Taylor Swift Tight Top and Toe of the Camel In NYC

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bill-swift - February 23, 2016

For all her G-rated public persona, Taylor Swift does like to show off her toned legs and slender figure with form fitting or showy but tasteful clothing as much as the next all blown up mega-millionaire diva. She's always dressed in high fashion, but at times either intentionally or inadvertently even the perfectly put together Ms. Swift shows off something a little unexpected. Like not just her chesty goodies through her tight sweater, but in the chill of Manhattan, a heavy duty dose of the crotch cleft in a pair of slacks that must be sold in the camel toe section of her favorite boutiques.

Oh, Taylor how you bemuse us with your lady doll parts. I'm sure somebody will be fired over this, if not entire nations put to ashes, but I'll consider it a small price to pay for a little peek into the female form of Taylor Swift,  a woman far more naughty in our dreams than perhaps real life. The sextastic can never really be contained. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash