Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Bare Midriff Happy Walk in Manhattan

As always these days, I must begrudgingly mention that Billionaire Barbie continues to delight in being who she is more than just about anybody else in this world. Talk about being comfortable in your own skin. This bumbling blonde heiress loves being a bumbling blonde heiress. There’s something actual noble in that if you dig deep enough, as Paris does each morning in her extensive closets to find just the right silly designer outfit for her Barbie adventures.

Paris keeps herself in tip top photographic shape through all the seasons. Not every rich girl can get away with bare midriff looking so fit 365 days a year. But she does. She keeps at it, being the best walking recreational doll she can be. It’s admirable. And I’m looking. And I’m wondering when Ken’s going to pop by in his Lambo and pick her up for a swank date on his yacht. She’s living the dream. Actually, really, a dream. Good for her. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton Leggy In Black Stockings While Shopping In LA

Hall of Fame hottie Paris Hilton was spotted looking leggy as F while on a shopping trip in LA. Paris and her little fuzzball dog were seen strutting around the shopping centers of Los Angeles in a very sexy pair of black stockings, (Paris not the dog). Say what you want about Paris Hilton, she’s got some dynamite legs. They are probably her best feature, I would say. They are long and lean and oh so satisfying. Luckily she also almost always has them prominently displayed. I’ve been a fan of Paris Hilton’s legs for over fifteen years. I can remember writing about how hot they were in my dream journal back in college. Yes, I had a dream journal in college but it was only about girls that I thought were really hot but I stood no chance of ever talking to. That and unicorns.

I’ve always envied the life of Paris Hilton’s dogs. I bet they get fed really well and they get to be carried around next to her boobies all day and see her change her clothes. Oh, to be one day reincarnated as the pocket dog of a hot rich woman.

Paris Hilton In Bondage Gear And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Paris Hilton wears a bondage thing and it is hot, yo. (Drunken Stepfather)

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Paris Hilton Short Skirts Reveal Long Shopping Legs

Once again, Billionaire Barbie wins. No, not that stupid miniature dog she bought for eight billion dollars. I’m talking about her fine legs in a short skirt. For all we make fun of the blonde heiress named Paris, she does keep herself in tip top exhibitionist shape. A bit slender, but given her background, fairly nature. But be it international party meccas, or just parking her Ferrari for some Beverly Hills shopping, she always looks like one million dollars. Almost exactly.

Nobody has more fun than Billionaire Barbie. I’d probably choose rusty nail to the frontal lobe over being her boyfriend, but thankfully I’ll probably never be posed with that specific option. Still, those legs. Something good to come out of this oppressive heat wave. Nothing wrong with tall and blonde and leggy. Nothing at all. Enjoy.

Paris Hilton White Hot Bikini in Ibiza

Socialite, DJ, and hottie Paris Hilton was steaming up the beaches in Ibiza in a tiny white bikini. Paris was probably there checking out the end of summer club scene. Paris likes to wear white bikinis, which is amazing. White tends to become transparent when it gets wet and that is always a good thing. But even if not, it looks amazing against her skin. Paris has one of the greatest racks of the last twenty years and she, luckily, loves to show it off. I remember when I first saw her funbags in a certain night vision video many years ago that I knew she was something special. Now, all this time later, I still believe that when it comes to millionaire heiresses with perfect ta-tas, Paris Hilton is in a category all her own.

She’s also got quite a nice tuchus, as my old Jewish uncles would say. There are some nice shots of her booty in this batch. God bless the telephoto lens.

Paris Hilton Is Sexy As Hell In A Bikini Top In Malibu

Hall of Fame hottie Paris Hilton was looking as hot as ever in a polka dot bikini top in Malibu. Her bottoms were covered up by one of those sarong things but the top is out in full glory. Paris has some amazing cleavage action going on. I’ve always been a fan of Paris’ rack since way back when I viewed a certain, (ahem), video of her many years ago. Paris still looks amazing. She’s got a nice thin frame and a toned stomach. She’s also wearing one of those big floppy beach hats which I’ve always found sexy for some reason. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of my own awakening to feelings in my swimsuit area on the beaches of Southern Florida as a young lad. The ladies liked to wear those hats. Or maybe it’s just that Paris Hilton is hot as F.

Whatever it is I am glad to see that Paris is still being sexy for our enjoyment. I don’t think I want to live in a world where she isn’t doing her thing.

Paris Hilton Bikini Parties for the 4th of July

Dammit, I so badly want to poke a little fun at Billionaire Barbie, but I begrudgingly must admit once more that nobody really has more fun than Paris at most any party occasion. She also looked rather fine in her monokini or bikini or whatever the proper nomenclature is for this particular boob-smooshing garment.

Paris and her sister held their annual Malibu beach house Independence Day party. It’s become quite the annual event along the beach in Los Angeles, attracting all their celebrity, model, and trust fund friends. Billionaire Barbie is absolutely the life of the party, passing out drinks, showing off her latest swimsuits, and smiling like she’s got not a care in the world. Maybe that’s a fact. I must give respect where it is due. Paris might have won this weekend. Enjoy.