Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Long Long Legs in Nashville Concert

I'll say this for Taylor Swift, she may remind every guy out there of the stuck up girl in high school who wouldn't give them the time of day on their own watch, but, she does have some long long legs. As a leg man, I'm bound to appreciate and salivate over lengthy stems on all of our celebrity denizen. And Taylor keeps them on regular display in her concerts, photoshoots, and at all boyfriend breakups.

Someday, I'd like to think I could mature to evaluate women in their entirety. Maybe I'd say, oh, Taylor Swift, I've had enough of her and her silly snobbery. But I'm not quite there yet. So, for now, just imagining a long lingual experience from her toes up to her.... enjoy.

Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler Highlight the Hotties at the CMT Awards

Now, you know that everything I know about country music can be summed up in a song called, 'Boy Didn't Know Shit About Country (So Everybody Called Him Linda)' I really don't know jack. But I do know that the whole country music scenes brings in some serious hotties, many of who showed up last night at the 2013 CMT Awards to see and be seen. Also heard I suppose.

Taylor Swift shocked the audience by not wearing a sundress made for a twelve-year old, but rather, a rather grown up looking gown, Carrie Underwood remains a highly underrated piece of allure, Kristen Bell showed up to show off her new MILFy self, AnnaSophia Robb is ever glowing with sextastic, and Kellie Pickler put on a cleavetastic show much fitting the world of country music. All in all, the perfect combo of twang and ta-ta's. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez Repping Pop Hotties at 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Okay, let's put his out there first. The Billboard Music Awards are handed out based on the sale of music, which means, the taste of your average young teen girl dictates the winners. So, musically speaking, yeah, not so good. But, and this is a big but, it also means that all the big names in music, and all the A-list hottie divas, also are obliged to say yes to attend. And not just attend, but look their stellar best ,in Vegas every year for the ceremony. So, basically you have a party with killer looking girls and lousy music. You'd make that trade any day.

Leading the list of lookers at the celebration of craptastic music was Taylor Swift surprised once again to win awards even though pre-announced, Jennifer Lopez still hanging with the youngin's, Selena Gomez looking might fine save for rumors of her reunited for a fourth time with The Devil's Midget, Miley Cyrus sparkling hard these days, heck, even Kesha managed to look rather fetching, a sure sign that everybody's game has been stepped up for the evening. And then a whole lot of celebrity hodgepodge of hotness. It was quite a night. I wish I could of been there, but three different restraining orders by various pop divas formed an intersecting domain of denial around me being in Vegas. People take peeping in windows so damn serious these days. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Gets Raunchy Wild at DC Concert

Wow, well I guess Taylor Swift really is getting all grown up. A little late, but better late than never, as the pop country sensation has added some Miley and Rihanna type leather moves to her teeny bopper performance, including in our nation's capital over the weekend where she went full crotch shot forward.

I'm not exactly sure what this particular pose has to do with songs about horrible boyfriends breaking her heart, but I suppose you might say Taylor still has a yearning burning in her heart or other places for men in general. Looking forward to painful breakup #17 already. Enjoy.

Kaley Cuoco, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood Standouts at ACM Awards

(I'd add Miranda Lambert in there too, though when it turned out she isn't pregnant, as were the rumors, just said she 'ate too much over the holidays', well, that did hurt her sextastic appeal that is buried there still somewhere.)

You know I know little about Country Music. So, it's like most things. But I do know that hot girls go for Country music guys, and there's even a few hotties among the country music performing crowd as well. At last night's glitzy ACM Awards, several noteworthy faces made an appearance, including a cleavy Kaley Cuoco, an increasingly good looking though still kind of annoying Taylor Swift, and a vastly underrated Carrie Underwood. It was country music at its finest, literally. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Looks Hot, But Berenice Marlohe and Jessie J Deep Cleavage Win the 2013 BRIT Awards

It's not just award season here in the U.S., back in Jolly Old England the Britty types are also honoring their celebrities for their unending contributions to the artistic endowment of the human race, and, more importantly, bringing together some super hotties decked out and showing off in the process. So, we are obliged to peek.

And while Taylor Swift certainly looked rather stellar all dressed up and showing off her newly composed figure, it was Bond girl Berenice Marlohe, along with singer Jessie J, who stole the red carpet with displays of the boobtastic that deserved a herald's triumphant horn blast. Berenice in particular was flashing so much cleavage that we had our fingers crossed for a full on malfunction, of her wardrobe I mean, not our private parts, though the two clearly would've gone hand in hand, as it were. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, and Carly Rae Jepsen Highlight the Hotties at Another Crappy European Music Awards Show

We can give Europe credit for many things. First and foremost, their liberal views on female nudity. A big plus column win for them over us Puritanical Yanks. And their food and wine. Outstanding. And even many of the dramatic arts, heck, all these years later we're all still singing opera in Italian. But even the most ardent of Europhiles has to admit that when it comes to music, well, Europe just plain sucks. Not that U.S. popular music is much to brag to the Gods of Awesome Tunage about, but Euro music, well, it takes it down yet another notch. There was Mozart, and then right straight to Falco, with very little in-between. Jedward in the Eurovision song contest kind of summed it all up perfectly.

But... European music awards shows do know how to put on a proper party, a dress-up affair filled with sextastic celebrities dangling their diamonds and strutting their wares, such as at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes over the weekend, where Taylor Swift once more showed off her new nicer melons, Alicia Keys looked simply hot, and Carly Rae Jepsen reminded us why we are so eagerly awaiting the inevitable release of her sex tape, she's a cutie. So, yes, crappy music. But, rewarded with some splendid looks. Almost worth it. Enjoy.