Braless Posts:

Leilani Dowding Braless Naughty Summer Fun in Sherman Oaks

Our good friend Leilani Dowding doesn't care much for the modern inconveniences of things such as clothing, but she does bow to the pressures of a cultured society at times by putting on a top and bottom when out in the public. Though don't think on a warm summer day she's not going to try and get away with a little something something of a bare nekkid flash. As Leilani did, somehow forgetting her bra beneath her sheer top and allowing all the passing gentlemen a glance at the benefits of making it to a third date with the former Miss Universe contestant.

Now, while we here at Egotastic are obviously role models of proper behavior and decorum, we're not about to chastise Leilani for choosing to go upper commando. In fact, I'm sending Leilani a gift card to Yogurtland as we speak. Not sure why that popped into my head. Enjoy.

Heidi Klum Hates Bras (As Do We)

Ours is not to wonder why, only to ogle and stare. At the likes of Heidi Klum running around Santa Monica with her between four and seventeen children and her kids' bodyguard turned boyfriend and a whole bunch of other things she remembered to bring, well, except for her bra. We of course applaud this organizational oversight. Though we doubt it was unplanned.

It wasn't as if a world class supermodel and business woman and humper of her employees just suddenly forgot her undergarments. And the top wasn't exactly racy, still, as ever, we applaud European wardrobe sensibilities. Enjoy.

Sharon Stone Braless and Poking In Paris

I'll say this for Sharon Stone, when she got her last new pair of hooters, she decided to get her money's worth. She's been showing those relatively young and excitable pair of ta-ta's off like a flirty high school cheerleader.

Sharon's latest braless poke and go routine took place in Paris, where Fashion Week is in full swing and the world's denizen of clothing fanatics have descended to share in the world of $100 t-shirts. And Sharon would simply not go unnoticed. Not with those headlights on high beam in the City of Light. You go, Sharon. Be an ambassador of silicon and veteran hotness. Enjoy.

Britney Spears Braless Makes Shopping Fun for Men as Well

Britney Spears has been a long time advocate of the braless wardrobe for women. And she doesn't just talk the talk, she flops and bounces the walk. Her latest upstairs commando venture a shopping trip in L.A. where the pop music diva showed that she's just not an international superstar, she's just a regular old mom putting about without her chest puppies restrained behind her top.

Now you know we highly applaud all women who decline the use of undergarments in their public promenading. Within reason, of course, as polite society does dictate that some larger gals be granted the support they need when in motion in a communal space. But for our sextastic celebrity veterans -- yes, burn them bras, ladies. Enjoy.

Rihanna Braless in See-Through Top at Paris Fashion Week

It's really hard to believe there's another Paris Fashion week going on. But I guess it's not like the schedule is crowded out with Paris Happy Go Lucky Week or Paris Positive Attitude Week. So, they have lots of fashion weeks. Which we more than suffer in order to see the gaggle of hotties that are obliged to attend, and often in very little clothing. As was the case with Rihanna at the Chanel show in Paris. No bra. Sheer dress. Nipple time fun time.

There's a lot of pressure to get attention when you're at the world's most hoity-toity fashion event. Being a pop diva your nipples poking out is a good way to getting there. It almost, almost makes me wish I was in Paris right now. Eating a baguette. Judging people. And taking in the local sights. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Flashing Her Bare Lady Top and Bottom Parts in London Street


I'm not exactly what it was Kate Moss was filming in the streets of London that required her to be in a sheer t-shirt and really not much else but a half length fur coat and maybe some see-through sheer panties (maybe), but I can tell you I fully approve.

While Kate is hardly a shy wallflower when it comes to her body, the supermodel usually at least limits herself to vacation spots and late night after hours club exits for her body part reveals. Not today. Today, just straight up afternoon time in the big city, flashing her lady nest and her barely sheer covered funbags. For the kids watching on, I suppose this was a nice teachable moment for their parents to talk about the bird and the bees.

And also about models who flash their cooches in public. They will only get you into trouble, son. Enjoy.

Heidi Klum Braless in the Park

Ah, summer, let's see what other treats you have for us in your seasonal infancy. Yes, hot moms braless at the park. And this one happens to be a sextastic German model who's banging her bodyguard.

Heidi Klum took some or all of her brood and her purse-holding new beau to the park over the weekend, skipping the formalities of a bra, perhaps an ode to the warm summer weather, or perhaps just a reminder to the other dads at the park that this bodyguard thing isn't going to last forever. You know how much we abhor bras here at Egotastic!, so we applaud Heidi for her upper commando stylings, be it at the park or in our boudoir. Enjoy.