Edy Ganem Sextastic Legs and Booty On Display At The Gunman Premiere In LA

Do you know the name Edy Ganem. You should. She’s the Mexi-Lebanese hottie on Devious Maids who is making men sing songs they didn’t even realize they knew. A ridiculously hot woman will have that effect on you. It’s a great way to expand your repertoire.

The sizzling sextastic brunette decided to do a little red carpet scene stealing at the premiere of the Gunman, where we pretend that Sean Penn isn’t 60 and those muscles are all natural. I’d rather use my pretend points to imagine Edy Ganem is my date for the evening and she thinks my crocs and marijuana t-shirts go fabulously with her killer leggy black gown. We compliment each other incessantly until we both fall into a vat of strawberry margaritas and make love until the alcohol no longer stings. If you’re going to pretend a little, you might as well pretend a lot. Edy, that body on you ought to be registered as a lust inducing weapon. I’ve got my eye on you. Can you feel the warmth? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet


Candice Swanepoel Sextastic And Braless In Jeans

Candice Swanepoel isn’t just hot, she’s unfairly hot. As in, whoever created her must’ve realized how many men and Sapphic leaning women were going to suffer over long periods of time from unrequited lust. Is she borne of good or illicit intent? This is the cosmic question for the ages I’ll mostly leave to the rabbinical scholars as I devote my time to perusing the visuals. Like this simply jeans pimping pictorial that Candice turns into a braless wonderland of eye popping and tent popping lust inducement. Damn. How does she do this? It’s not quite magic, not quite enchantment, but surely something not explained by conventional science is afoot here.

I can’t help but feel like upgrading my couches from Ikea ’02 will improve my odds of returning home one evening to find Candice Swanepoel in nothing but shredded jeans laying in my living room/kitchenette. Though my gambling instincts are rather questionable. I’m a man who relies heavily on blind faith. Also, finding discount furniture outlets. Give me three months, Candice. It takes time for the buys to arrive from Kamchatka. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Osmoze Jeans

Lindsey Pelas Melons Go Bounce Bounce!

I’m not normally swept up in the mayhem of cheap ploys and obvious tricks. Unless it involves one hot blonde and two incredibly full round mounds of astounding funbags in motion. Up and down, back and forth, bouncy floucy, hold me, Tigger!

Louisiana curvaceous body Lindsey Pelas got the bright idea to jog demonstratively in nothing but a sheer bit of cut off tank top and a bikini bottom. The results are, well, earth shattering. If by earth, I mean the slightly tinier sized globes you protect with a cup in Little League. It’s really quite a thing. Have we all fallen for this stunningly fun bit of funbaggery? Yep. With a smile. Enjoy.

You can see Lindsey in motion in video on WWTDD.

Photo Credit: LiveRichMedia

Kylie Jenner Braless and Booty Rich in Tight Skirt, You Probably Shouldn’t Even Look

Kylie Jenner isn’t fooling anybody with her Stephen Hawkings lecture notes. Nope. As wildly intelligent as this youngest Kardashian appears, she’s really making the grade with her rather noteworthy teen body and the manner in which she reveals it. Even on a simple trip to get your nails done. Kylie Jenner is really hard not to ogle.

I’ll have to check with Business Practices again for precisely what I’m allowed to say about this innocent waif of a girl. But suffice it to say, had Kylie gone to school, she would not have suffered from lack of date offers or prom invites. In fact, I’m prepared to stage a fake prom that caters to the unschooled just to get her out for an evening in a pouffy dress and some Ryan Adams music. Something about that tight skirt on that booty and that tight tank top barely covering her… wait, the Business Practices email just arrived. And just in time. Wow, this is perhaps the most difficult part of my job. This and limiting myself to three spelling mistakes per paragraph. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


Kaley Cuoco Goes Chesty Big in Nightgown for the Biggest of Bangs

I must admit I’m in the crowd who wonders why Kaley Cuoco cut off her long blonde locks and went for the tomboy look. It seemed something akin to a crime against humanity. Thankfully, she did nothing to reduce the size of her spectacular racktastic, which she was showing off in some evening wear in a recent episode of Big Bang Theory. I don’t watch much network television. Canned laugh tracks make the tinker toys that hold together my brain come loose. But I do delve happily into the warm large bosom of Kaley Cuoco, wherever, whenever.

There’s some saying about if you live long enough, you will see everything. One of the reasons I ever consume a vegetable is so that I might linger until the day we get to see Kaley Cuoco flashing her funbags bare and beautiful. I hope it’s not too much longer. I despise things that grow up from the ground, much preferring life forms that fall to the ground. C’mon, Kaley, Uncle Bill can’t take many more carrots. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Big Bang Theory” CBS

Miley Cyrus Braless Nipple Pokes Go Shopping

Miley Cyrus isn’t the first Hollywood icon to go braless pretty much everywhere, but she’s perhaps the most famous girl of late to promote the commando look that has blessedly swept through Celebrityville these past several years. It’s almost unusual now to see a sextastic lovely under thirty sporting any type of undergarment. It’s almost as if my prayers have been answered.

Just on a grocery shopping trip, Miley sees no need for undergarments beneath a tight red sweater that is only visible from within five hundred or so feet. Probably one hundred feet to catch sight of her nipples poking beneath. Suffice it to say, she’s no camouflaging her headlights. You might say she’s flaunting them. Once again I maintain, no matter your opinion on the bleached blonde pixie, you have to respect her raising the bar on public exhibitions of celeb skin. It’s not exactly like discovering penicillin, but somebody already did that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews


Flashback: Courteney Cox Braless Nipple Pokes From Friends

Because Egotastic was born after the end of Friends, we never truly got a chance to express our appreciation for the real purpose of that show which was basically to show young sextastic actresses without bras. I know, you didn’t realize that, but I’m pretty sure everybody has copped to it by now. Most especially in this category was the lovely and lusciously lean Courteney Cox who routinely parades in form fitting tops without bras through the show. Laugh, didn’t laugh, it didn’t matter. She was worth watching.

On this random Wednesday I felt inspired to take a look back at some of Courteney’s best headlight poking moments from the show. Here’s the good news, if you never saw the show, you don’t need to know the story line to revel in these nipples. And if you did, delight in this pokie icing from the Courteney Cox cake. As it were. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Friends” NBC