Braless Posts:

Leighton Meester Braless Pictures Might Just Tweak Rio Jesus

C'mon, even I wear underthings to church. The bar is not set that high.

But Leighton Meester took a tour over the weekend down Rio way of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue and figured a bra was too much effort, which despite it's seeming sacrilege, created a rather holy moment for us gentleman oglers, as we could see to and through the sheer white top the Gossip Girl was sporing, for a fairly clear glimpse into nippletastic heaven.

The sacred and the profane in one fell swoop. Just the way we dig it. Enjoy.

Rita Rusic Is 50+ and Braless; We Dig

Just shy of turning 52, our be-lusted Italian film producer hot mama, Rita Rusic, not only shines in her older wise sexy woman bikini moments, but also completely without makeup, or bra, walking her pet down the streets of Miami, just providing enough nipple poking tease to make the young boys in the area alert with naughty old neighbor lady visions. At least, that's what happening here to me at the moment.

Yes, fun bags remains quite fun at all ages, young men. And when they're attached to a wizened woman with worldly ways, you can bet they're more play fun than just show off pieces. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Braless in Boys Town, Not Quite A Repeat Performance

Consider Miley Cyrus a gamer. 

The gravel-voiced diva or actress or something continued her romp about town this weekend, hitting West Hollywood sans bra, despite her see-through top exposure end of last week when she flashed full mammary stations 'neath her sheer tee top. No such luck in the see-through department today, but the more this little arched back minx continues to spin the dice on her up top commando fashion statements, the more likely we are to see a repeat performance from those surprisingly large Hannah Montana areolae.

It's hard not to admire Miley Cyrus, if for nothing else, her commitment to a cause greater than herself. Enjoy.

Ali Lohan Goes Braless and Flashes Panties in Support of Sister Lindsay on Hawaiian Vacation

You know Egotastic! does not believe in coincidences, so when the Lohan sisters are hours into a plane flight to Hawaii the minute the Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos 'leak' early, well, even half-brains like ourselves begin to get suspicious of the timing. 

Nevertheless, the dash to the 50th state not only produced our first candids of Lindsay since seeing her topless in Playboy, but it brought to the forefront the rather up-and-coming nature of younger sister, Ali Lohan, who despite seemingly have done something unfavorably artificial to her face, when she gets all braless and flashing a bit of panties in short shorts, well, it's hard not to remember how we first fell in lust with Lindsay.

At some point we did remove Ali Lohan from these parts after perennial 'mom of the year' Dina Lohan made a specific request, but given what's transpired since then, like dad Michael getting arrested for domestic abuse and Dina getting loaded and seemingly making out with her daughter, we figured perhaps Ali was better off in our loving care. Time to re-introduce Ali Lohan and her long lean body to Egotastic!

Ali will be 18 in just ten more days herself, then imagine the photo possibilities. Enjoy.

Billionaire Barbie And Her New Ferrari Both Braless in Beverly Hills

Four days old and the Ferrari still lives. Oh, yeah, so does Billionaire Barbie.

Both high priced, high-end, models made a braless display in Beverly Hills, where despite the omnipresence of bleached blondes and expensive sports cars, the duo still made quite a splash, especially with Billionaire Barbie's nipple-pokey front side and stretched-tight posterior doing the catwalk along the avenue.

We're holding tight to our one-month life span prediction for the Italian motorcraft. Enjoy.

I Do Like Mondays, When the Geldoff Sisters Are Flashing Braless Sideboob and Upskirts

Oh, Peaches Geldof and Pixie Geldof, how you two little musical Sir saplings have come of age so quickly; wasn't it just yesterday you were falling down drunk and sloppy and creating havoc at party spots around the globe? Well, yes, it was kind of just yesterday. But the sisterly scions of musician turned humanitarian, Sir Bob Geldof, got all prim and proper, well, as best possible, for London Fashion Week over the weekend, of course, not that au natural Pixie could see fit to wear a bra, or Peaches find a dress with a hemline an inch below her fault line to hide her front row panties, but, then ogle we must these bemusing sisters. Ogle, and enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Braless Pictures Point to a Bright and Pokey Future

There are definitely some things I still very much love about Lindsay Lohan. Admittedly, most of these are body parts, but, still, that's a something. And in the case of Lindsay Lohan at the beach, that's decidedly two decidedly pokey nipples unrestricted by undergarments and flashing through her sheer tank top. Through all the adversity, both personal and professional, I admire Lindsay for rarely going back on her commando philosophy, especially impressive for a curvaceous woman such as herself.

Remember, Lindsay, the first step to recovery is learning to love yourself. The second, flashing us your bare melons, so that we can love you too. Enjoy.