Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, Fergie, and Arielle Kebbel Highlight the Sextastic at the iHeart Radio Festival

Granted, the iHeart Radio Festival in Vegas each September might be the largest assemblage of pop music’s more craptastic hot artists of the moment, but there’s no denying that like all such similar events, the hot girls come out to be seen in show and on the red carpet. iHeart Radio is no small player, so when they put the hooks out to the publicity agents for top level talent, top level talent migrates to Sin City for the weekend. Hotties such as Taylor Swift, a mighty fine looking Fergie, Arielle Kebbel, Sophia Bush, and more show up to strut their finest and talk about all the crazy hot boy bands.

I may never understand teeny music with a fresh funky Casio beat. But I do know pretty girls. And they do tend to be around that same horrific music. So, suck it up like I do and talk about how Iggy Azalea music is really powerful if you want to either be popular with a niece or intend to date anybody under 30 who works in the food services or retail mall industries. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift And Her Kitty Out And About in New York

The lovely Taylor Swift took her pussy cat out for a walk in New York City. No, that is not a metaphor for her lady parts. She brought out her little white kitten carried it around like a pocket chihuahua circa 2002. She was looking leggy and amazing as usual. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Taylor Swift has the best legs of anyone one the planet. They are so long and perfectly toned. I’m usually not one for girls that are very slender. It’s the Latin man in me that craves curves. But Taylor is so freakin hot that I think maybe I’ve been wrong all these years and super skinny girls is where it’s at. Who am I kidding? I love all women no matter their size. You know, within reason.

As a rule it isn’t a good idea to take cats out for walks on the streets of New York. There is too much noise and weird smells and they tend to get spooked. I once tried to take my cat to the park, because I’m that guy, and got several claw marks for my trouble. Still, a cat and a hot celebrity girl? This post wins the internet.

Taylor Swift Long Legs, Bare Midriff, in the Waning NYC Summer

Summer might officially be drawing to a close in the Big Apple, but Taylor Swift and her well-worked out long legs aren’t going anywhere for the autumn. Not when you work that hard at the gym, own that many shorts and short skirts, and happen to be blessed with gams at least half a foot taller than most of your pop diva counterparts. If you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em, daily, nightly, every which way.

Taylor hit the streets of Manhattan in yet another long leg show, in a short pair of shorts and a bare midriff top that exhibited all the hard work she’s doing sweating and stretching with her model friend Karlie Kloss this summer. Apparently the two routinely bunk together after their strenuous workouts. Oh, great, now my lesbionic fun time fantasy boosters are kicking in. I doubt it’s that exciting at Taylor’s abode, though I sure would like to think otherwise. Two tall ladies with hot long legs going at it. Oh, man, somebody ice bucket challenge me but quick. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift All Wet and Writhing Around in Ecstasy

I must admit, as hot as I find Taylor Swift rolling around all climaxy in the ocean flume, I’m not quite convinced this isn’t just a little bit staged. Having said that, since when do I care about anything being staged? Not when it involves Taylor Swift in a wet t-shirt on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Taylor’s trying to remake her image slightly to more of the adventurous naughty pop singer type. I don’t know if she can pull that off, but I do know if wet clingy t-shirts are the start, I like the direction this is headed. I’ve never much cared for her music, but I’ve always cared for her tall slender frame and those killer legs she works on with Karlie Kloss daily at the gym (and maybe a little scissor kissing at night? Dare to dream the lesbionic dream).

Taylor, you do realize you could catch a cold with that wet shirt on. Please, let me help you save your health. Oh, that would be fun. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Long London Legs in Black Miniskirt with Tight Revealing Top to Boot

As you know, I lust Taylor Swift and I don’t care what you say. If we have to throw down, so be it. Just don’t hit my pretty face. It and my MIB He-Man Action Figure collectibles are all I really have for my future. Ladies, if you want to fight, might I suggest fluffy pillows? More specifically, I do so lust Taylor Swift’s long legs. Given that she’s about five feet taller than any of her pop music counterparts, Taylor’s also blessed with incredibly long stems which she routinely and daily shows off as to their tone and tendon. She’s been in short skirts all summer long. I applaud wholeheartedly and wholedickedly if only that were a real word.

Taylor took her sweet gam show to London in a black miniskirt to show off not only those lickable legs, but a nice tight top exhibiting what still appears to be a larger than a year ago nice racktastic outlined nicely in her sheer sweater. I really couldn’t be more pleased if I lived in London, drank HP sauce for breakfast, and Taylor stopped in my flat to ask me to adjust her zipper. That would be pretty sweet. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Zipper Sextastic, Demi Lovato Cleavetastic, Taylor Swift Toned Legs, and Other Highlights of the 2014 MTV VMAs

While the MTV VMAs represent some kind of Fall of the Roman Empire, the lynchpin of the downfall of a civilized society, to be replaced by craptastic auditory experiences and glitter, there’s no doubt the annual event brings out the finest in pop diva competition for eyeballs, hence, lots of skin. There’s but a few teensy tiny number of popular music artists earning distinction from their vocal talents. The rest are competing for the dollar bills from the guys in the front row with the sweaty jowls. Me first among them.

So many hotties out at the 2014 MTV VMAs tonight, keep attuned to this updating gallery for some of the best of them, including Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and more. It’s a night to remember, if you remembered your earplugs! Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Shakes It Off, In Far Too Many Clothes

If you were expecting Taylor Swift to shake off her clothing more in her brand new pop star pop ditty featuring pop beats and auto-tuned, well, lower your expectations. Still, there’s no denying this high-spirited blonde has been hitting the gym hard and perfecting her six inches taller than all of her peers diva body.

We do get the classic ballerina, cheerleader, gym rat, and other costumed poses, but not nearly as much skin as I think you’ll find when we post the new Nicki Minaj music video later. Taylor seems to be going after the Miley crowd without the body baring and crotch grabbing of that other pop music star. It’s just not her thing. Which is a shame, because it would be rather stellar to see the statuesque Taylor Swift really shake things off. Maybe next time. Enjoy.