Taylor Swift

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora As the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpets Roll In

You know I simply refuse to watch this show. MTV doesn't even cover music anymore, but somehow they still run the pretense of being a voice for popular music and teenaged girls seem to still be buying it. Which means all the big names still need to show up big each year and the divas need their exhibition dues. That is where I pay attention. I care not for what the fashion and wardrobe and accessory set say about the gowns, but I do care to see some of our favorite sextastic celebrities gracing the red carpet of any big awards show.

Taylor SwiftLady Gaga, Katy Cocktease, Miley Cyrus, Ciara, Rita Ora, Selena Gomez, and more.

Stay tuned as the red carpet photos from the 2013 Video Music Awards red carpet continue to roll in...

Taylor Swift Brings Her Red Hot Show to Los Angeles

I'll say this for Taylor Swift, for a show designed primarily for little girls, she does give the grown men a little something something to consider. While she's not the most curvaceous gal in the world, and she's definitely not providing much raunch factor, she is doing her best to hold her own against the stage show likes of Beyonce and Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani and other pop divas bouncing and gyrating an bending about their stage routines in form fitting outfits. Not exactly R-rated, but not like you're not going to notice her in leather shorts prancing about either.

I get the feeling Taylor Swift would be something of a high maintenance girlfriend, but for maybe just one night of romance, one night of unbridled passion, one night of Taylor Swift perhaps accidentally banging her noggin' into door post and forgetting about who she is, well, that could be something worthy writing a song about. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Bottom Humps in Leather at Soldier Field

Taylor Swift is a G-rated girl in an R-rated world. There's no doubt about that. There's also no reason to believe we won't be ogling when she gives us a little PG moment every now and then in concert, as she did last night at Soldier FIeld in Chicago in a reasonably tight pair of leather shorts that highlighted her never exposed derriere.

We just know there's a big bad booty lurking in there somewhere, dying to get out. Or, maybe, we're just dying to release it. Either way, the Kraken cheeks need to see the light of day. Or night, in our boudoir, as we prepare to become the future subjects of an angry Taylor Swift song. It'd be worth it. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Bikini Pictures a Little Bit Granny a Little Bit Sextastic Rock and Roll

I can't say these are the most outrageous bikini pictures ever of Taylor Swift, but with the tween friendly music artist, you really don't get a lot of skin. The sheer thong swimsuit is coming out any time soon. And not that Taylor doesn't have a nice enough female form to handle it, just take a gander at her goodies. But she's either a true old fashioned throwback, or she's just being told by somebody in management to look like a very proper girl.

So, the old fashioned bikini which I'm sure some of you will tell me is some super designer chic thing, but I will tell you resembles the two piece my grandma used to bust out once a year off-the-strip in Vegas for our annual $100 or less weekend getaways. That diva body deserves a little better. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Leggy Red Tour Hits New Jersey

I'll say this for Taylor Swift, with those legs and that swagger, she's going to keep getting and dumping boyfriends to the tune of several more albums before all is said and done.

Taylor's Red Tour wound it's way through the Garden State where Taylor showed that her show is much more than just her silly songs, it's Taylor in various costumes prancing about the stage showing off her gams and trying to look grown up sexy. It's mostly working for me, and to see it without having to go to the concert (blessedly), that is a fortunate circumstance Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Tight Dress Highlights the MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada

I get nervous just thinking about the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto each year. If MTV and Billboard provide the height of craptastic pop music here in the U.S., MuchMusic takes it possibly even one step further into stinky sound land with their award show odes to horrible sounds and the goofy looking teens who make them. Still, I have a job to do, and it is often dirty, sometimes painful, but it's still my job to suss out the sextastic wherever and whenever it appears. And, once again last night, Taylor Swift stole the show.

Now, I know there are mixed feelings about Taylor Swift in these parts. But, for me, there's no denying that since her chest somehow got a little bigger and straighter earlier this year, Taylor has grown into all sorts of adult like hotness appearances at major media gatherings of late, including the very same MuchMusic Video Awards where she killed her competition in a skin tight dress. I'm going to say no panties as well. I have no idea. I just wanted to say (and think) that. Still quite hot. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift White Decked Out Hotness for Fragrance Awards

Well, you know, it's the Fragrance Awards. Who doesn't get excited when those role around every year? Of course, every celebrity and their mother now has a licensed stank out on the market so this Fragrance stuff is pretty big. And, the ladies come out looking their finest. None more so than Taylor Swift who looked like approximately one million dollars at the Awards event last night.

At times I get a little bugged by Ms. Swift, but I must admit, when she goes for the gold, she can doll up with the best of them. Someday, we'd love to see her doll down completely. But until that time, let's give respect where it's due. She looked great. Enjoy.