These Photos Of Paris Hilton Guest DJing At A Verona Nightclub Are Surprisingly Hot

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aldo-vallon - July 25, 2018

Paris Hilton is so hot that when she does actual work it actually looks like a staged photograph. It is almost as if she was filming a music video instead of entertaining a club. Now, that could have to do with the amount of real work that is required to be a DJ, but I am so ignorant to current technology that I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I have been trying to be more kind lately, and I think Paris is a good place to start. I found that I became fairly mean in general, and that is not great. Sure, me yelling at a person for double parking is performing a public service, but scolding a dog for barking for barking at a squirrel is a red flag.

That is why I am going to let DJ Paris spin records ‘til her heart is content and I will not say a word against it. Unless of course she samples any ABBA. That is a line that not even I can abide watching someone cross. But again, I think exceptions can be made when performing public services.

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Photo Credit: Splash News