myself, that's more than one hundred percent accurate.

Hopefully this is multi-bikini St. Tropez adventure for Christina. We need to see more of her in this guise, hot mama on vacation showing off her day time curves and her night time naughty. It's the dog days of August and the sweaty wet hotties are upon us. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid