Hotties In Spandex For Workout Peeks

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michael-garcia - August 10, 2016

If there is one thing all hotties in the celeb world have in common is a need to stay in shape. That means tight workout Spandex and sports bras. While not as revealing as a bikini, they can be just as sexy. There is nothing like a woman all sweaty and flushed from a workout, her body exuding all sorts of pheromones. That's science, son. You have Jennifer Garner wearing a pair of blue Spandex pants so tight that they are giving her a bit of camel toe. Then you have Lily Collins whose bare mid-riff makes me want to sing one of her dad Phil's songs in praise. Sofia Richie has on a sports bra/workout pant combo that shows off that unbelievable body of hers. Taylor Swift's Spandex pants give us a peek at those gorgeous legs of hers while Kate Mara struts her stuff in a pair of equally tight pants.

I wonder if they all have personal trainers or if one could join them in class. I would totally do pilates or zumba or whatever to see these hotties in tight clothes in person. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet