Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Shows Off Bare-Midriff And Legs In NYC

Singer and writer of break-up songs Taylor Swift was spotted showing off her bare-midriff and those amazing legs in New York City. Taylor had on a crop top shirt that let everyone on street behold that amazing stomach. She’s got an tight abdomen. It’s flat, toned, and oh so satisfying. But it’s Taylor’s legs that really fill me with joy. They are so long. You hear people say that a girl has long legs and usually it’s just an exaggeration. But no, Taylor has some long sexy legs. No wonder guys flock to date her even though they know that if they split up she’s going to write a song making fun of them. That’s a risk most men would risk. It’s worth it. She’s freakin’ gorgeous.

I am very happy that Taylor now lives in my city. I keep hoping I’ll run into her but we keep missing each other. I guess it’s hard when there are 8 million other people around.

Taylor Swift Legs Out a Win in Shanghai

U.S.-Chinese relations might be strained these days, but that doesn’t mean we’re not sending Taylor Swift, our ambassador of long legs and supremely sentimental catchy pop music, over to Shanghai to dazzle the tweens of the populous nation and perhaps bring us one step closer to a common understand that young girls all over the world have truly horrible taste in music. Or, perhaps more importantly, that grown men all over the world dig a tall girl with long toned legs in shorts, even those silly high waisted ones the pop stars all wear so their booty cracks won’t pop out with all their bending and preening and leg spreading moves.

I don’t know exactly what people see in the music, but I do know you could do much worse than drawing Taylor’s name out of a basket when it comes time to pick your Secret Santa table dancer. Taylor is at least six inches taller than most of her peers, with her half foot of statuesque goodness going entirely into her gams. Now, she might not let you caress those stems until your 73rd date, but if you make it to 72, there’s no way you’re dropping out before that opportunity. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift’s Luscious Legs In A Blue Skirt

The lovely Taylor Swift showed off her redonkulous legs in a short blue skirt in New York City. Taylor recently moved to the big bad city and she’s been spotted around town looking hot, because that’s what she does. I guess she sings songs about ex-boyfriends too. There are a lot of amazing legs out there in the world, and it is my job to notice these things. But I am of the opinion that Taylor’s long creamy white gams are the best. They deserve to be the main exhibit in the sexy chick leg museum of sexy chick legs. Seeing these gorgeous legs walking around I don’t understand why any of those dudes would have broken up with her. What possible relationship issue could be worth losing having those bad boys wrapped around you? I’m pretty sure I would put up with almost anything.

I am going to make it my personal mission to see Taylor and her legs in person. It’s finally warm here in New York and that means that girls are stripping down to their skimpiest outfits. She has to come out of her apartment sooner or later, right?

Taylor Swift Is Legs About Town

What can I say? I’m a sucker for legs. Long lovely toned legs on the likes of Taylor Swift who stands about six inches of legs taller than the rest of her peers in the diva category. She’s tall and lean and has long stems she surely shows off all four seasons of the year. And why not? Accentuate your best features I always say, I mean, about others. The entertainment industry does tend to house people on the shorter than average stature range, so if you happen to be the tallest girl in class, why not short skirts and shorts all year round when out and about.

Taylor Swift, you may cause controversy with the finer points of your personality, but your legs should cause nothing but happy tingles up and down the nervous system of leg men everywhere. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Legs In New York

Taylor Swift is a gorgeous girl in many different ways but if you made me pick her best feature, I’d have to say it’s her legs. Lucky for us she likes to show them off. Taylor was in New York and went out on the town in a very revealing pair of shorts. It’s an interesting choice because I live in New York and it’s still the tiniest bit cold here. This makes me think that Taylor is willing to suffer a little discomfort so that the rest of us can enjoy her legs. What a humanitarian. The color and texture of her skin can only be described as creamy. Her legs look like one of those food sculptors from the Food Network carved them out of white chocolate for some throwdown show or whatever. I love white chocolate and I like a long pair of “gams”, as my grandfather would say. Yes, my grandfather was a 1940′s private eye.

I think Taylor should never wear a full set of pants. Her gifts, besides writing catchy tunes and being generally hot, is those legs. It would be a shame to hide them away in a pair of jeans.

Taylor Swift Long and Lean and Leggy and Lovely in Manhattan

Everybody is declaring their fashion joy at how Taylor Swift is defining Spring in Manhattan. I have absolutely no idea what that means, other than unlike the native East Coasters, Taylor spent her winter working out and keeping her body lean and her legs long and toned so she was ready to go when the thermometers hit their first shorts weather day in The Big Apple. And she was ready to go.

I’ve been drooling over Taylor Swift’s legs for some time now. While it’s easy to mock her personal behavior at times, it’s much more difficult to imagine contorting her legs into a pretzel like position and covering with ballpark mustard for an afternoon of condiment heaven. I always take the more challenging path. I’d like to take it with Taylor Swift, in short shorts. Or less. Enjoy.

Shakira, Olivia Munn, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Miranda Lambert’s Funbags Lead List of Nice Sights at Country Music Awards

I’m pretty sure the Academy of Country Music Awards holds their ceremonies about five times a year now. At last it seems like these country awards are going on nonstop throughout the year. But I think this is the big one, or one of the big ones, in Vegas and bringing out all the big names in country, or the big names in hotness at least, which is far more important.

The parade of beauties included Shakira, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Olivia Munn who I don’t think sings country but was super cleavy, and a gaggle more of super sextastic decked out women who wouldn’t love me even if I played guitar and crooned about how hard it is to do something basic. It’d be easier to make fun of country music if they didn’t have such super good looking women. Sort of like making fun of the dude in high school who got all the girls. Sour grapes, I know. Enjoy.