Taylor Swift

Aubrey O’Day, Taylor Swift, and Christina Aguilera Lead Our List of 2013 American Music Award Hotties

It's getting tougher and tougher to sit through these American Music Awards every year. Either I'm getting older or the music's getting worse. Or, both. But there's no denying the AMA's, along with the VMA's and The Grammy's, are the big three music award shows in terms of bringing out the pop music world hotties. Pretty much every top diva album seller is in the house and desperate to outshine their peers in sextastic appeal.

For me Aubrey O'Day and her chesty goodness made the evenings. The show definitely could've used a couple dozen more Aubreys, or at least her dress. Taylor Swift also looked pretty damn fine, as did Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, and newcomer Ariana Grande. Check out my picks, which include Lady Gaga, though mostly because she figured out how to win the Red Carpet even without being the most fetching lady in attendance. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Leggy Deep for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Of course, we'll be bringing you highlights of the Victoria's Secret models from last night's big annual show in New York. But we need make visual mention of Taylor Swift who headlined the now big, made-for-TV lingerie fashion event. Taylor looked rather nice her own damn self. And while it's hard to make the connection precisely between Taylor Swift and alluring lingerie, I can't say I wasn't imagining her wearing some of the more racy V.S. pieces.

Taylor also sang, so there was that. But mostly, she just worked the runway and we must give her credit for holding her own in a world where some ladies might feel mightily intimidated, surrounded by a dozen or more of the hottest international models in panties. Oh, to be in that world. Enjoy.

Kellie Pickler, Lucy Hale, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood Highlight the Hotness at the CMAs

Say what you will about Country Music, it brings out the hot women. I don't care if you find the music suffering, suffer you must because a solid third of the good looking ladyfolk in this nation love them the country crooners. You can't just ignore those facts that I just made up.

So, pay attention we did to last night's Country Music Awards, the night that country singers and random people we had no idea had anything to do with country music get together to look their best and give each other lots of trophies. There were many highlights of the show last night, but the hotness was owned by the likes of Kellie Pickler, Lucy Hale, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood. There was more, but these were our favorites. The music, well, you know. But the girls, yes, the girls, they make all music worlds go-round. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Looked Good in London, Owned the BBC1 Music Awards

I'm not exactly sure how many music awards were held this past weekend, but it seemed like a lot. Still, if you get Taylor Swift to your event like BBC1 did, you've got a little something going on. And Taylor Swift didn't just show up, she brought her A-game.

No, not a ton of skin. She never does. But once you get past her occasionally cringy type personal affectations, Taylor is one pretty darn good looking country girl. And, I might add, she has the dough in the bank to keep me in the lifestyle to which I've become accustomed.  Ironically, it's a lifestyle built without any dough in the bank, so a little T-Swift royalty swag ought to only make the Cohibas taste even finer. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Booty Shorts For Workout

Taylor Swift doesn't exactly have your classic hourglass figure, but she's working on it. The pop music sensation has been hitting the gym of late, working on creating a finer booty to compete with the rounder bottomed girls of her industry.

It's going to take some doing, but Taylor seems poised to do the work, and seems happy with the initial results at least, appearing outside the gym in form fitting workout shorts. A girl knows when she looks good in tight shorts and when she doesn't. Well, not every girl, but trust me, Taylor Swift has people who tell her that. It's going to be a fun ride watching her shape her female form. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift, the Unseen Teen Modeling Years (Wowza)

I know many people are on the fence about Taylor Swift, but I think much of that is based upon what people think about her personally now as a pop diva in her 20's writing vindictive songs about all of her ex-boyfriends for no apparent reason. I can see how that might color one's opinion. Nevertheless, I would promote that beyond it all, Taylor Swift is a fairly pure hottie.

To wit (as people smarter than me say), we got hold of these photos of Taylor before all the fame, when she was just a teen model and want-to-be pop singer showing some very natural talent for the cameras. Take a look back at Taylor in her pure country blonde teen days and see if it doesn't re-color your opinion of her. She's a beauty, imho. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Looks Good, Damn Good, at ‘One Chance’ Premiere

Taylor Swift is not everybody's cup of tea. There are a few obviously personality issues that I can see people taking umbrage against. But unless she happens to be your ex-girlfriend holding a grudge against you and writing nasty lyrics to your detriment, I think you, like I, should let it slide and just try to delight in how tall and hot she can look when all decked out and showing off what just has to be some relatively recently augmented funbags.

Just the fact that Taylor Swift is half a foot taller than almost all of her peers makes her stand out well enough, but getting into showy dresses for venues such as the Toronto Film Festival, well, you can see why Hollywood guys go for her even knowing she's probably going to end up being their much regretted former fling. Enjoy.