Kayslee Collins Lounging Braless

In this photo shoot Kayslee Collins shows a kind of relaxed boobosity. She is photographed wearing carious jackets that are open to reveal that she is wearing neither a shirt nor a bra. You know, like you do. The resulting cleav is breathtaking. Kayslee has an amazing rack. They are perfectly shaped. When her genetic code was written the perfectly symmetrical and well-proportioned ta-ta gene was activated. I like them too because they look like they are natural. I like a pair of boobs that don’t feel like a bag of sand when you squeeze them. But that’s just me. Oh, to have been a camera assistant on this shoot and gotten a peek at those delicious yum yums.

But no one asked me. I have experience with lighting and production. Why doesn’t anyone ask me to help out on high fashion half-naked shoots with top models?

Photo Credit: Tara Nichols for The Lady Boy Project

Rumer Willis Wins In Plunging Braless Cleavage

Rumer Willis has a lot going for her. Famous family, rising stardom, and the fact that she rarely wears a bra. You can see an example of the latter in the fancy dress she’s wearing in these pics. They have a plunging neckline that go almost all the way to her belly button. The resulting cleavage is truly a sight to behold, (and I wouldn’t mind to be holding those bad boys, if you get my meaning). I am a fan of Rumer’s ta-tas. They are just the perfect size. Not so big that you get carpal tunnel from handling them but not so small that you have to search for them in the dark. As if that wasn’t enough she also gave us a peek at her legs. And by a peek I mean the full view.

Rumer really is her mother’s daughter. Think of all the naked fun we had with Demi Moore in the 90′s.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Vanessa Hudgens Goes Braless While Signing Autographs After “Gigi” Performance

There are certain things you can count on happening in this life. The sun will rise, birds will sing, and Vanessa Hudgens will go out without a bra on. It’s inevitable. I don’t know Vanessa personally but I do know that she hates wearing bras. I support the emancipation of her ta-tas from the confines of the brassier. After all, a nice solid rack like hers should be allowed the freedom to out and about in the world. While signing autographs after a performance of Gigi, Vanessa was showing a nice bit of cleav as she is want to do. She also had on a top that had in full view that other body part that Vanessa likes to show off: her bare mid-riff. And why not? If I was a) a hot girl and b) had a body like her’s I would show off my tight stomach too.

It would be un-American not to.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Vanessa Hudgens Braless Incognito Adventures In NYC

The stunning minx Vanessa Hudgens has been full time in The Big Apple recently performing in her play or something legit like that I will likely not attend. She’s been seen daily on the streets of Manhattan outside her place though attempting ever so diligently to keep her face obscured or hidden beneath hats, purses, and other accoutrements of the incognito trade. I’m not exactly sure what this achieves, other than to send the paps into a frenzy trying to get a better angle. But, as solace to such camouflage, Vanessa has graces us nearly daily with various braless outfits highlighting the hippy fun nature of her persona. Also, encouraging me to jump around with the paps trying to get that just right angle.

Vanessa has always been that interesting combo of super demure in public constantly hiding herself, and rather showy on social media and in more private forums where she’s got a long and illustrious history of showing off some of her more typically hidden fun lady areas. That classic naughty librarian, if the librarian went without a bra whilst walking down the street. So, in short, the perfect librarian. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Maggie Q Braless In NYC Over The Weekend

Nikita star Maggie Q was spotted going around New York City in a few different outfits sans bra. It’s that time of year here in New York when the honeys come out of hibernation and leave their over the shoulder boulder holders at home. Maggie can get away with it because she’s got a pair of perky pokies that are only hindered by a bra. She had some cleav for the ages in a black bustier top she wore like a champ. Then she tried on a crop to t-shirt that gave us a view of her skinny tight little bare mid-riff.  But then she put on a red tank top thing in which you could see the outline and exact poking glory of her yum yums.

Ever since I first saw that Nikita show years ago I’ve waited for this moment. See, dreams do come true.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Emmanuelle Chriqui Braless And Cleavy and Just Udderly Perfect

I’m not sure when that Entourage movie is coming out. I feel like they’ve been teasing it since 1972. At some point I suppose. While the movie will no doubt be filled with more fresh faced female hot bodies than actually storyline, and I don’t say that as a put down, I’m still most interested to see how they show off the brunette standard of the show, Emmanuelle Chriqui. Granted, she got the worst role in the entire show as the needy girlfriend amid a group of bro-mancing roommates. But she ever shined by sheer force of being hot and having an amazing rack. True to life, that is how most men end up with needy girlfriends.

Featured in this Ocean Drive magazine pictorial, Emmanuelle shows off her her more smoking classy side, complete with a peek at her grade-A ta-ta’s that could launch more than one ship to sea. She really is an exotic looking stunner. We can only hope we see full bikini in the film. Sadly, quite certain she won’t be in anything less, but that would be enough to get my butt in the seat. Chriqui, thy name is hotness. If only we could pronounce it properly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Ocean Drive Magazine

Erin Heatherton Cleavetastic Braless and Simply Superfine

We haven’t seen nearly enough of Erin Heatherton lately. The blonde V.S. model has been on some kind of part to full time hiatus away from the limelight that has left me missing my freckled beauty. Slowly but surely Erin seems to be coming back to full-time exhibitionism gigs, modeling in this splendid cleavetastic braless shoot for The Coveteur magazine, highlighting her girl next door blonde babe qualifications.

Erin is perhaps a bit more grown up than the last time we saw so much of her, pre-DiCaprio girlfriend status. That could change a woman. Certainly not a girl any longer. She does seem to be exuding a bit of the mature hotness we perhaps didn’t see in her shoots just a couple or three years ago. Still the young girl from Skokie we first fell in lust with, but wise, and more racktastically alluring than before. I like where this is headed. I like it very much. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jake Rosenberg For The Coveteur Magazine