Noah Cyrus is Out of this World!

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Echo Lawrence - May 5, 2020

I get a lot of negative feedback when I post pictures of Noah Cyrus. She's a talented singer in her own right but will forever be in the shadows of Miley Cyrus. No matter how much her family supported her and told her she was as good as Miley and no matter how much visibility she has being Miley's sister, she's by default always going to have a level of feeling inadequate in her soul.

So when I come along to say "Hey, Noah Cyrus is valid" because Noah Cyrus takes pics like this which on reddit is called a Titty Revel or a Titty Drop, despite not actually revealing or dropping, it matters. It's valid, and it may not be Miley and she may not be as pretty, or fun, or fit, but she's a person too and should get some praise for trying!

I mean she has lived her whole life of luxury being second fiddle to her sister, and despite that life of luxury, we don't need to be add fuel to the fire, but instead celebrate the indent of these pics the way we are supposed to. We are supportive. We are on your side. We are Egotastic.

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    That is one ugly human

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