Taylor Swift Cleavage For Clubbing In NYC

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bill-swift - May 2, 2016

Taylor Swift doesn't do racy. She's not exactly going to hit the clubs in a trashy mini and a mesh top. Though I wish she would and I wish I was there. Her clubs are also not exactly the urban street scene. They are upscale fashionista hangouts with editors of magazines. So, you need to look chick while trying to look a little evening party time and showing off some skin. For Taylor, this means just a hint of the cleavage she almost never shows in public, which was enough to get my Swift boats racing.

Taylor hit a bunch of spots over the weekend in Manhattan in advance of the big Met Gala which draws in all the good looking model types from around the world, and therefore commands a huge amount of pre-party functions full of sextastic celebrities. The perfect time to dress up like a school girl trying to break just a little bad. Taylor is just a teensy weensy bit bad. But it works. And my dreams have engaged thusly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash